Chapter 1, Page 9

It’s like I’m going out of my way not to kill him off within the first 15 pages, or something…

BUT IN OTHER GREAT NEWS you will notice that I have officially joined Hiveworks!!! I am glad to say they are a Hive of very nice people, and not one of, like, scum and villainy, which suits my purposes really well. Also it also happens that they are are made up of some really high-quality comics, some of which are made by people who I’ve been friends with for years, so I’m very glad to be able to link to them via the link things everywhere. I also made a bunch of ads (warning: somewhat spoilery if you haven’t thought about the title for more than 2 seconds) so you might be seeing those around too :] Anyways, I’m stoked!

See you later in the week with another page~


  • ellsworth

    Wait….. if what I am thinking is what you know I am thinking, AND!!!
    if we know we are thinking the same thing, then ……….awe YEAH!!!
    Unless I’m over thnking things and the things we are thinking
    are different then, damit!

  • DukeBG

    Huh, those two banners you made look a bit different from the style of the comic that we’ve seen so far, i think. I guess, i should wait till you’ll draw some EVA in the comic and it’ll be totally that.

    About the last frame of the page: reminds me of some SEND HELP sketch.

    P.S. I’m not entirely stoked on the HW news — there’s been some drama involving them. But still, congrats on the source of moneys! Yay!! I’m still super-waiting for your Patreon with more moneyz ready.

    • shingworks

      I can guarantee you the style will not look like that later, haha. I actually have no idea how I’m going to render half the stuff yet. What an adventure!! :D


  • Arianwen

    This is a lesson on lighting. Wow. Pretty.

    I made a TvTropes page, if there’s anyone wants to contribute. Apologies in advance for the loss of your day.

  • Vert

    Maybe I’m just dense, but I can’t figure out what’s going on in the first panel. He’s sitting down, and… is that a foot button to flush the toilet? It’s so glowy! Is that what he needed in the last page? The can?

    • DukeBG

      It’s his foot in the sandal and a cleaning robot that bumped into it. It makes more sense if you read this page right after the previous.

      • Vert

        I went back and looked several times, but this time I went back further and I see the little mousebots are EVERYWHERE and somehow I missed ’em!

        … my idea was funnier though.

    • shingworks

      What Duke said, haha.

      • DukeBG

        I re-read every page half-dozen times! XD

  • Kees

    Maybe this is a weird thing to home in on, but can I just say I really like the way you draw Michael’s mouth area in profile? Like, the way it paunches out instead of having a typical concave shape with lips and stuff? My teeth/mouth structure is a little wonky and I’m generally a bit self-conscious about it, but it does that EXACT THING and I’ve never seen anyone else draw someone like that, so I guess it just feels nice to see someone use it in one of their character designs, and a main character at that haha.

  • Micheal are you wearing socks with sandals.

    In all seriousness though, I like that second panel. And just the general shifty mood. And congrats on Hiveworks!

    • Arianwen

      Hey, at least they’re white socks and not black or, god forbid, brown.

  • Lew

    I actually thought Mare Internum was more abstract, referring to mental interior… or something. (and fitting with the term Mare for meteor craters…)

    • shingworks
    • BlueFog

      Mare is latin for Sea.

  • “…in solitude, where we are least alone”

  • Madeleine

    He looks so sad I just want to hug and comfort him …

  • I have to say this page has I think my favorite panel you’ve ever done that I’ve seen hahah (the over the shoulder shot into his room with the hanging strap.) Such a simple panel, but the space in the scene is so believable, the shadow cast against the far wall, THE ISOLATION AND LONELINESS CAPTURED IN THAT ONE CAMERA ANGLE. MNNHHHHHH!

  • shade

    Wow. Last panel. All of them, really, but damn on the last one.

    Pretty much down to absolutely nothing.

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