Chapter 1, Page 11

Yeah I’m pretty concerned too.


  • Dastro

    “… You wanna know what happened? She wanted to be X’s when I wanted to be X’s. Then she MADE me be O’s!” Yeah that’s probably what he’ll say the next page.

    • What does that do?

  • gotlandskorv

    Study that flashlight Mike. Study it well.

    • fox-orian

      “First Wave” products.


  • Perlite

    Ooh, the plot is thickening like a good curry.
    PS: What happened to Mike’s eye in the first panel?

    • shingworks

      Oh he’s looking off to the side, I fixed it a little bit~

  • River

    Is it bad that I’m less concerned about why Mike dislikes Goto than about why the “i” in LEVi is lowercase?

    • shingworks

      The worst part is my font doesn’t even support lowercase, haha, I have to Frankenstein it

    • Skellagirl

      Ooo I noticed that too; I thought it was weird, maybe a one-off thing. Now I know there’s gotta be something going on, right? It’s even upper-case in “Braid”, so… VERY FISHY.

      Let’s all get our deerstalker hats on, it’s time for some Holmsian deduction!

      (Also OT, I can’t get over how cute Bex’s design is. She’s ADORABLE)

      • River

        This is where I sound weird, but – do we know whether LEVi is a person?

        I thought not.

        • Happy

          At first I assumed it was a typo, but now my running hypothesis is that it’s an acronym :)

          • Skellagirl

            I hope it’s a robot. I DO love robots.

        • Lennier


  • Elijah

    “That’s none of your diddly darn business “

  • DukeBG

    Should i ask about the light beam being visible?

    • shingworks

      For visual clarity!

      • Vert

        Nah nah nah, no need to invoke artistic license, in an earth-like atmosphere, Marsdust gets everywhere and it’s as fine as cigarette smoke. Even the sealed habitat will get its fair share through the airlocks. The cleaners will get it off the floor, sure, but it’s also stuck the walls, the ceiling, all fabric everywhere. Anytime someone opens or closes a door, a tiny puff of it will show up.

        No stretch at all to say that a flashlight beam would be visible in the air.

        • shingworks

          Well, it wouldn’t be like, a light saber. But it’s a choice I made for clarity, like I said. The actual surface that a focused penlight would have hit would be too small in both panels to show the action without further text explanation, and would have focused the panel on the wrong area. And I wanted to drop in the blue. Less about artistic license and more about deciding where I break the rules for the sake of condensing info. This way is overall less distracting than the other choices I could have made. /technical details

          • fox-orian

            No see, Mike is wondering the same thing about why this flashlight is so visible. That’s why he’s looking at it in the last panel. There’s a promotional sticker on the side saying “High Visibility Beam for Clarity and Obviousness”

    • Ceceoh

      Mars is dusty. You can see the beam because of all the Mars motes.

  • Peter Sadlon

    Even if you may might not like the answer.

  • ItThing

    Which one is Dr. Braid? I gather Boss is the one Greg referred to as ‘goto’ and Guy-who-isn’t-Greg’s jacket said ‘Fung’.

  • Novalpha

    I guess that ‘guesing’ needs an additional ‘S’ in panel 2.
    Other than this, i’m caught : great installation, characters, designs, mystery, and the apparent discomfort of each and every character that makes me FEEL them as real persons : this is going to be great! Also, I love how you managed again to start your story in the middle of something!

    • shingworks

      I’m guesing I’m bad at proofreading my shit, haha. Thanks for the catch! and the nice words :)

  • Anthony

    I just wanted to say that this comic has really pulled me in. So many subtleties to the expressions, dialogue, and general attention to detail. I’ve already reread it multiple times. And so beautifully drawn. The Meek was something I always looked forward to, and I’m really excited to see you starting up this project. All the best!

  • hadoque

    After binge reading this comic ( :-) well, there aren’t many pages yet) I thought: That looks very interesting, the plot sounds like it has potential and the art is great. Then I visited your other comic Meek and binge read that as well. And now I say: Please don’t ever stop drawing and writing. I love both of your comics and will happily follow first this one and then Meek till the end. Thank you so much. I am exited.
    Greetings from Switzerland

  • Flancy

    *sails in, limbs flailing, and crash-lands on face*
    *sits up and looks around, apparently unharmed*
    Yup, I like this one.

  • Unclever title

    Huh, wait, if LEVi’s not a person then Mike’s depression makes less sense.

    Not that depression always makes sense, often times it doesn’t.

    • Vert

      Perhaps LEVi is a non-human person? An AI? Or maybe it’s just an extremely expensive piece of gear that Mike lost because the planet didn’t behave like he expected it to, due to possibilities no one takes seriously.

      Or both.

      • Snazz

        Given the title and the ads we’ve been shown, what would you say are the odds that it’s short for Leviathan?

    • River

      “Dr. Braid” may have something to do with it.

  • Glenn-o-matic

    If this story leaps in and out of flashbacks that would be excellent!

  • Absle

    Minus the pony in the middle, this is what I imagine is going through Mike’s head:


    • Absle


  • Vyse

    Man, this page makes so much more sense to me now that I’ve gone back and read over everything together instead of one page at a time.

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