Chapter 2, Page 31

WE’RE GOING IN… well, thighfriend is ready

And we got some rubberneckers too, haha… some devstuff and info on them here~

Another page this week! Maybe tomorrow, not sure if I should work on Meek page or Mare pg 32 tonight. Decisions~


  • Japanne

    Did he lose his face fungus in the sand?? D=

    • shingworks

      GDI!! Haha, that’s called a brainfart… will reupload with fix

      • Matthew Saint

        I love how this is a living work. If some detail is missed, even after… uh… publishing(?), it can be addressed, unlike traditional media.

        • shingworks

          I love it a lot too! One of my fav things about webcomics tbh… it is dynamic, and also I have a lot of time to consider pages before I have to think about printing.

  • Lorenzo

    This part will definitely be much more fun to binge read.

  • Draug

    Oh I thought he had dropped into the water on the previous page.

    So is the ground like snow? Or clay/sediment?

    • shingworks

      Just a beach! wet sand and such. The weirdly cut rocks everywhere are sedimentary too

  • Lar

    Martian crabs!

  • Karyl

    Are those little cricketcrabs there? the “antenna” seem like some kind of bug or crustacean sort of critter–the noise makes me think of crickets.. listen to the sound of crickets, it’s SO QUIET! Thighfriend to the rescue??

    • Brian

      Mike sure makes a lot of friends where ever he goes! Look at all those adoring cricketcrab fans!

  • skellagirl

    What is it, thighfriend? You thirsty? There’s a creepy shadow behind us somewhere? Timmy fell into the well??

  • Pylgrim

    Is tighfriend self-inflatable? I don’t see another possible way to contain that much volume inside a functioning leg.

    • Vert

      Why do you think it’s red? Mike’s looking a little paler than usual, I imagine…

      • …Is this why Mike’s eyes aren’t bloodshot anymore…?

        • Vert

          That one’s actually a bit more confusing. That type of hemorrhage stains the eye tissue and it takes a long, long time to go away even after the bleeding has stopped. It’s like a bruise. I haven’t worked out how that’s gotten healed so quickly yet, but I have a couple of ideas.

          • Royco Cup-a-Soup

            Five words, buddy: “shing isn’t an eye doctor”. While I trust that you’re correct, I also believe it’s relatively obscure knowledge that shing wouldn’t even know to look up.
            Either that, or shing really, REALLY knows what they’re doing and has a complicated but legitimate explanation that will be provided in the comic or in the comments.

          • shingworks

            Haha… I guess, as you can see from earlier in the comments, anything that someone points out that I actually did make an error on, I’ll correct (or at least acknowledge as needing to be corrected). If the page stays the way it is, it’s likely intentional. The rest of the holes are yours to fill :]

  • Actual Anon

    thighfish and face fungus, look at how many friends we’re making!!

  • Thighfriend is thirsty.

  • shane

    sniff…I wish I had a thighfriend..sniff sniff.

    • Ceceoh

      I have many thighfriends. On Earth we call them “cellulite”.

      • shingworks

        lol, I have a bunch of those friends as well

  • Android 21 3/7


  • Vert

    Nothing like a parasite to make you seek out water…

  • Oh, so only the tip of tightfish was shrieveled.

    • aaaaa those water reflexion effects aaaa *_*

      • Vert

        Der-Shing’s lighting has been masterful for as long as I’ve been reading her comics.

  • Angelina

    MAN i don’t know why but thighfish is REALLY grossin me out right now

  • Ceceoh

    I hope “thrip” does not mean “food”.

  • Cpt. Proton

    Is he now breathing underwater (is it H2O?) through the thighfriend?

    • DukeBG

      He’s not underwater… yet.

  • Zathura

    …. Is thighfriend getting bigger? What if thighfriend is eating him? I mean we can’t be sure if thighfriend is a symbiot or a straight up parasite yet.

    • Arianwen

      No, I think it’s the same size, just showing more body than in recent pages:

      If thighfriend’s a regular tapeworm-style parasite, then Mike should be fine, since hosts usually take a long time to die. Just pray there’s no wasp-style parasitoids in this ecosystem.

      Incidentally, there’s a certain liver fluke which accelerates wound healing in its hosts. It also eventually kills them with liver cancer, but every silver lining has a cloud…

  • Jonboy

    Is that water?! Thighfriend wants in on that. He may double as leg straw!

  • So I’m reminded of the worms that make their hosts drown themselves so they can hatch in water…

    Of course the thing about parasites that control their hosts that sci fi always skips is that they coevolve, it’s about as likely to find an alien parasite that can reliably infect and precisely control a human as it would be to find aliens that look human except for weird forehead bumps. I’m looking at you Half Life. I would’ve liked to see some Vortigaunts with headcrab infestation…

    If the infecting agent is some kind of nanotech then all bets are off, of course.

    • ProphetZarquon

      It all makes sense now: Klingons had head crab symbiotes introduced between The Original Series & The Next Generation. No wonder it’s a sensitive subject.

  • sweet_gardenia

    Thighfriend wants thripnommies it looks like

  • Roo

    Oh man these past couple pages I kept thinking “PLEASE tell me he’s going to water his leg” XD
    I mean, given the circumstances…what else would you wanna do?
    Go, thighfriend, go!

  • Matthew Saint

    I’d assume the sea is bioluminescent, but I wonder the “bio” part of that luminescence is. Plankton? Microbes? Martian fish-poo? Something underneath the sea?

    Also, I dig the cricketcrabs going all ellipsis after all their thripping.

  • Ew.

  • Allen

    How does Thighfriend fit in Mike’s thigh? Love the comic btw

  • Sheridan

    Love all the cricketcrabs just basically standing around watching Mike and going wtf?!

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