Chapter 1, Page 2

The native Martian blueberry is sadly inedible.

New update schedule from here on out is Tu/ Thurs, so see you Tues!


  • Enrique262

    Slowly but surely we are finding out how things will go on on this comic, so far it’s very interesting, if still somewhat vague.

    • shingworks

      I know, lol… unfortunately I hate direct exposition. So you will have to wait for me to come back periodically and squeeze bits of info into you, like a mother bird barfing food into your waiting mouth.

      • Who wants direct exposition? BO-ring! I’m all for the little bits of info… not sure I like the barfing image though. Ugh.

        • KigV2

          The barfing image is really important to my mental facilities.

  • Steelbright

    Love ’em all already :D

    Man, all this spacey planety mars stuff just makes me think If you had written the dialogue for Interstellar, it would have actually been a great movie. *sigh* okay, i’ve now turned my rant into a compliment. umm, go me??

    woo new page!

  • Ceceoh

    Can’t wait to find out how Mike pissed her off.How did a sunfish make it all the way to Mars?

    • shingworks

      I’m sorry, I have an unnecessarily long answer to this. It was a gag gift to Ross (the asian guy) from his fiancee because it sings this song, which contains the name of the station (Devotion). It ran out of batteries a few months ago and now just makes scary noises. I named it Singin’ Sally Sunfish and it has no bearing at all on anything in the comic at all except to amuse me A LOT.

      • Mouse

        mmmnnn…superfluous world building/backstories…my second biggest literary fetish! [The first is meticulous character development]. MOAR PLZ.

      • Ceceoh

        I’m just a little concerned about poor Ross. I don’t think a singing fish will hold this long-distance relationship together. I’d say they need to see other people, except – y’know – Mars.

  • Elijah

    Aaaaah how refreshing to see a non-sad Mike!

    … Even though it didn’t last for long… 8(

  • Evan

    Yay new page! Are those little robots cleaning the floor or dustpans?

    Also, have you ever read Red Mars? This is giving me flashbacks.

    • shingworks

      Nope, haven’t read that… And yes, little cleaner robots shaped like horseshoe crabs cuzzzzz I really want one, haha

      • Lennier

        “Nope, haven’t read that…”
        Don’t. It’s terrible.

        • Meran

          I loved it. Dry in spots, yes, but we could build a social world there as well as a habitable one using those books as blueprints! Geek that I am….

  • I keep poking around the internet looking for webcomics I might like and keep getting disappointed, and I start to think, well, maybe I’m just not a comics person… and then you started making stuff again.

    I think I’m just reeeeeeeeally picky. As an artist AND a voracious reader, I have to like the art AND the story to get into a comic, and I’m super picky about both. There are a precious few that I’ve found that I really like enough to keep coming back.

    Basically what I’m trying to say is, you’re awesome.

    I am so ready to read The Meek whenever that starts up again, JSYK.

    • shingworks

      Ugh, thanks ;__; I don’t deserve such nice words. Thank you for your readership <3

    • odd

      my thoughts exactly, to an uncanny degree. :)

  • No no no, there are neither mares nor interns what kind of comic is this I am dissapoint :C

    (I love this comic so much. I told a patron at the library about it the other day and showed it to them, they were looking for good science fiction and I was like OH HO HOOO lemme show you dis. I’m gonna bug my manager to get the hard copy if you decide to go that way too to add to our collection. Keep up the awesome work! <3)

  • Hansontoons

    Thank you for gracing us with another beautiful work.

    The details are like little discoveries to look for; the welcome mat, Mike’s blue house shoes, the fish (chuckle-worthy back story!) lights on stairway. :) I could use some of those little crabby thingies!

  • GSMadder

    I can’t find a subtle way to say this so I’m just gonna say it: you were my primary inspiration for moving away from manga style and wanting to create comics. Seriously. Your stuff is that good.

  • Even in a remote martian colony,
    there’s always room in the supply shipments for christmas lights.

    • shingworks

      Haha, well… When you’re that far from home, it’s probably a comfort to have those little things around.

  • Dracin

    I’m incredibly excited to see you updating again! I started reading The Meek around 2010, and was saddened to see it fall into hiatus. Kept checking to see if there would be any updates, and it seems my vigilance on checking back has been rewarded!

    I look forward to reading both stories as they develop, and I hope this year proves to be magnificent for you and your goals.

    Cheers, eh!

  • V

    I’m re-reading from the beginning again (which I’d done at the end of the chapter and am now compelled to do after Interlude 1), and I noticed that the glimpse of the back of Bex in the first panel doesn’t seem to have any hair. Sorry for my first comment to be a fuss.

    On other topics, thank you so much for all the hard work, dedication, and love that you put into this comic and The Meek. You are masterful at long-form stories that make the reader think instead of just leading them down black-and-white, simplistic paths.

    • shingworks

      Oh shoot, good catch! I’ll definitely fix that up. Thanks for pointing it out. And thanks for the nice words too, glad you enjoy my stuff.

  • Margaret Hogg

    Lol I just noticed that bit of alcohol flush on Ross. You’re so amazing with your details and character/world building.

  • ✩ Helen ☽

    wow the faces you draw are full of personality!!! also love your backgrounds!!

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