Chapter 3, Page 11

Maybe if you didn’t want to get felt up by the ground cover, you shouldn’t have excreted from your glands so provocatively??

And a nice surprise for Friday: an awesome MI fanmix by Teej! replete with flexing alien lyrics :]

I have two comic recommendations to share today as well:

Alpha Flag is one of my favorite comics ever, and spiritually very close to the tone I am not skilled enough to achieve completely for MI. It is also returning from a long hiatus next week around this time, which makes right now a great time to catch up on the archives. If you like meaningful and mysterious imagery, the ends of the earth/ solitude, people taking pills, and water motifs, you will love Alpha Flag. Not to mention that the art and writing are super tight. One of my highest webcomic recommendations.

The Thief of Tales is a relatively new comic! Maybe the audience for that is closer to the audience for The Meek, but if you’re a reader of both (or if you just love lush art and a humorous story so far), I bet you’ll enjoy this as well. It is a joint project between two artists I’ve enjoyed for a long long time and I’m really happy to see them put out such a solid comic!

Last, The Meek Chapter 5 will begin this weekend, so if you’re into both of my comics, we’ll soon be back to updating on both :] Thank you as usual for reading and supporting my work!

Today’s closeup art: the OT3




  • imcitcat


    aaaahh yes, the glorious wonder of your comic. I do love it ever so much~ <3

  • CosmicStresshead

    OK, is Armshark crazy? I feel like Armshark might be crazy.

    • Asterai

      Armshark is, at a minimum, alien.

  • Derkasnake

    Noticed a small typo: “Where’s is it?”

    Also, I love your stuff. I consider this and The Meek my art goals~

    • shingworks

      Oh thanks! Fixed XD And also: thank you so much!

  • Psudopod

    Tsk… My cat is the same way! First it starts with a little innocent toe licking, next I’m face first in the ground cover! And suddenly it’s MY fault for excreting from my glands?! Kids these days…

  • Jojo

    I love these expressions.

  • Ash

    This is so cute ;; ;;
    At least it’s not eating him. That’s always good.

  • Pumpkin_Cake

    Thripfriend seems a bit frantic, there.

    • corvideye

      Maybe it’s saying, ‘Back off, ground cover! These are MY secretions!’

  • The Rancid

    The back of Mike’s head is so expressive!

    • Lar

      It’s smiling!

  • DukeBG

    I don’t see it. :|
    Thinking now that LEVi might be dismantled and used to create all this… somehow…

  • Charles81

    Somehow… I doubt the SHF repeaters are still operational.

  • Ceceoh

    If it were a Martian snake, it would have bit you.

    • Varflock

      Well, that’s one of the weirdest pick-up lines I’ve heard…

  • Underdawg

    Uh oh. New friend is testing human weaknesses! Could be psychological or physical limits (optical receptive ability)

  • Front is a very relative term here.

  • Ash

    Also, I’m so glad you linked us to Alpha Flag. It’s really good. +_+

    AF and Mare are both so mysterious and get me to thinking late at night. #goals

    • shingworks

      I know, right? I’m so glad the hiatus is over, it’s been difficult waiting for the reveal on so many elements.

  • Shihchuan

    Armshark! No! Don’t blame the victim!

    Also, so many colors here; it’s been such a long time, I’ve almost forgotten what colors looked like…:p

  • …there’s still an illusion ?

    • shingworks

  • LameFox

    Are we talking like… very in front, or only slightly? Did it sink? It sank, didn’t it…

  • Corbie

    Heh. I wonder if it’s Armshark, so far the only of a kind in a system that seems highly interested in Mike. Why would others of this kind not appear? … maybe because they are not intelligent and thus not extremely interested.
    But the impact of LeVi on this system may have been much bigger.
    Also, they seem keen for salt, which means they could already be mutations of the original beings, or even only came to be because of something that stuck to LeVi. I don’t think the whole construction was sterile. If all these beings originally evolved in a closed system with less salt than Michael brings in, salt might even have a negative effect on them.
    Just a guess, though, I’m not a biologist or chemist or otherwise savvy in this sort of thing.

  • Vert

    I wonder if Armshark can see UV? The water would be much more transparent to it then. At first I thought he meant it was way off in the distance, but I don’t its visual acuity can be that much higher than a human’s based on the size of its head.

    Unless the eye has multiple lenses…

    Or maybe it just turned LEVi into a swarm of nano particles :D

    • CosmicStresshead

      OOOOH, I like this idea; maybe Armshark’s eyes can filter polarized light so he can see beneath the water more clearly.

      Or I suppose he could have been transformed into some non-corporeal form like in the Space Odyssey series

  • corvideye

    Hmm, humans are so tasty! Salt cravings, perhaps?

    Nice to get a closer look at thrippy.

