Chapter 2, Page 13


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Today’s bonus art: one of many amorous thighsketches

And we gonna celebrate our $10+ guys one more time because seriously, thank you


  • Hethaa

    That is… EXTREMELY ABNORMAL. I feel like we just had a genre shift and I am intrigued. And disturbed. Or is this some kinda weird hallucination?

    • Skellagirl

      Re: Genre shift — SAME, I was totally NOT expecting a jaunt into the fantastical/body horror (Which, now seems weird, given the content so far). I like it though. :D

      • Skellagirl

        And by “seems weird” I mean it seems weird that I didn’t expect it. =p

    • DasJepix

      I actually consider body horror to well within the parameters of sci-fi…

      It’s my favourite.

      • Same here :D I love some good body horror, sci-fi or just straight up horror. Though if it’s just horror, I tend to prefer the Japanese and Korean body horror over American stuff–I’ll take anything by Junji Ito or Tetsuo over Human Centipede…

        I love where this comic is going! It’s so different in tone from the Meek, but I love both of them.

    • David

      Oh, fuck, there really WAS a red glowy thing inside his suit!

  • Solifuge

    No, thighfish, get back inside.

    • sweet_gardenia

      Amorous thighfish is creating a helicopter to get them both out of there.

      Amorous thighfish our hero

      • shingworks
        • sweet_gardenia


          There he go

          • Maria S.


          • AgentRin

            zoooom! yay thighfish!

        • LostYooper

          That almost looks fun

        • JepMZ

          I feel bad that the first thing I notice was “nice butt” lol. And oh man! I feel like I’m reading that spiral manga again. I hope he’s dreaming :0

      • Yorple

        Looks more like a breathing apparatus, like an external gill. Which would make sense since he’s apparently having trouble breathing in the usual fashion.

        • ShinyBlueThing

          I am also on Team Extremely Awkward New Breathing Organ.

  • Android 21 3/7


    …Why am I suddenly thinking of Junji Itou’s Uzumaki?

    • Captain-Delirium

      Praise whomever, I’m not the only one

    • YESSSSS!

  • sweet_gardenia

    rememberrrr what the dormouse saiiiid. feeeed your heaaaad.

    mike no this is no time to blaze it, it’s already past 4.20

  • Draug

    He’s a dweeb he’s a weed he’s a dweeb he’s a weed.

    It’s actually… kind of pretty? Like wow, I want a leg plant. Or do I?? Or is it even a plant maybe it’s an alien plankton from Mars. Those feathery things kind of give it a filter feeder look.

  • I dunno, Frank?

    Your comic is getting weird.

    • shingworks

      It’s been weird since forever, I just hadn’t drawn it yet :D

      • I dunno, Frank?

        Well, looks like it’s time to come up with like a million theories that’ll all be wrong.

        Maybe he’s space god now? Yeah, he’s space god.

        • shingworks

          sounds good to me :D

  • Meghan

    All in all, he’s handling his alarming growth with surprising panache.

    • Siarles

      He’s probably just in shock. He’ll start freaking out on the next page or the one after that.

    • “How to Handle Your New Appendages/Organs with Panache”

  • moe84

    did the magic sand make thighfish grow??

  • Lorenzo

    I’m gonna need help figuring this one out.

  • A..parasite tighfish? A lovely one at that?
    My amateur exobiologist heart screams with joy :DD

  • Jaibyrd

    Psst. Mike, there’s something on your leg there… yeah… might wanna check that out…

    • DarkMyste

      on my leg… on my leg… my leg just sprouted feathers and and making like Leonerd devichi flying machine… and your worried about something on my leg i rather worried that it going to be taking off

  • holy berjeebus

    that’s gonna be awkward to move around with.

    • I’m kinda wondering if this is plant life that nromally doesn’t get this big, Mike just provides a really nice warm, wet environment for it and it grows like crazy.

    • I was like “how are you supposed to walk like this ?”

  • Spav

    Holy shit, cool.

    Does the Spiral Thighfish have a gas exchange surface? Is it like an external lung now? Mutualistic alien thighfish symbiote?

    • It would be nice if it provider compatible nutriment and water to mike, too.

      Well, probably much to his dismay.

  • SchrodingerTan


  • Jac

    AMOROUS THIGHFISH is evolving!

    • sweet_gardenia


      • Aidan903

        Press B to continue.

      • Blebonick

        Take AMOROUS THIGHFISH to a nursery to receive it’s infant stage, MILDLY INFATUATED THIGHSPERM

      • Tindi

        I just made AUDIBLE eeping noises, thank you very much.

        No seriously thank you I had a crappy weekend.

      • Would you like to give INFATUATED LEGFUNGUS a Nickname?

