Chapter 3, Cover

Happy 1 year anniversary to us :] We got through about 90 pages of MI comics last year… not bad at all.

To celebrate, a bit of zoom on the image, if you feel like voting (you do)

This month is gonna be a lighter month, updatewise… Partly due to Patreon goal flux following the holiday commission rush, but mostly because I’ll be focused on freelance and finishing up the current chapter of The Meek for most of Jan. If you been holding off on following TM updates, now’s a great time to jump back in!
Regardless of reorganizing, I have several MI items ready to go for Patreon, and we’ll be getting at least 10x updates across MI and TM in Jan no matter what.

Looking forward to more Chapter 3 with you guys! And as usual, thanks for reading~


  • Fridge_Logik

    Nice choice of quote.

    • CosmicStresshead

      I know, right?

  • CosmicStresshead

    Such a beautiful quotation. I am in ALL THE LOVE with this comic, Shing. Happy Anniversary :]

  • Lorenzo


    • Corbie

      You make me think that the creature looks a bit like a martian cricket. Which freaks me out now as I think of Bex. :o

    • Jay

      Oh shit, I didn’t even think of that. Given the fact that it spoke earlier and Michael is sprouting from his skin… oh no…

  • Jojo

    Happy anniversary! Great quote and title. I’m very excited for this new chapter.

  • Fraaaaank...?

    Lady of the Rocks sounds like a drink.

    • Amadán Dubh

      At the least, it should be.

    • Tindi

      Lady of the Rocks, on the rocks?

  • Happy anniversary !

  • Lar

    Now that’s a neat looking alien.

  • Android 21 3/7

    It looks like Mike has made a new friend! Or found himself a new pet. Is it a friend or a pet? Or a friend-pet?

    • JasonAW3

      Maybe Mike is the pet…

  • Draug

    Is that Dinobutt?? I couldn’t see them when I checked this out on mobile. :D

  • Wow, that lightning. Beautiful!

  • Jenny

    “Where should this music be? In the air or the earth?
    It sounds no more: and, sure, it waits upon
    Some god of the island. Sitting on a bank,
    Weeping again the king my father’s wreck,
    This music crept by me upon the waters,
    Allaying both their fury and my passion
    With its sweet air: thence I have followed it,
    Or it hath rather drawn me near. But ’tis gone.
    No, it begins again…”

  • fox-orian

    To the DAY. Impressive. Here’s to another 90 pages :D

  • alice

    It’s creepy, my dad has a friend who looks identical to Mike, I’m not even kidding, it’s creepy.

    • JJ

      Identical down to the face-funguses?

  • Adriano

    Aaaaaaw naaaah I want moar ;^;
    This webcomic is so great !

    Way cooler than the Meek, bcs I fully understand it x’D
    Me and my english…

  • Warden

    Ah, these colors. My late-teens-years bedroom walls were these colors. Also covered in AFI posters and tack holes.

  • Ceceoh

    If that’s Bex, I’d say Mike has some catching up to do.

  • Aidan903

    When is the next update? It seems like it’s been a while.

    • shingworks

      Yeah, it’ll be when I can manage. I’m working on finishing up the current chapter of The Meek (10 pages) on top of some time-sensitive freelance, so that is my immediate priority at the moment. Also I keep flipflopping on the opening scene for this chapter so I’m kind of putting it off for now haha. I’d expect an update within the next week however, and regular updates for sure in February.

      • imcitcat

        yay!! this is really one of the best I’ve read in a while, I haven’t said anything because I don’t want to be a bother ^_^; but I’ve been wondering too lol. I just love it so much!! anyway good luck with your freelance stuff no doubt it turns out just as amazing as you are! <3

  • cons

    i’m sorry… IS DAT LEGZCHILLA???

  • AlpineBob

    I keep trying to work out why we don’t see a shadow of the leg joint, since it sticks up above the rest…

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