Chapter 3, Page 13


In other news, a fun little comic by Everblue XD Maybe we should start calling him Myce instead of Mike…

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Today’s closeup art: sassmaster




  • Patrick

    Is Armshark gonna have a name? Which gender is she/he? Please give us some answers, pleeeease. :D

    • Pylgrim

      What is wrong with Armshark?

    • mountain berry blast

      no reason to suppose Armshark has a “gender”

      • Spongegirl Circleskirt

        Or a name

        • Spongegirl Circleskirt

          Though I think HAL has a nice ring to it. The way he says Micheal all the time reminds me of so many “Sorry, Dave. I can’t do that.” I’ve heard.

          • Arianwen

            Thighfriend, thighfriend, give me your answer, do…

          • Spongegirl Circleskirt


    • SotiCoto

      Humans ask such embarassingly naive questions sometimes…

      “Which gender?”

      What makes one believe Martian life even engages in sexual reproduction in the first place? That it exhibits bilateral symmetry is strange enough.

  • oh man I feel for mike here. :__; he was toughing it out for his chance to see levi again for a LOT of reasons. Hang in there, dude.

    (as an aside, your glow-y mood effects in these last few pages have been off the chartttt. Gosh. )

  • Askance

    I’m sure Mike will be fine, but should whatever’s left of thighfriend really be swimming so soon after eating?

  • Khadyah

    First armshark is complaining about being disappointed by the lack of questions and now he’s complaining about too many questions?? stop bein so wishy-washy armshark!

  • cue to Michael’s hands, melting in whatever liquid that is.

  • DS

    At first, I read Armshark’s lines as basically a threat of some sort (either of the “be careful what you wish for” variety or “you know too much and now I must disembowel you”) but then I realized the pause in between probably means Mike is about to dive in. How will his injury feel in salt water? Tingly!

    • Esc

      Or Mike has taken an…offensive stance towards Armshark.

      • DS

        That’s a possibility as well and equally unwise. I just think he’s frantic enough to try to retrieve it. And I’m reminded of the little skinny boy doing a cannonball into vivid blue water.

  • DukeBG


    I liked LEVi and now we’re not even going to meet him. He’s in pieces.

    Me sad :[

    • Vert

      I’m hoping his core is still intact and he just can’t move anymore.

      Or that Armshark modified him in some way and that he’s gonna come buzzing up out of the water any second now.

    • Pumpkin_Cake

      Maybe we’ll see him in a flashback between chapters?

      • DukeBG

        Nothing will heal this pain in my heart no more

  • squidlifecrisis

    I fear for those who know not the consequences of getting between a researcher and his Data

    • shingworks

      especially when that data includes the location of the entry point~

      • Vert

        And THAT could be a very good reason for Armshark to disable it. Hrm.

      • charles81

        Ahhh, I merely figured he was hoping to use the SHF repeaters to signal out, but however he “burried” LEVi (probably just commanded it to explore down a near bottomless hole) it obviously found it’s way here from the surface so it would know the return path.

        A part of me still can’t help but think that a great deal of time passed at some point… maybe several points.

  • Dreampiper

    The thripping intensifies….

    • Aristatide

      [thripping intensifies]

  • izzy

    “…I had to dismantle and absorb the data in his memory circuits to gather all of this information. I am an amalgamation of organisms and memories. I am the closest being to a ‘friend’ that you have ever had and will ever have. Because we will only become ‘closer’ in time…”

    • Vert

      So… Armshark is Lavos?

  • Lar

    I know Mike is probably doing something, but it looks so sinister. “You have so many questions. It’s not a good idea to ask so many question.”

  • Ceceoh

    I’m thinking Mike dives in to retrieve LEVi, and his wound attracts all sorts of new friends. Which is why you should always listen to the locals when they say ‘Don’t do that.”

    • DukeBG

      Thrip-friend tried to warn him too!

  • Japanne

    But if Levi’s down there . . . for so long . . . with Mars barnacles growing on it (Marsacles?), how did Armshark learn to speak? =|

    Did AS learn really quick, and then he got rid if the robot body? Maybe Levi started to emit a high pitched whine as his batteries ran low, like a fire alarm. There was no choice but to throw it down there. XD

    • shingworks

      lol. I feel like throwing the fire alarm into the ocean too when it makes the low battery noise

      • I recently had to beat a smoke detector to death that 1) had a sealed-in battery and 2) was running low. It was the only way. It… felt very good, actually!

        • Vert

          I hope you didn’t beat it too hard. Those things have Americium in them. ENJOY YOUR NEW BONE CANCER.

          • Edmund

            It’s not the most penetrative of isotopes. Don’t eat it, and take a damn good shower. You’ll be fine.

            – Vault-tec, probably

          • shingworks

            I’m waiting until I’m a reasonably old age to do certain things, like beat a smoke detector to death or mess around with mercury.

            Actually it’d be pretty cool if old people could be recruited for fatal/dangerous situations, the way some older scientists volunteered to enter the building following the Fukushima accident.

          • Jessi

            Ya know, DerShing, there is in fact actually a wonderful science fiction novel about that, called OLD MAN’S WAR…..its written by John Scalzi. :)

          • shingworks

            Oh interesting! I’ll have to check it out. Scalzi is a friend of an author friend of mine, so it’s probably meant to be.

          • Sheridan

            re older people being recruited, they’re ideal for space missions, because once you’re past prime reproduction age you’re ‘allowed’ to take a larger radiation dose.
            I’m guessing that the ideal age is probably the 40-50yo range, maybe as high as 70 if a person remains fit and healthy.

      • Japanne

        I don’t know why, but I kept randomly thinking of your reply today at work, and laughing about it like a crazy person to myself.

        And I’m also embarrassed for forgetting the words I wanted was smoke detector and not fire alarm. =\

  • DarkMyste

    i vote for armshark to be come Sassshark

    • Leon

      Surely you meant Snarkshark?

      • DarkMyste

        snarkshark… hmm has a nice ring and dont all me Shirley old joke if you know what movie its from,heh

        • Leon

          Roger that.

  • Jonboy

    I love how politely sinister armshark is. Like a lion indulging a mouse in conversation.

    • StClair

      and that makes me think of Shere Khan, as voiced by George Sanders or Tony Jay.

  • zombierod

    they turned mike’s levi onto a croisant

  • Leon

    Mike: “Is this even water? Helloo???”
    Armshark: “Oh, that is not a good idea Michael. That is were I evacuate my waste fluids. I believe you call it a toilet.”
    Mike: “You flushed Levi down the toilet??!!”
    Armshark: “Yes Michael, isn’t that what your kind does when a pet expires?”

  • Corbie

    Eergh I just remembered that one time I misjudged depth of clear water, and almost kicked the bucket (more like: gulped it down). Without reference on LEVi’s actual size, I believe he’s at least 5m down, more likely appears “only” 5m down, which is 3/4 of the actual depth. Plus further mindfuck the shape of the Mirror might come up with, and whatever Kallakore means (cool name btw.)
    7-8m in saltwater are tough without equipment like decent fins, no bulky suit, a mask and with the intention of grabbing and surfacing old, possibly rusty metal. Don’t feed the fish all your blood, Mike, you might need some.

  • Sheridan

    Mike is totally going to dive in, isn’t he.

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