    • Saberbeam

      I’m glad to know I’m not the only person that thought of this. Just play the evolution music whilst admiring the pretty evolved form. Presumably it’s type is grass/nightmare.

  • Horchata

    Welp. I’m… sort of uncomfortable now.

    • Madeleine

      Me, too. I think my heebie-jeebies just got their own frills.

  • Localized


    • Bellar

      OKAY NOW.

      • Jac


        • Lilian


    • Skeptible

      My mind went straight to “BUH…….” and just kind of stayed there.

  • Karyl

    Amorous thighfish: “just gonna spool out some of your DNA here for general inspection, detection, infection, and irregular verbiage–you hold on tight!”

  • Jenny

    i am disgusted and horrified, yet intrigued

  • Javi

    Ah, I hate when that happens.

  • Aidan903

    I am very confused as to what happened.
    Amorous Thighfish seems to have sprouted.
    And become a plant.

    • Arianwen

      Once I found a femur bone,
      I put it in the ground.
      And when I went to look at it
      A tiny shoot I found.
      The shoot grew up,
      And up it came,
      And soon became a giant amorous thighplant oh god oh god oh god get it off
      I wonder if it’s edible.

      • Everything is edible. Some things only once, though.

        • Lieutenant Dan

          This comment made me laugh so hard that I hurt myself.

  • LostYooper

    This is also twice in a row that he has woken up to bizarre occurances, getting even more bizarre. Poor bastard is never going to want to sleep / pass out ever again, which will only make his mental health go further down the drain.

  • Sharp

    Mike’s thigh is a little too excited for the christmas season

    cumbersome but festive

  • thomas0comer

    That is terrifying and amazing and weird and interesting and brilliant and also very well drawn! Amazing work!

  • Jojo

    Okay. This has taken a turn I did not expect. And I love it.

  • fsjd

    um…. how long was he out? and now we know what that rustle was from.

    • shingworks

      Long enough~~

      • Corbie

        Even the atmosphere looks more humid now. Before, there were hard, black shadows like in very dry and clean gas. Well, humid enough to look like air, but surely nothing against this.

        How I love nerdy attention to detail in sequential art! :)

  • squidlifecrisis

    ahhh so Mike died and went to the khert

    • das

      Ha! Where be titty bird?

      • Michael

        Probably on the way as we speak.

  • Cheri

    this some Evangelion shit bro!!!!

    • …not really ? ^^;

      • Cheri

        Were you watching a different anime without aliens copious amounts of body horror?

  • Might want to have a doctor look at that, Mike.

    • Corbie

      Or an exobiologist?

      Darn. Now I need to collect my jawbone from the floor where it dropped when this page loaded.

  • Hansontoons

    Like, whoaaaa! Mike needs a Margarita. No salt.

  • Shaun

    That, kids, is why we disinfect our scrapes with hydrogen peroxide.

  • Cliffe

    WOW! I did not see this coming at all, but I’m extra intrigued with now!

  • JJ

    Okay, welp.

    But also: Now he’s got a hole in bis suit. Things just don’t get better for him

    • Blebonick

      Good point, I didn’t notice that!
      … maybe the thighfish will decontaminate the atmosphere?

  • Magi Bo

    I’m interested in how the other scientists (and the governments) are going to handle Mike being part Martian (because he’s going to escape eventually, right? ). Mike and thighfish, on the run from the earth governments, like a Martian Bladerunner from the point of view of the Andi’s (except alien leg fish fungus instead of androids). Pure speculation

    • I’d like to see him running with THAT on his leg XD

  • It’s as pretty as some of the native flora in Avatar, whether there is influence or not.

  • Matt

    Ahhhh god. Man this comic has been setting off psychosomatic pain in my previously mangles left leg for some pages now, but for some reason this one was the worst.

    I’m hoping this situation becomes at least less visible soon haha as unlikely as that seems at this point.

  • *blink*

  • I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure that’s not a good thing.

    • LameFox

      On the other hand, it’s arguably an improvement over bleeding to death.

      • Jac

        At least it looks cool?

  • JakeyBakey

    oohh that’s nasty, but I have to say that of all the crazy martian things I thought was going to happen next, this is not one of them.

  • Diadres

    I… had a nightmare like this once.

  • An Average Loser

    So. . . we’re Parasyte now?

    • shingworks

      Coincidentally, this comic does have it’s own Goto, haha…

      • Then again, so does Patlabor :D

  • Lar

    Yeah…that would be my face too…

  • StClair

    Welp, indeed

  • charles81

    Everything was making with the sense

    Then plant :I

    • Jojo

      The plant makes all the sense.

      You mean you didn’t see this coming?

  • Shunka_Warakin

    Annelid! I used to have some of these guys in my aquarium! Mike, you are not an aquarium, you don’t even have adequate filtration…

    • oh I bet his suit has adequate filtration, hehe. At least for the front side.

