Chapter 1, Page 23

They are wearing different suits because in this future, space is heavily privatized and suits- as well as a lot of your other individual resources- are provided by the organization you belong to. It behooves a government-run station like Devotion to be an attractive location for researchers… that way the base gets big name projects on board, and can reap the benefits of having large sponsors and more funding behind them. Bex and Mike belong to quite different outfits so they get… different outfits. His is a lot more streamlined/ modern, which speaks to the type of org he works worked for compared to hers.

Today’s bonus art: the actual K10, which is still kinda cute. It’s based on NASA’s SEV, as well as a variety of adorable polar vehicles :]

One last note, thank you to Duke for getting MI featured on the Russian comics site that MI is mirrored on! And hello to my Russian readers, thanks for taking a look~


  • Glenn-o-matic

    Kool Kar! So they probably don’t have a speed-limit on Mars, but you don’t want to go joy-riding and suddenly find yourself falling into a big hole hundreds of meters deep.

  • DukeBG

    kawaii ^_^

    • Dudemaster

      I don’t see how is this kawaii.

      • Glenn-o-matic

        The K10 is kawaii. I’ll bet even it’s little horn sounds cute, like “Nurt-nurt!”

  • Peter Sadlon

    I can see the logic in his words.

  • fox-orian

    I was half expecting you to write how everyone has different suits because it’s heavily privatized and therefore have to buy their own suits for the mission. “Mikes is a refurb model with only 6 months warranty and hard to find replacement parts for on eBay.”

    • SamB

      Because when your suit breaks down, you totally have time to wait for an eBay seller to ship to Mars…

  • Lew

    fyeah, spacesuits!

  • Oooh, I have a feeling that things are gonna get tense

  • Yorp

    Hi. Enjoying the way this comic has started, and am looking forward to see how it progresses.

    *unfolds comfy chair and endless bag of long-life-marshmallows*

    Help yourselves to the ‘mallows, I will get a fire going, if you want any toasted. I don’t expect to comment much but, trust me, that is probably a good thing. You can easily run out of ink if I get going.

    *lurks off into the shadows, in search of firewood*

    I may be gone some time. Not seeing much wood here. Maybe I should try in the direction of Mons Olympus?

    • Vert

      I think I saw some firewood about 225 million klicks that-a-way *points to bluish star on the horizon*

  • Brad

    I have a cousin named Mike Fisher

    • shingworks

      Does he work on Mars

      • Bet he will soon enough.

      • Brad

        I’ll tell him to get a job making the candy bars.

    • shingworks

      Also hi Brad, and sorry for stealing part of your name for my comic

      • Brad

        That’s okay, I’ll just charge you royalties.

        • shingworks

          Fair enough :p

          • Vert

            His name is Internum? Neat!

  • Uh wow, it’s like a lifeline in a minefield.

    …except that instead of exploding, you posthumously get a new hundred-meters-deep crevasse/tunnel named after you.

    • …I expected there was a lot of ways to be put in harm’s way on Mars, but that one, I didn’t see coming lol.

  • Vert

    Mike is definitely more comfortable talking shop, isn’t he? He’s confident, in control, even looks happy. I’m sure having all the power and control in this situation doesn’t hurt, either…

  • Dan

    Is there any chance to see old votearts, some kind of archive, for those who caught up with this comic only now?

    • shingworks

      THERE SURE IS!!! lol, they are all stored at the Facebook page

      • Dan

        Thanks :)

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