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I will p much only use it to post comic updates, if you’re into that! Sorry I talk so much everywhere else (I don’t go outside very often).

Today’s vote incentive: Some more older sketches, including an old Braid (she got written out for the final draft, so I guess we’ll never see a new Braid…)

See ya Tues!


  • DukeBG

    I wonder what’s LEVi’s hub. Probably, just the folder(s) with data that it synchronized with after missions.

    • shingworks

      That’s exactly right :)

  • Glenn-o-matic

    Ooooo… The Site! That’s better than any map! (fastens seatbelt)

  • ardid

    And now the complication stacking gets trully complicated. I’ll need more nails to bite.

  • Satir

    I’m really loving the series so far!! Keep up the amazing work.

  • AudGirl

    I love the look on her face, like “wat? Srsly bro?”

  • Absle

    I was actually wondering about this, why is their settlement (is that the right term- base maybe?) in the middle of the open Martian plains? Does this mean that most of the Martian settlements are underground in the lava tubes? Or are they just considering it for research purposes?

    • shingworks

      Good question! This will be more apparent soon, but they are situated next to a system of tubes which are mostly underground. For structural reasons their base is located away from those areas, and they take small jaunts to reach the research sites. I think we’re headed on one soon :)

  • Tod

    Love the barren off world landscape and foreboding mood that’s building. Can’t wait for more!

  • You did it ! You actually managed to convince him to get out there !

    • I thought LeVi was a flying object, but it turned out to be a cave dweller ! (alright, it can still be a flying cave dweller)

      If it’s remotely controlled, i wonder how radio wave fares underground.

    • (as in, controlled from the surface, rather than a few meters away)

    • (sorry, i think I got too used to the “edit comment” feature ._. )

      • shingworks


  • I just found this comic, and would love to add it to my bookmark tree to keep up with…but I can’t find the update schedule anywhere. The About page says several times a week, one of your early comments says three times a week, but not which three…help?

    • shingworks

      Hi! I update usually Tues/ Thurs, sometimes MWF if I’m feeling aggressive. Unfortunately this week I got sick so that threw off my groove a bit T__T

      I’d recommend following the RSS or one of the social media pages, as I will always update there when a new page is up!

      • Alright, thanks…I’ll just put it in the MTWTF folder then. I’m not on any of those social media and I don’t like RSS.

        • shingworks

          I see :) Thanks for reading!

  • Hey new and re-readers, for your listening pleasure – Clint Mansell’s score for Moon goes wonderfully with the comic from around here onward

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