Chapter 3, Page 12

Other thrips are like, jeez what is with that guy

IDK if I’m supposed to show this, but it’s been a few days and it’s too cute for me not to, so a little sketch by my fav Ziggyzags <3

And, if you care, The Meek is starting up on Chapter 5 this week~ next update on Friday for that stuff, and another update or two here this week as well.

Today’s closeup art: a little zoom on that last panel




  • imcitcat

    ruh roh

    I wonder if that aquatic liquid material is safe to take a dive in…

  • Schrodinger

    He hasn’t gotten rid of Shoulder Companion yet. Relative of thigh friend perhaps?

    • Jojo

      Poor Thigh Friend

      • Schrodinger

        Shoulder Companion has always been like that, stealing
        Thigh Friend’s thunder.

  • Charles81

    Ahh yes. The gold in that last panel are the letters LEVi

  • DukeBG


  • David

    I have no idea what that thing in the water is.

  • JJ

    is it can has waterproof

  • LostYooper

    Something tells me LEVi isn’t supposed to be in the water… Mike is going to have to find a giant bag of rice to but him in, it worked for my cell phone!

  • LameFox

    Now is his chance to get revenge by turning those tentacles into rope.

  • Corbie

    Mike, you’ve had a bad influence on LEVi’s AI.

    … and LEVi looks somehow like a giant thripfriend. :o

    • Vert

      LEVi thought it had been rejected after Mike buried it, so it committed suicide :(

  • Max

    Hmmm… now I’m pondering whether a Martian expedition would bother covering circuit boards in machinery with conformal coating…

  • It’s dead, Jim.

    …or is it ?

  • Leon

    Armshark: “You know how your robot floats when you put it in water?”
    Mike: “Um, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t do that”
    Armshark: “Exactly!”

  • David

    Mike sure loves that robot. I don’t think I would ever go running to meet a machine.

    • ProphetZarquon

      My phone…

  • Ceceoh

    It’s OK Mike. Your heart will go on.

    • NegativeBurn

      …(remembering first page of Mare Internum)… uh, no?

  • Spongegirl Circleskirt

    Well shit…

  • Layer Cake One

    I love how perfectly you captured the feeling when something you’ve been working on for a long, long time is suddenly borked.

    • Vert

      I can’t help but wonder if Mike’s feelings for LEVi go beyond “project car”. It’s an intellect that he can talk to, that he understands and that will never try to control him. When Mike told Bex he wasn’t straight, maybe he meant he’d given up on *human* companionship.

      … maybe I’m just reading too much into it.

      • Layer Cake One

        Der-Shing’s been hinting that Mike’s words were unreliable in that scene. He could be anything, really.

        I don’t think he’s a robosexual, but I do think that LEVi was one of his honest “friends.” Sort of like how dogs can stabilize mentally ill people, because dogs are less likely to trigger paranoia than humans. Also, dogs and robots can stay with people, while human beings need lives of their own.

  • Nandadevi

    Now that Levi’s been found Mike needs to go get Bex.

  • Religator

    so wait, der-shing, are those creatures called thrips?

    I remember in chapter 2 page 28 you said that they “are not thrips calling their own name” so I thought they were called something else….or have you just fallen prey to the comments section and called them thrips anyway?

    • shingworks

      I have fallen prey XD I lack something better to call them at the moment but that will change in a few pages.

      • Religator

        ah yes….stage 1 is complete..

  • Sheridan

    Interesting that in the previous cavern, we could see the water level had dropped due to the erosion lines at the waters edge. No such signs in here (but I love the ‘undercut’ just below the surface).

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