Chapter 3, Page 10

This page took a bit longer than anticipated, but I like the way it turned out :] A lot different than the process I posted yesterday, I think~

Apropos of nothing, some twitter doodle and further info. I try to keep away from the unnecessary oversharing but also I like my writing and not made of stone. SO THERE

Today’s closeup art: just a little detail, in case you didn’t see it

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  • Kevin in WI

    Not a trap, he said….

  • Ceceoh

    The Martians have taken shag carpeting to new levels.

  • TJ

    I figured it out.
    This whole story
    Mike’s whole journey…
    Its so clear to me now

    this is Aquaman’s Origin story.

  • Thrawcheld

    Mike looks a lot older in panel 2.

    • Intile

      Beards will do that.

  • LameFox

    Now even the lawn wants to kill him.

    • shingworks

      lol, I think it is more like small, over-enthusiastic smooches.

      • Tommy Poulsen

        Dapodils. Common Martian variety.

        • Elyssia

          Lol, Dapodils. I love it!

          • nrfherder

            Yes Dapodils. I wonder if they help with thighfriend?

  • Whachamacallit

    Thripfriend is even freaking out in this update!

  • I was about to say “woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” but then Michael used the same line with a different meaning ._.

  • charles81

    Hugs from the ground

  • DukeBG

    I’m having a bit of trouble understanding the page. Why did Mike trip? He was standing still, did the carpet-smooches pull him to the left?
    I have a feeling that we’re supposed to recognize LEVi in that rock, but I don’t, not even on the TWC bonus. But, I guess, the speech bubble was from him?
    Take in mind that I’ve just awoken and still feeling fuzzy from sleeping. Maybe, it’s taking a toll on perception.

    • shingworks

      The little kiss things are sort of sticky and caused him to trip, that’s all. LEVi is not in the rock, that’s something else.

      • DukeBG

        Ah, so he was trying to walk and fell down.

        At first I was thinking that he noticed the things clinging to him and tried to struggle away from them. Him flying off to the left after this looked too sudden, like some sort of reaction from the thingies.

    • Ceceoh

      I thought the speech bubbles all belonged to Mike, as he responded to being sucker-smooched. But it does looks like something is hiding behind the rock. Also her fungus plant has an infestation of Martian fungi critters, I think. And waaaay in the back you can see Tanome’s pitchfork handle!

      • DukeBG

        yeah, after further thought i deduced that all the speech bubbles are Mike’s too.

  • Aristatide


  • Lar

    Can’t tell if that’s a Martian thing glowing in that coraly-rocky looking thing in the middle panel or not.

    • Askance

      My guess was a keyhole gap in the fungus, through which we see the brighter far or mid distance.

  • Glavos

    Did his wound change legs in the last panel? I really like Sharky’s hideout. *thrip*

    • shingworks

      Oh dang, good catch. Unfortunately I mix up left and right constantly… will fix, thanks!

      • Glavos

        No problem, always glad to help :D

  • Patrick

    In 2nd panel he looks a bit elvish with those pointy ears. But, damn why is his nose so big? Like seriously? I know it has always been, but it looks so caricaturistic, especially now. I actually laughed a bit.

    I also had problems with understanding this page at first, but then realised he’s being molested again. Poor Mike…

    • Vert

      Some people just have big noses. Look at Douglas Adams: hundreds of photos of him around, not a single one is a profile shot. Guess why?

      He even wrote a essay about it:

      Laugh not at the plight of those with large noses, my friend, for we are everywhere and *we can smell you in the dark*

      • shingworks

        lol, well also it’s an upshot with some perspective, so the nose and chin are taking the brunt of the weight. It’s ok though, the point is that his nose is oversized.

        • DukeBG

          The nostrils didn’t scale with the rest of the nose. That’s interesting.

          • shingworks

            I could have, but then every comment would have been about his nostrils XD

        • Annie K

          I have to admit, there are so many mysteries and questions I can’t wait to discover about and learn the answers to: what’s with the alien life? why did Mike have no reflection? what happened to poor Bex? – and yet the thing I am most excited to learn someday is about Mike’s nose.

          • shingworks

            Well you’re in luck because all of those questions will be answered! (Eventually) (terms and conditions may apply)

      • Patrick

        I just like that he can talk with Armshark about oversized body parts.

        P.S. Now I have a cool reason to be afraid of the dark. :3

    • Stickman550

      Actually, this guys big nose reminds me of Grant McKay from Black Science. He kind of had a big nose too.

      He’s also a scientist. I guess scientists just kinda have big noses.

  • Askance

    Really love the light transmissivity and distortion you captured in the blue amber stuff with the armshark skeleton.

    The number of similar lumps out there in the background seem a bit ominous, though. Perhaps armshark culture has very different interior decorating norms (likely), but it does make me wonder whether it’s obvious whose mind it is that’s running the show here.

  • Lawrence Tider

    So how much time has elapsed since he got the thigh thingy? Because I doubt beards grow THAT fast. That’s like a 3 month old beard.

    • shingworks

      I agree~

      • Brad

        Obviously caused by parasite (mutualisite?) induced hormonal changes. Earth fungus certainly doesn’t grow that fast.

  • Vert

    Looks like an Armshark painting on the rock, there? I seem to recall evidence of decorative art somewhere else, too, though now I can’t remember the page… one of the revealing shots of the sea, I’m pretty sure.

    Anyway… Armsharks like to draw! Hooray!

  • Rhapsha

    Armshark has a pretty awesome place all things considered.

    Seems Mike is making friends with the local floral lampreys. Good for him.

  • Spav

    That’s a very *dapper* shag carpet.

    (I refuse to apologise)

  • Jones

    Hungry little “suckers” aren’t they? :3
    Many o’ the Mars aliens remind me of particular sea creatures.
    – Leg fish: Christmas worm
    – Crab shoulder friend: mantis shrimp
    – Handshark: dogfish shark with smaller eyes
    – Lamprey Carpet: Sea anemone

  • Schrodinger

    Shoulder companion has arrived.

  • Lilian

    Mike, don’t slip. You’d better just skip.

    Because if you slip, you’ll trip with your thrip.

    And if you trip with your thrip,

    You might make a yip.

    And when you trip, you might do a flip.

    Then you’d hit the ground,

    And you’d break a hip.

    Think, if you broke a hip,

    You couldn’t be ripped.

    And you’d get surgery

    (Can you say “snip, snip”?)

    Have you had post-op food?

    Chicken broth and ice chips.

    It’d be really boring.

    Crunch crunch. Sip sip.

    And Armshark might make

    Some really weird quip.

    So please take heed

    To my sage tip.

    And please, Mike,

    Oh please,

    Don’t trip with your thrip.

  • Roy

    Dap dap dap

  • Nyan

    Wow I just noticed how much his beard has grown since they got there. surely more than a day has passed!

  • Horrybull

    I have one complaint…
    Not enough swearing haha

  • Sheridan

    Pretty sweet pad, Armshark!

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