Chapter 1, Page 24

You deserved that one.

Today’s bonus image: Turnaround of Mike’s suit (not including the PLSS). I keep messing with it so it’s not super accurate.

Also because I’m annoyed to leave this page hanging, so I may update over the weekend as well. Check back then if you want :)


  • Spav




    My bio major is showing. I’m sorry, I should cover it, this is a bit embarrassing.

    • shingworks

      A not-so-tiny part of me hopes this will be a real thing one day, just so I can be like HAHA I KNEW IT

    • GhostlyYorick


      Happier with “bacteroids” (without dobblet ‘i’)? – Or does it go to the actual genus you don’t like for Mars?

      • Spav

        No I was just happy about microbes on Mars.

  • metaceryn

    Are we watching a tennis match? Because Mike just got served.

    …I’ll see myself out now.

    • Madeleine

      Well, he de(-)served it.

  • shamtul

    “jagoffs!” is mike from pittsburgh PA?? i’ve never heard the word used outside pittsburgh slang, which is a shame, since it’s a great word.

    • shingworks

      lol, his old roommate was, I guess Mike picked it up from him. I will agree it is a fantastic word.

    • Vert

      It’s quite popular among Marines, too. I heard from one of them that it originated as a slang for military lawyers (JAG officers) but that directly conflicts with every other history I’ve heard for the term.

      The guy’s a Marine, though, so I’m not about to correct him.

    • Kira

      Eeeeee, I got really excited about the Pittsburgh slang too! Sad to hear Mike isn’t a yinzer, but excellent use of the “jagoff” all the same.

  • DukeBG

    The suit turnaround: The feet part makes an impression of high heels, so Mike is quite fabulous.

    • shingworks

      It makes his calves look fantastic!

  • Glenn-o-matic

    Pretty slinky environmental suit! (Someday I expect to see overpriced versions of it at the local REI, for intrepid space-campers.)
    Is there a recirculating (scrubber) system with this one because it looks complete without a large backpack for tanks?
    Does it have an onboard computer with display? I could see a projection system on the bubble for a HUD- also to replace rear-view mirrors with a small video camera covering that blind spot in the back.
    Maybe you’ll get a call from NASA (or ESA) to help design suits…

    • shingworks

      Yeah, like it says up there this doesn’t include the backpack/ PLSS part of the outfit XD It would be nice if you could get all that life support stuff inside the suit itself somehow haha. But yeah they have an interface on the inside of the helmet as well as a tablet to carry around, and a little wrist comp that runs the Buoy system they’ve been using in the comic so far.

      • Lennier

        The worst part of a self-contained suit would be the self-inserting catheters.

  • wHA-OH

    HAVE RNA?!??!???!


    • Arianwen

      Have RNA
      will travel
      to Mars

  • Oly

    I need to adopt “jagoffs” into my vocabulary. XD And is it bad that I actually enjoy watching them bicker?

    • but you can’t ship them !

      • shingworks

        I won’t lie, I am overly interested in making a comic where all the characters have a dynamic that isn’t “will they fuck??”

        • brushmen

          …how about when all the characters are repulsed aces? XD

  • Kastuk

    Channels? Artificial?

    • Spav

      Probably just referring to lava tubes, considering that Devotion Base is in the Tharsis Montes region.

  • Evan

    Would love to see a turnaround of Bex’s suit. I actually like it better than Mike’s, but then I’ve always been a fan of the rugged functional look over streamlined and modern.

    • DukeBG


    • Glenn-o-matic

      When I adjust my steampunk goggles it looks even better, but six of one, half-dozen of the other!
      But we’re not privy to information like which suit actually works better, with the right insulation and substrates to keep you cool or warm, for example.

  • Lennier

    The Kitten looks like it has eyes.

  • Meran

    Wouldn’t is misspelled. Et cetera should be two words (Latin freak here.)

    Greatly enjoying your comic!

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