Chapter 1, Page 12

Phew! What a week. Thanks for your patience, had a big deadline yesterday. Tu/ Th updates should continue more smoothly from here on out, maybe I’ll have time to squeeze in another 3-comic week next month… Anyhow, see you Tues with some weird shit.


  • River

    Nope, no reason at all.

  • Skellagirl

    Weird? Is it ALIENS???? I hope it’s aliens

    Again, can’t get over how cute Bex is. Her face in that last panel perfectly encapsulates how I feel when I remember I’ve got homework due.

    And Mike’s design is growing on me, too, though I feel like he’s omitting important details in this story. Maybe. He seems like he’d be an unreliable narrator, haha.

    • Ryan Schneider

      He’s telling a half truth or I have half a head. Somehow, the circumstances of this Levi fellow’s disappearance led to questioning his…mental health…

      I wonder if the Late Levi was from Israel?

  • Glenn-o-matic

    YESS!! What the hell IS THAT?

  • Elijah

    I’m curious, I get in the first three panels that there aren’t enough light to actually give Bex’s eyes a reflection from the light source, but how come you didn’t draw one in the last panel?

    You really know how to end pages on cliffhangers >:c looking forward to next week!

    • shingworks

      Overly technical answer: I was tired and missed it, haha. Fixed.

      • Lew

        did you also miss to shade her watch in the last panel?

        anyway, WHAT is that?

      • DukeBG

        Mike’s eyes are kinda squinting on the last panel (one is looking up and the other one straight forward)

  • “Woops, my porn connection.
    Forget this, what we’re searching for is on the next bookmark”

  • Ceceoh

    “It’s a close-up of a cricket. Moving on… “

  • Crab Cake

    “For no reason?”


    There we go.

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