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  • Flap flap ?
    it’s alive ?

    it’s aliiiiiive ?!

    • Ceceoh

      Alive-O. You forgot the “O”.

      • I don’t understand that reference.

        • Scaramousche

          …selling cockles and mussels alive, alive-o!
          (I think I might have got the wrong reference)

          • Ceceoh

            That’s it. I guess I aged myself.

        • iowawa

          There’s a song. Here’s a Dubliners version

    • Varflock

      Maybe it was… sleeping?

      • Ten Twenty

        Please don’t wake me, please don’t shake me, I’m only sleeeeeeeeeeping!

  • I THINK I WAS RIGHT!! Poor little thigh-friend wants some water! They’re trying to reach out for it. Get it, thight-friend, get it!!

    • Adam

      Well he got it right up to, well, pretty much everywhere.

  • HH

    Some kind of alien carvings in the stone? :)

    • Mouse

      Or a new friend for Mike! Some creatures do their best to look like rocks. I can just see it opening up and releasing grasp fronds when the tide is higher.

    • Mouse


    • zo

      or maybe a fossil? dershing youre killinggg me. talk about master of the maddeningly slow ambiguous reveal!! every single thimble sized piece of info just leads to more questions, its borderline infuriating and i freakin love it. this is hands down the most fascinating imagined non-terrestrial natural history ive read since octavia butler

    • Ceceoh

      It’s a Martian petroglyph. And it’s got boobies.

  • Lozey

    Omg thank goodness thighfish is ok.

  • Mad

    Why are we getting so attached to the Flappy Tree Friend? I’m getting way too invested in his fate

    • Asterai

      Infatuated Legfungus is our dear Mike’s symbiote! It is natural to be interested in the wellbeing of our friends’ symbiotes.

    • shingworks

      I don’t know, but it’s freakin’ hilarious

      • HandwashBigpan

        Meanwhile Mike plummets into potentially hypothermia inducing waters that are full of literally alien microbes with a gaping wound in his leg and is suffering from dehydration, starvation, mental breakdown and parasitic infection. Yep. We’ve got our priorities in order. :p

        • Arianwen

          He doesn’t have a gaping wound in his leg. He has a flappy thighfriend. Good grief, people today! That’s what matters! :P

        • WeirderThanWeird

          It’s possible that Thigh-friend is influencing him and making him feel affection for it so he will bring it to the water it needs. There are microbes on Earth that do that so I don’t see why Thigh-friend couldn’t.

          • Adam

            Yeah, but it seems also to have rebuilt or replaced the injured bones/muscles that Mike got into his leg (at least, his injury there seemed pretty serious and he was worried about internal bleeding). To the point that Mike could once again stand on it. So it has to be doing something for Mike’s benifit. Mike would need water soon anyway and it’s not like he has anything to filter it trough. It might actually be safer for him to drink trough thighfriend.

    • Lilian

      Because… because he’s cute? And flappy? And unhuman? There’s a certain safety in loving unhuman things, I think.

    • Mal-L

      It’s Mike’s companion cube.

  • The great Irish SUSPENSEEE

    Amourous thighfriend liivvessssssss.
    amourous thighfriend should listen to v. Sentient living host friend , please refrain from flapping while hostfriend attempts descents lol.

    Where did ominous shadow go now. What occurs post ‘Paf’ , we just dunno ~¿

  • Snapping in to the rustle of reality, aren’t we? Got to start using “please” now that we’re friendly.

  • Thighfish just wants to ~feel~ the water.

  • I love panel three! *whispers* “Long live the king.”

  • DukeBG

    Last panel. Leftmost “stone”. That’s not something of a “natural origin”.

  • Localized

    What’s that wall made out of :?

    • shingworks

      Damp sand! Not the greatest climbing surface in the world.

  • Aristatide

    Truly, Der-shing, you are a master of sound effects. Such poignant “flaps”. Such moving “pafs”. Such delicate “thrips”. I cannot wait to hear the sounds of the Death Faucet of Mars.

  • Arianwen

    I am deeply in love with this page. People slowly sliding down panels will never stop being funny.

  • Vert

    So what’s that Mike’s wearing now? Is that his full suit minus rebreather and life support? Because if so, that’s gonna be fairly hard to swim in, even in 1/4 gravity. Particularly once it fills with water.

    I’m assuming that’s water. Or something water-ish. What if it’s not water? What if it’s FUNGUS POO?

    • shingworks

      Spoiler alert: the ocean is poo

      • Adam

        The funny thing is that I am quite ready to believe you and know that you are being literal.

        • StClair

          I… would not be at all surprised.

          (At the very least, it probably contains more waste from various critters than someone immersed in it would like to think about. Much like a typical municipal swimming pool.)

  • Flap flap :-D :-D :-D <3

  • Anvill

    Whats with that rock on the last panel??

  • Ceceoh

    She back! And better than ever!

  • Gloryarrow

    ‘Paf’ doesn’t sound like a body hitting water to me. It sounds more like the sound a body would make hitting wet sand. I’d image him hitting the water with something more akin to a ‘sploosh’, ‘splash’, ‘boosh’, and the like. idk that’s just me.

    • Pumpkin_Cake

      It’s not just him falling. He pulled a lot of sand loose from the wall. I’d imagine that the cloud of dust/sand could make a ‘paf’ noise when hitting liquid.

      • Thrawcheld

        I’d expect a noise more like “bloop”. “Paf” is not a sound water makes unless something hits it at very high speed, more than you could get at that distance, under that gravity.

  • Charles81

    What a curious rock. Maybe it’ll have a small bottle marked “drink me” on it and a small chest with cake marked “eat me”

  • Tindi

    Apparently Thighfriend didn’t think Mike was getting to the water fast enough and wanted to help.

  • DatDat

    And here I was thinking the helicopter-thighfriend prediction came true for a second.
    Also, yay friend livesss? O:

  • fox-orian

    The inside of Mars is nougat.

    • Matthew Saint

      That’s what I was noticing. It doesn’t look like mud or dirt, but some kind of liquid rubber. Nougat is a good call.

    • Hg

      Well, nougat and caramel.

  • Em

    Thighfriend may also have also needed a lower altitude. Maybe the gasses are different the lower you go.

  • rexxar

    I’m pretty sure amorous thighfish is now the main character of this comic. Sorry Mike, you got upstaged, now carry our new hero onto destiny!

  • PAF!

    Paf is my favourite sound effect.

    Why, you ask?

    Sorry. (Not sorry.)

  • Tassit

    Interesting how the wall appears to be some sort of blue clay.

    • Vert

      Well where exactly do you think Play-doh comes from? It doesn’t grow on tree, you know!

  • Sheridan

    Those petroglyphs in the last panel totally don’t look like the vaginasnake from Aliens: Prometheus. Nope nope nope.

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