Chapter 3, Page 19

Nice work all, plundering the garbage can

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Today’s bonus art: A little comic from twitter but it’s still funny to me, so repost




  • Wood

    Is Thighfriend deployed and allowing mike to breathe underwater?

    • Bellar

      Deployed; but acting as his lungs, is questionable.

    • Fridge_Logik

      You can see Thighfriend deployed in the last panel of the previous page, so yes.

  • DukeBG

    “Dear Michael. You’re dumb. –xoxo, Kallakore”

  • DukeBG

    Also: hi, Thighfriend! Long time no see!

  • TEWhit

    That section that seems to have been ripped out of Levi seems to correspond to the module Bex pointed out on the other one as the place where mapping data is stored. Mike’s still got a chance…

    • Vert

      I’m guessing Kallakore took it out intentionally. There’re plenty of reasons she wouldn’t want Mike to get back to the surface.

      • But he’d have to have taken it off long before he met Michael.

  • Reyna

    Ah, he looks so vulnerable in the last panel.

  • Squirx

    Kallakore’s not just talking about LEVi here, is he?

  • Brad


    Those hand-legs are stronger than I thought.

    Is Mike hurt? Will he get a new fungus?

  • manyblinkinglights


  • Alan

    So how did Kallakore recognize Mike? He could have been any human, but Kallakore called him by name. Did LEVi have the capability of displaying images? Would Kallakore even understand what an image is, and how it relates to the object it depicts?

    • Aleforeric

      How is Kallakore talking to Mike under the water? Is he really talking via sound waves, or is it telepathy? If it’s telepathy then he probably read Mike’s mind.

      • shingworks

        Not telepathy, just vocalizing (you can see Kalla’s mouth open, even)

  • stilltyrex

    Is it going to be adresed how Kalakore is talking underwater

    • Corbie

      You can talk underwater! :)
      Sound carries far and its direction is hard to distinguish, but since there seems not to be any other noise in this basin and Kallakore is close by, Mike should be able to understand something. The only things necessary are a mouth full of water, and not releasing too much air while speaking. It’s also possible with a scuba respirator in the mouth if you don’t exhale or inhale at that time (no mouth full of water in this case), tough that makes pronunciation harder. Of course some consonants won’t work well, but it’s possible to figure things out.

      Anyways, I’m curious too if there may be more behind.

      • shingworks

        Having a palatal valve helps a lot too :]

        • David

          a palatal wotsit?

      • lou

        If you have a lung full of liquid, I’m pretty sure your vocal folds won’t be able to resonate at any reasonable frequency to call it talking (or resonate at all, for that matter, considering the probable speed with which you can expel liquid from your lungs). It was designed for working with gaseous fluids (the Reynolds number would be way off).

        • Corbie

          Hmm true. I don’t know how Kallakore speaks, but as Shing says, she might have the possibility even without lips. :)

  • kate

    why plunder the garbage can when you can live in it, mike

  • Ceceoh

    “The only thing left is a shell and the corroded remains. There is little here worth salvaging… Oh, and the robot’s no good anymore, either.”

  • charles81

    Trying to work out the timelines here. He’s been on Mars for 12 months with LEVi, studying tunnels and making movies/shows. Goto said she’d been accomodating to him for the past few months so we can probably put it down as LEVi being missing for about 3 months. Thats three months to get down there, teach Kallakore everything, get wrecked underwater and corrode.

    Checking for pictures of wrecked cars underwater, it shouldn’t really be that bad. But thats not regular water. Mike commented that the air AND WATER are both highly sulfuric and sulfur will corrode things quickly… There’s also the strange fact that Mike’s facial hair seems to have exploded with growth after he splashed his face once with the water.

    • charles81

      Wait… Is Kallakore looking right through the back of LEVi and out the front window at Mike in those last two panels?

      I still find it a great pity that we didn’t see LEVi in action. My only remaining hope is that the LEVi 1.0 AI made the call to power up and head after them, due to threat on their lives, and we get a side story of it working with Bex.

      • shingworks

        There will be time, there will be time

        • charles81

          Heh, no doubt we’ll likely get some prequels with LEVi… I wonder if poor Bex even knows how to work with LEVi properly. She’s seen the TV shows I guess and might have read some basic instructions as part of prep training to work with it there, But she probably doesn’t have permissions. Heck there’s even the chance that Bex didn’t have the same luck as Mike and is dead (doubtful as there’s too much untold back-story there around her replies to Mike’s questions on her kids).

    • shingworks

      He’s been on Mars for over 3 years actually, but yes, LEVi’s been on vacation for 3 months or so doing who knows what. And I think it’s safe to say that the ultrablue glow water is not 100% trustworthy.

      LEVi was also designed to resist a lot of types of corrosion but I don’t think anyone was expecting the chassis to be compromised to that degree… I tried to show some pitting on the surfaces from whatever has been at work on them.

      • charles81
        Work at Devotion over the last 12 months? Maybe Goto has only been there for 12 months, or maybe Devotion has only been there for 12 months and they had another camp that Fisher and Braid worked out of before that (top of the cave and bottom of it)

        He mentioned pouring 10 years into LEVi and 3 years of them supposedly manipulating them in the bottom link, but I always figured that was something like 18 months prep work on the project then 6 months travel time to Mars:

        • shingworks

          Yeah, exactly, they’ve only been at Devotion Base for 12 months (since it opened basically), prior to that he and Braid were doing research at another larger hab. He’s been off of Earth for about the maximum allowed time at this point, he’s supposed to be out in the next optimal window but, oops, Fisher found the fissure.

  • lou

    “Look Michael. I mean literally, look at this garbage. And keep ignoring the fact that I told you you’d die in the mirror, yet here you are breathing and shit.” *signature sleazy smile*

    • Vert

      Kallakore is devious and not to be trusted.

  • ….how do you talk under water.
    I think there’s either still part of an illusion, or telepathy capacity of sorts.

    Tightfriend seems a bit low on the body to allow to work as a babelfish translato—unless it’s the head mushrooms. uh.

  • Happy

    kallakore in the bonus comic be like

    (“it was at that point he got distracted by my pals SICK CORPSE……….”)

  • David

    That’s a pouty look if ever I saw one

  • fox-orian


    kallakore is LEVI.

    … lol I’m almost serious.

    • you mispelled evil*

      • fox-orian

        ooooh SHIIIIIIIIIIIII————

  • Annie K

    Michael looks so sad and vulnerable in the last panel :(

  • Nomi

    How do you see the bonus comic? I go, I vote, nothing happens.

    • Hermandw

      Did you pick the option corresponding to the Captcha picture before you voted? If your network is as slow as mine it may take a while for the artwork to load, but it does show up eventually.

  • Ren-der

    does Armshark’s crest change when it’s underwater….

    that’s so cool…

    • shingworks

      Well, when you’re diving you don’t want that extra buoyancy :]

  • Victor R.

    Cosplaying as Mike with a fully deployed thighfriend would be just about the worst costume idea ever.

    So why am I so tempted?

    • shingworks

      If anyone actually attempts this I will probably die from blood loss as a result of lmao

    • corvideye

      Especially if you make thighfriend inflatable!!

  • Roy

    What if this is all an illusion? There is no water, and Levi isn’t really damaged. Kallakore is trying to deceive Mike. He/she/it has struck as possibly untrustworthy/sinister this whole time.

  • CosmicStresshead

    This scene has crushed me.

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