Chapter 1, Page 1

SURPRISE the page is really purple

Also someone asked about the radiation shielding, so I’ll mention it quickly here cuz it won’t be addressed in the comic: this hab has shielded walls, but also has sandbags under the roof which drastically cut down on the radiation coming in from above. Radiation from below is blocked by soil as well. Established future habs would probably be built from Martian-soil bricks, but this structure is relatively new, capable of being mobile, and is not necessarily going to be tied down to this location forever.

The layout and functionality of the modules in the comic are strongly based off of Robert Zubrin’s research on Martian habitation, as well as current research habs being tested around the world right now! If you have an interest, please check out his incredible book, The Case For Mars.

See you Thurs for some actual other characters!!


  • Features

    I love his character design

  • gotlandskorv


  • DukeBG

    Birthday? More like attempted DEATHDAY, AMIRITE? (no)

  • Ceceoh

    Awww. And to think he might have missed this.

  • Kate

    So excited to be reading this new comic! I never gave up hope checking in on the Meek!

  • CJ

    Ooh, just got into this after seeing you post the pages on tumblr. I’ve been a fan of The Meek for a long time (and I’m so happy to see that it’ll be updating this year!) so I’m excited to read more stuff from you. I really like your backgrounds, and the way you do expressions. Looking forward to more!

  • Hethaa


  • Surprise = infinite chins

    • shingworks

      I loled :|))))

  • Ku

    The colors, the composition, the movement, the mood. Everything about this page is so perfect.
    I’m so glad you’re back.

  • This is Hilariously ironic!… And by the way, I love your art style with the characters. Very Disney like. Keep up the good work.

  • Unclever title

    From attempted suicide to surprise party.

    Well this comic’s certainly bound to be interesting.

  • Cyrenecai

    I’m just finishing up reading “The Case for Mars” this week, I can confirm it’s a pretty solid book, definitely worth reading for anyone who cares about interplanetary exploration at all.

  • ✩ Helen ☽

    ‘surprised’ loool

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