Chapter 1, Page 18

I’m sure he will be a wonderful guide.

Bonus Vote art: The Kitten is a multipurpose vehicle used for field trips and other exploratory things…. today’s art is a closer look at some of the Kitten’s neato features.


  • grenli

    Oh! I have chills! The outside world is coming up and I know it will be beautiful.

  • Glenn-o-matic

    Maybe part of the trouble here is that he likes to get things done and not go through proper channels…?

  • River

    He must make so much sense to her right now.

    • Vert

      People in the deepest pits of clinical depression often go through a bit of a manic phase. This is usually either a result of deciding to commit suicide, or in some cases can be a precursor to it.

      Mike nearly killed himself, so he started the day with a massive adrenaline rush. Then he got muffins and blueberries, so he has a belly full of carbs and sugar. Now he’s suddenly been shown that

      1) people, KIDS, will be sad if he dies, and
      2) someone he just met really, genuinely needs his expertise

      The sudden turnaround and manic behavior is no doubt a result of some or all of these things, and he looks unstable as hell to everyone around him (with good reason!)

      • shingworks

        I’m a little creeped out by how accurate you are… generally speaking yes, this is what’s happening.

      • SotiCoto

        There is a norm for such things?

        Meh… Guess I never even figured enough to get that bit right.

  • Dudemaster

    And everyone forgot about the “uncle”-queston, darnit.

    • Asterai

      In some places, “uncle” and “grandfather” are generic ways to address someone older than you. “Cousin” and “brother” can be used for someone the same age; variations on “brother” (in fratboyese, variations include bro, broski, brah) are fairly common in the U.S., for addressing friends.

      You probably already got that, but hey, I love a chance to ramble.

      • Dudemaster

        I am now, thank you. :)

      • Ryan Schneider

        I wish my actual nieces and nephews would call me uncle the same way they call my sister mommy. American priorities are blah.

    • ItThing

      ¬°Oye tio!

  • That bonus art is canon right? RIGHT?

    • shingworks

      If they are not galloping away on a kitten within 3 pages, I’ll eat my hat!

      *Googles “edible hats”*

  • Oly

    I love the expressions here! Also panel 5 just strikes the right chord… You are somehow making a comic about things that bug me about my own life, how weird is that? Weird as in cool! :D

    And I missed the previous vote incentive and now I’m sad I’ll never see Braid. :C I need to look at your tumblr more often at least, I don’t really use tumblr any more.

    • shingworks

      Thanks! Yeah this story might be more relatable than like, The Meek, since the themes are more universal *rimshot*

      And old TWC art will probably be compiled in the FB at the end of the month just for fun, so you can check there later if you want :)

      • Oly

        Aw, good to know! :D

        And I need to catch up on The Meek but I guess I’m loafing about until it comes out of hiatus (or I get a surprising amount of spare time, whichever comes first). :B

    • Ryan Schneider

      He resembles Chuck Norris a bit on the jowl details.

  • Vert

    Der-Shing, so help me if you pull a Phe on us with poor little Bex, I will never, ever, ever, ever forgive you. And also I’ll be sad. And all her crickets will die, and their ichor will be on your hands.

    • shingworks



    Aww, the bonus kitten art beat me to the joke -_-

  • I can’t help but imagine Mike getting nose smears all over the inside of his helmet visor.

    • DukeBG

      That’s the true reason his career is over! The nose doesn’t fit into standard helmets!!

    • AnnieK


  • Sky

    The lie was so much better than the truth I was expecting.. I can’t believe this

  • AnnieK

    ahhh the kitten!

  • Hmm, I’m still getting the previous artwork instead of The Kitten, when I go vote.

    either way, calling their Rover a kitten is just too adorable.

    • Tho in my imagination, it’ll probably be closer to a Nekobus.

  • Dani

    Ah! You’re the creator/artist/author of The Meek! I thought I recognised your rather unique and awesome way of capturing expressions! Nice to see you again!

    • shingworks

      Hi!! Nice to see you too :) The Meek will be back as soon as it’s able to, I’m in the final stages of working that out, so hopefully will see you soon over there as well.

      • Bellar

        This post is like hearing that Christmas is coming twice this year. I might like your comics too much.

  • Elm

    She calls him Uncle because he’s older than her right? If so, I really loved that you put that in. aha. In my childhood, and even today I pretty much ended up calling every adult I came across an auntie or uncle, sometimes even dangerously had to decide when someone was a Grandma or an Auntie.

    Regardless, I’m in love with this so far, and have been with The Meek. Congrats on working with The Hiveworks too. I’ve always been a fan.

  • Katie E

    The second to last panel here is so much better with the new context. So glad I am doing this re-read!

  • Margaret Hogg

    Gah, “the only thing we need is to feel we have some control over our own lives” most be hitting Bex deep here, given her own fears.

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