  • Varflock

    I wonder if it hurts now. But Mike’s state was so bad it can probably only get better now, I hope?

  • Vert

    That looks almost like a fruiting body. You know, that thing fungi do when they find a *really* rich source of nutrients…

    • Mel

      You mean he’s just been infected with the Martian equivalent of cordyceps the whole time?

      • Vert

        Now there’s a creepy thought. Ahaha, I’d almost bet money that’s what’s going on, given Mike’s obsession with controlling his own actions. Now he has a mind-altering Martian fungal infection and feel great about life, but is no longer in control. It’s perfect.

  • Sooo I am wondering.

    Why did the plant(?) desperately pierce through his suit, rather than trying to take an easier way alongside it ?
    I mean, especially since Michael loosened it earlier.

    • Also, exactly for how long was it out for ? for all we know, it’s been days ! Hard to say since he wasn’t exactly shaved before.

      • he (Michael), not it.

        • Jojo

          I think its more likely that there was spores on the rock that broke Mike’s leg. Spores that were lodged into the wound.

          • Jojo

            Then again it doesn’t look like there was any tare in the suit.

  • DukeBG

    He might be just hallucinating…

  • Natalie

    Well that’s more internum than I was expecting.

  • “Huh. Maybe I shouldn’t have skimmed the reading in my emergency medicine class…”

  • drakeo

    i usually dont make comments as of because my com being down, and the agonizing slowness of typing this on my xbox that im useing to view this so please excuse any grammatical or spellin errors but i have to say his face perfectly portray his emotions at this moment now im very new to horror stories or for that matter any kind of scary things ( says the guy who on a regular bases almost daily catches reptilies of any kind includin snakes up to 6-7 feet long) for cryin out loud i still havnt seen all of JAWS II and none of three but all that said this is perhaps the scariest and the funniest panal ever. Though now that i think of it any horror movie involving snakes doesnt faze me i have seen all the andaconda movies and was probably the only one rooting for the snake and i REALLY want to see snakes on a plane ( they should make ‘bears on a sub’) but still the look on his face priceless and the art absolutly one of the better its on par with girl genus yosh two kinds spindrift and gunnerkrikg court so keep up the good work!! drakeo out

    • shingworks

      lol. And, as a fellow snake-catcher, I don’t think snakes hold a candle to any of the kind of things that burrow inside of people. Anyhow, thanks for reading :]

    • Sheridan

      > i have seen all the andaconda movies and was probably the only one rooting for the snake

      I was rooting for the Aliens in Skyline.

  • Jo

    Throw a blanket over it!

    • CrazyLady

      You’re only hiding the problem, not fixing it.

    • Sarall

      Put a little fence around it!

      • shingworks

        you guys are killing me XD

      • HandwashBigpan

        DROP ‘EM!

  • Ah, first contact. Sometimes it’s Vulcans inviting you to join the Federation after your first successful warp flight…

    And sometimes it’s a weird spiral mushroom boner.

  • carbonfixation

    Not a single comment with a boner joke? I’m disappointed, people.

    • Vert

      The timing of your comment could not be more perfect.

  • Well, that escalated q- … clock-wise.

  • Kastuk

    Go Waked Mars now.

    • Kastuk

      Just Waking

  • Danielle


  • Oh my

  • lamepudding

    mikes gonna become a gaaarrrrdennn <3 <3 <3

  • CE

    From this day forward Amorous Thighfish shall be my spirit animal.

  • Anvill

    Relax, that’s just how bones heal

  • Silveraquila

    The good news? You can sue Dr. Suess for malpractice.

    • squidlifecrisis

      ^^I think I’m gonna have to nominate this one for the Caption Contest

  • Amorous Thighfish Gill

    Hello. I am here.

    • shingworks


    • DukeBG

      You’re even more amorous now!

  • Belen

    That is one of the scariest things I have seen and I can’t understand why.

  • Becca

    Amorous Thighfish has finally realized its dreams and become a demon Christmas tree

  • Tindi

    That is GORGEOUS art. Terrifyingly weird, probably no fun at all for Mike, but gorgeous.

    My eyes pretty much did the exact same thing his did when I saw the Infatuated Legfungus (I like that name). I was like, “Yep, he’s not dead time to find out why no–OH MY.”

  • Onanymous

    How can something so terrifying be so beautiful?

  • CosmicStresshead


    I have so many hypotheses

    But I can’t ask any about any of them in case one’s true


    • I doubt the author would give it away, you know :D
      so do tell allll of them.