  • Teej

    I’m super-interested to find out what Armshark means by “the system;” is Armshark technology biologically based and has Armshark somehow “downloaded” LeVi into the landscape, which acts as a biological computer? Perhaps Armsharks can “download” themselves when they die, hence the skeleton in the questionable substance over there? There could also be more ominous explanations for why LeVi is not immediately apparent…

    • ruth

      If I had to guess, when they say system, they mean like the planet’s system, as in ‘the inhabitants of this planet’. Could be super wrong though.

      • Teej

        Could be… though Armshark did call Levi a “crude system” earlier in the chapter, maybe they gave it an upgrade?

      • DukeBG

        I think system here is just short for “ecosystem”

  • ruth

    the dialogue on this page is great. where u at levi

  • zathura

    Am I the only one who thinks thrip-friends look a lot like tentacles? And they are enthusiastically fondling dat ass?

  • I was so sad to binge through AF and reach an almost 2 years old most recent update… and then happy to re-read your note here and find that it will update again soon! :-D

  • Aidan903

    Please please please please please have LEVi come majestically rising out of the water.

  • Arianwen

    OT3 = One True Thrip

    One Thrip to rule them all, one Thrip to find them,
    One Thrip to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
    In the Mare Internum where the shadows lie.

  • Spav

    C’mon, Mike.

    Stop teasing with the fungosphere, contain your flirtatious excretions.

  • Is it the salt from Mike’s sweat that floorfriends like?

    Do they… crave… that mineral?

    • StClair

      Salt, water, skin flakes… could be any or all of the above, or something else.

    • Happy

      You can’t bring this back, man. It’s 2016.

  • Tycho Anomaly

    “They’re sending a message, Michael. LEVi Robot sleeps with the thrip fishes.”

    • DukeBG

      Ha ha

  • Thrawcheld

    Do you mean “secreting”? Sweat isn’t an excretion, it’s a secretion. Excretion means getting rid of wastes, i.e. what the kidneys do.

    • Religator

      Actually, “excrete” is correct.

      There are glands in your skin that do secrete sweat but sweat contains metabolic wastes like urea and water (both of which you can find in your urine) as well as salts so it can also be considered “excretion” too.

      Thankfully, kidneys don’t work alone in the excretory system ’cause our bodys are just awesome like that :)

  • LameFox

    Not related to this page specifically, but I’ve been wondering why the alien speaks the way it does. I’m not sure whether to call it formal or what. I’m assuming it learned English from the LEVi, but the older model opened with ‘What’s up?’ in the brief time it was speaking so it seems like they at least tried to make them sound more casual at one point.

    • shingworks

      A mix of having been taught the language in a semi-formal way, wanting to be able to communicate clearly using clear language and clearly stated questions, and not really having a lot of faith in Mike’s “lesser” intellect, the way some people enunciate loudly and slowly to old people and non-native speakers.

  • Leon

    These friendly phalluses didn’t get the “no touching” message yet. Or maybe they did, and just decided to be dicks.

    • Leon

      They just informed me that they prefer to be called “tenacious tentacles”. They are a touchy bunch, so I apologize for my (c)rudeness.

      • Happy

        ‘Tenacious Tentacles’ is absolutely a great band name

  • It’s obviously Mike’s fault, he was asking for it the way he was sweating.

  • RichWalk9891

    The art style never cease to amaze me in these comic strips, especially the colors.

  • Japanne

    “Right in front of you. On top of the buffet table. Don’t you see it? Climb on top and check it out.”

  • Sillydraco

    Is cricketfriend there the thing in his leg or just another critter he picked up along the way?

    • shingworks

      Thrip first appears here, riding on Armshark. The transfer occurs a few pages later~

      • Sillydraco

        I saw that when I went back through! I didn’t notice him the first time around, he was just kinda there suddenly c:

  • TorgueRND

    I find, as his level of saltiness at the whole situation increases, I keep hearing Mike’s lines in Patrick Warburton’s voice. Anyone else?

  • Ceceoh

    How come Floor Friends only want to touch Mike? None of them seem to want to play “slap and tickle” with Thrip Friend or Armshark. And in other news; I just had a random thought flash of Pee Wee Herman walking into Armshark’s dwelling: “Hi, Rocky! Hi, Floory! Hi, Thrippy!”

  • Aleforeric

    Is it just me, or is his facial hair growing really fast?

  • QuickWhitt

    It’s his shark friend. I’m betting.
    Or I’m terribly wrong.

  • kingleon

    I’m beginning to get a Mammoth Hot Springs vibe from the scenery, but I can’t tell if its intentional or just my own geobiological proclivities distracting me.

    • shingworks

      :] Well, remember the comic does take place next to a giant volcano.

  • DarkMyste

    right in front of me where?
    there nothing in front of me except a lake a 2 waterfalls,that i see in front of me but no robot, has it mastered the ability to become a ninja robot?

  • Patrick

    Okay, Mike’s beard wasn’t NEARLY as significantly grown when we started. How long had he been down here?

  • KiffyBee

    With new context, Thrip going nuts at the mention of LEVi is sad and adorable.

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