Chapter 1, Page 25

Mare Internum: Best dialog this side of the Kuiper belt

Today’s bonus art: Some crappy preliminary enviro sketches

(PS Please don,t beeb)


  • grenli


  • Dude Who Likes This

    Dude! That’s gorgeous!

  • Madeleine

    So they still use the same jokes in the future …

    • shingworks

      “That’s what she/he said” jokes clearly transcend both time and space.

      • HandwashBigpan

        The very first joke known to mankind was written in cuneiform thousands of years ago.
        It’s a joke about a young wife farting on her husband’s lap.
        Humans don’t change.

  • Dudemaster


  • micj

    does Bex farm roaches as well as crickets? :3

  • Glenn-o-matic

    The news from Curiosity yesterday certainly helps your case…
    (Water with salts in it to not freeze, but it can still evaporate.)
    Is that mist or fog down there?
    Totally gorgeous, amazing and awesome!

    • shingworks

      Yeah, my comic premise gets more and more on point with every passing day XD

      And the wisps are just swirling dust… There’s a lot :)

  • Arianwen

    OK wow.

    In other news, Mike’s facial expressions are still my favourite thing on or off this planet.

  • ItThing

    Wait what? Did a robot say that or are Fung and Vietes listening in?

    • shingworks

      Haha, it’s Fung, he’s the comm engineer.

  • Wong Zhou

    It’s funny, I saw the “It’s gigantic” dialog, then thought “that’s what she said” before scrolling down to see I nailed the next line. ^^

  • Mr. Pants

    that is a huge hole to have caved in. i would have freaked out majorly had I been near.

    • Mr. Pants

      … oh man so many potential jokes off of this line that i hadn’t thought about.

  • Loving this comic, just started reading and i think i’m going to stick around til i see Mike do that scene from Armageddon where Steve Buscemi gets Space Dementia and shoots up the asteroid.

  • Vert

    I see A.D. have solved the problem of using touchscreens with gloves on.

    That was probably a 15-year delay on the mission right there.

  • GhostlyYorick

    Classic comedy! :-D

  • Oly

    It first I was all “woah!” and then I started laughing out loud. Pretty good for a single page. :D

  • That guy, in the radio. It’s so me. The poor sod XD

  • Chuckabeth

    I’m not entirely sure why, but Bex’s face (especially this adorable little surprised profile in Panel 2) gives me all sorts of joy

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