    • Vert

      Der-Shing confirms EVERY fan theory, so you should be safe :D

      • shingworks


        • CosmicStresshead


          I think it’s safe to I didn’t see any of that coming

          • CosmicStresshead

            Except that one bit

  • Jakob

    Don’t you hate it when you wake up and Da Vinci’s flying machine is growing out of your leg?

    • Lar

      I wonder how Animatronio’s gonna deal with this one.

      • Jakob

        “Didn’t we use to be a delivery company?”

  • evilddragonqueen

    Yeah I think that;d be my reaction too.

    That, or a 90’s style, eye-rub/double take.

  • Jordan

    I go away from this comic for just a couple of days and then this happens. I’ve got the heebies rustling my jeebies.

    Also, I’m gonna bet that Mike freaks the fuck out.

    • “Welp I guess I’ll try drowning myself next”

      • (turns out the plant provide his blood with oxygen too)

  • Ceceoh

    Mike Fisher, Grow Medium.

  • mike, honey, you need to lay off the plants.

    In an aside – I’m wondering if this … thighfish (kek) … is emitting phosphorous or something that glows? The scene’s noticeably more lighted than before, but that could be just for the composition.

    Either way this comic just got hella interesting. :D

  • Unclever title

    I’m no doctor, but I think Mike should get that looked at.

    Might just be infected.

  • izzy

    Called it. The Miketian awakes!

  • Phil

    That’s… just… freakin disgusting. :(
    I’m going to be nauseated by that all day :( :( :(

  • Nils

    Cuisse-poissons dangereuses.

  • squirrelygirl890

    Uhhh, is this like, a metaphor for “the pain in his leg was ‘growing’?” :P

  • Søs

    This dude is trippin’

  • Jess

    This lighting and the sand behind his head. So beautiful. Where is the light source coming from?

  • Sam_i_ham

    Mike just can’t catch a break, can he?
    … Can he?

    • Arianwen

      *throws break at Mike*
      *Mike drops break*
      *break vanishes into abyss and is eaten by sentient rubbish bags*


  • shittygomu

    I feel so f’d up looking at that…


  • DatDat

    please be hallucinating from pain.
    rip it out to take control of yourself again!
    hey you made a friend.

  • Bill T.

    It’s just a flesh wound.

    • Ceceoh



    So the Amorous Thighfish is actually an Amorous Thighanemone?

  • Flancy

    … What.

  • Shosta

    On one hand, this is supremely disgusting and I can’t get my body to stop itching.

    On the other hand, as a fellow depressive I find this morbidly hilarious because I’ve always said I’d never be able to kill myself properly. Apparently Mike can’t either.

  • Hansontoons

    Eureka! Mike is creating his own fan base… or hallucinating da Vinci’s Aerial Screw in a bid to auger his way out of a bad situation.

    • shingworks

      “fan base”!! haha, I love it

      • Hansontoons


  • Jones

    Well, that certainly is a twist to having an alien pop out of ya’.
    (thankfully in this situation it isn’t the stomach this time).

  • Psh, happens to me all if the time. #relateable.

  • Mallow


  • Laura Mac

    I was reading through the comment section to see of anyone else mentioned Uzumaki. And now I am in lobe with all your readers because we read all the same comics.

  • fox-orian

    You know

    I gotta hand it to you. Not even once.

  • bug

    ok first time commenting bc i just had to let you know that this page made me go “WHAT THE FUCK” out loud

  • Jordi Hernández

    Put that thing back where it came from or so help me. but in all seriousnes, I wonder what is that, a martian parasite? an alucination?

  • Actual Anon

    Congratulations! Thighfish has evolved.

  • This is what I kept waiting for in The Martian. Thank you.

  • kate

    I’d been putting off reading MI for a while, and I’m really glad that I took the time to procrastinate today and finally do so. What a beautiful piece so far — the amount of research and concepting that you’ve put into the sci-fi structure is incredible. As always, excellent sense of pacing. It’s really cool to see you push yourself artistically on this one. Thanks for sharing it.

  • D.Fox

    Ain’t gonna be dancing now

  • milo

    that’s the best thing i’ve ever seen come out of someone’s leg wound

  • Biev

    Mike is so emo his legs are growing mushrooms

  • OH



  • Ash

    I would’ve pissed myself. Not even gonna lie. Just straight up pissed myself. Code yellow. I’m gone. This shit is nightmare fuel.

  • Ettel

    This… Made me remember stuff from my childhood!

  • KigV2

    Beautiful sand!

  • Sheridan

    I mean, if you’re going to go and get a fungal infection, it might as well be pretty.
    Take that, toenail fungus!

  • Thisguy

    Alrighty then.
    Shit’s getting started.

  • Borg

    Yeah, that’s what happens to me every time I break a leg.

  • Void

    That looks exactly like a Christmas tree tube worm (Spirobranchus giganteus)

    I feel like a nerd for recognizing it xD

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