Intro, Page 4

Crisis averted maybe?

Minor note: Goto is named after my good friend and verrrry early reader back when I first started posting comics to the internet. She also has the dubious honor of having made the first Meek and first MI fanart. And now she gets to be in a comic, thus completing the cycle of comics… IRL Goto is likely incapable of breaking down a door, but still scares me now and then.

One more page of intro, then we can get to the… non-intro. See you Weds~


  • Madeleine

    Strange how an overused everyday phrase suddenly comes with a bit of truth – and Greg probably doesn’t even know it.

  • gotlandskorv

    AaAhhh you don’t even know Greg. Also, looks like Mike might be in a hurry to to, uh, tidy up before he gets company.

  • DonutArigato

    I really gotta say, I love his entire facial structure! Them cheeks and jaw☆☆☆

    • shingworks

      Haha, IDK if everyone would agree, it is kinda weird. But very fun to draw!

      • Nony

        I love it! It’s like a charming Homer-Simpson-esque muzzle.

  • Ahhh the colors are SOOO pretty! <3

  • DukeBG

    Mike does not approve.

  • This guy’s going to have a furrowed brow more intense than Gordon Ramsay by the end of this.

    • shingworks

      Maybe Gordon Ramsay is his furrowsona

      • I am literally showering — CLEANSING myself in that pun.

      • Mouse

        Pretty sure I just had a petite mal seizure XD Nothing can top this. I’m going to bed.

  • rverasart

    draw mike’s reaction while he has a single cricket on his plate

  • Ooh Apple Watch, how stylish!

  • SotiCoto

    The life isn’t yours to “save”, pink-text guy.
    You expect to be THANKED for screwing up a dude’s attempt at self-actualisation? … Perhaps you should be killed to balance the books, “Greg”.

  • Alan Corvus

    I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up involuntarily imagining anything said by this Goto character as being said by GOTO from Knights of the Old Republic 2.

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