Chapter 1, Page 8

Who even knows what he needs, I sure don’t

Also just for fun/ for the sake of Valentines’ Day, a little doodle of Goto and her SO~ In my head I call her a bloodless demon, since that’s what Mike calls her, but she’s not that bad haha
(here’s a pic for Mike too)

ALSO there will be some site upgrading and cool news to share with next Tuesday’s update :D hehheheh. Until then, have an awesome weekend!


  • Alexandra

    Levi’s disappearance? THE PLOT THICKENS

    • Glew

      Hi, I’m Levi. I’m back. Sorry for the trouble.
      No honestly, my name is Levi haha :D Glad I found this comic, looks cool.

  • River

    Maybe he doesn’t either

  • Elijah

    My hair just got stuck in a trashbin and I admit I may have cried a bit, but I got better immediately when I saw the update. Also thanks for the lovely picture of Mike during valentine’s lol

    • shingworks

      H… How did that happen ಠ_ಠ

      • Elijah

        It is a mystery to me too.

        I also didn’t notice Mike’s reflection in the first panel when I was looking at the page earlier on my phone. Nice touch!

        • shingworks

          … the fact that you still can’t explain how your head got stuck in the garbage is very concerning to me

  • I need more! fantastic comic Der Shing <3

  • Asterai

    You draw the most expressive faces. I don’t know what it is that makes your faces stand out so much; I’ve seen plenty of other really expressive artists.

    …I guess you put the expression into both their movements and their character design. I know artists that are really strong on each front, but you must be the only one who’s a powerhouse in both.

    There’s also the fact that you’re using full-body movement to convey emotion, not just faces. That’s often underused.

    Anyways, I wanted to let you know just how much I admire and enjoy your comics. I hope that whatever health problems you were having are as gone or managed as they can possibly be. I loved the hell out of The Meek, but it took all of two pages of Mare Internum to realize that I’d love anything you made. Best of luck.

  • fox-orian

    Spoiler: They’re talking about the disappearance of a pair of pants.

    If I were on Mars with no easy way to replace them, I’d be sad too.

  • These hallway scene have some super sweet backgrounds! It feels really well integrated with the characters present in each panels..or is it the other way around? The lighting seems to be placed in all the right spots too. This is such high quality comic I am reading for free.

    I had fun witnessing through Mike and commander’s conversation. I love the sequence where Mike is going DON’T TOUCH ME. Oh…I noticed that you never use action lines(?) or anything like that, but I can still read the movement. That’s too cool. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    Also, lol at Mike V-day picture.

    • shingworks

      Thanks, Meter! I appreciate you noticing the lack of gesture/ action lines in particular, that’s been a long-term peeve of mine.

  • Skellagirl

    I’m so sorry- is Goto the name of the lady Mike is arguing with? Was it mentioned already and I just missed it? D:

    And Mike and I are in the same boat for V-day, haha. I know that feel, buddy :,,,,)

    • shingworks

      Yep, that’s her! Their names are in their chests if you look back a few pages (she’s also mentioned in convo).

      And it’s ok… at least you’re on Earth and not on coldass Mars XD

      • Skellagirl

        Ahhh okay, I see them now. Thank you for the reply. The doodles are super cute. :D It’s always fun to see characters outside of the “source” material, as it were. It’s fun to see another side of them.

        And that is very true! I think I’m alright with that!

  • I ADORE this comic so far. It’s so intriguing and it’s obvious you’ve put a ton of work and planning into it, and I enjoy how it’s spaced out so that you never have all of the information at once. I’m not always a commenter, but I just wanted to leave you some encouragement. Keep up the good work!

  • Vert

    One of the problems with Mars is the dust. Dust on Mars is so fine it makes earth dust look like a collection of boulders. You can never get completely clear of it. It’s in everything; your clothes, your food, and even hanging in the air of your sealed habitat, just waiting to catch the meager sunlight as it streams through the window.

  • Bruce Duncan

    Delighted to see you’ve returned to webcomics! You might put a link on the last page of THE MEEK, just to let people like me, who check the site out from time to time in hopes of news. I finally found this site by doing a search for your name and “webcomic.”

    Anyway, thanks!

    • shingworks

      Yeah, was waiting to do that wave of links until after the archive here was more substantial.

  • I’m looking forward to reading more of your comics this year!

  • singingdavid

    I don’t like where this is going don’t kill yourself again bro

  • Unclever title

    Ah, okay so traumatic EVA experience where Mike’s mistake lead to the “disappearance” of Levi.

    And suddenly everything makes sense.

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