Chapter 3, Page 21

Thrip is the kind of guy who will hold your hair back while you’re upchucking

Also this is not important to the story but Kalla is cooking on a piece of LEVi’s chassis. Rude af

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Today’s bonus art: Up close of a nice panel~




  • Solifuge

    That fungus is really giving him an eyeful.

  • Paula

    Mike looks like me in finals week.

  • Mike’s just gonna be like, a walking biohazard towards earth life

    • Inwoods

      Pretty soon The Nose will be all we see.

      • OnyxIdol

        Like a defiant rock, rising from a churning sea of fungi.

        • shingworks

          ♪ ♫ Like a rock over troubled fungi ♩ ♬

  • Reign of Crows

    That last panel is awesome – the wording and appearance match so nicely.

  • Alba

    Ahh Kallakore is so pretty on this page! And apparently has hands (feet? Butthands?) that are dextrous enough to use fine tools! I hope Mike isn’t going blind from fungi-invasion. Although they are forming into the shape of a swanky fungi-crown.

  • Crap, I wasn’t sure, but he did lose that eye

  • Spav


    Metal(?) cooking implement? Salvaged from LEVi or Martian-made?

  • Ceceoh

    “Also this is not important to the story but Kalla is cooking on a piece of LEVi’s chassis. Rude af”

    Well, waste not, want not. Hope LEVi was non-stick.

  • Volkspanzer

    I love what Kallakore has done with her hair. I’d love to know HOW Kallakore does her hair. Does she crane her neck towards her posterior extremities? Is her hair prehensile and capable of fixing itself in any style she pleases?

    • shingworks

      Haha, it’s the neck one XD And Kallakore’s middle is a bit more flexible than it seems, the tiny hands can reach everywhere but her back… and big legs are fairly dexterous as well, but it’s seen as impolite to use them for anything but walking.

      • Pylgrim

        Ohh so it’s confirmed that KK is a she? Buuut Shiiing how are we supposed to know if you don’t give her long eyelashes and/or alien-boobs? At least a bow on her head, sheez! ;)

        • shingworks

          Sorry, I’ll change the color to pink immediately

        • shingworks

          Also I was trying to be hella careful with pronouns but I messed up!! good catch though, haha. But, it doesn’t actually matter.

      • Wereg

        Seen as impolite? So there is some kind of society.

        • youhappynow

          I’d say it would be strange to find that a whole species like Kallakore here, both highly intelligent and not shy about socializing (even with an alien), did not share in some kind of society.

      • AGV

        I guess that KK kinda looks like a bird when in motion
        Wobbling her head and neck around and using her hands like parrots do with their feet

        • shingworks

          Yes, just like a bird giraffe snake shark gorilla

  • I wonder how much time Mike has left? That fungus (or what ever it is that is taking him over) is pretty aggressive. I’d suspect he won’t last more than a day or two.

  • Corbie

    Yikes, it sucks to be in an environment where you are free sample of extraplanetary nutrients with no defense against the local life-forms.
    Great page! Now I hope someone skilled in making props will make some Kallakore kitchenware. =)

  • lou

    After all these angles, I still have no idea of how Kallakore looks like. Too many weird appendages.
    Also, “irony”? I don’t think that word means what you think it means (I’m guessing Kallakore will try to tell a joke or something).

    • shingworks

      Yeah… honestly I don’t know if it’ll be ironic or not, I keep looking at the accepted definitions and they’re incomprehensible to me haha. Keeps changing as people keep messing it up. Maybe in the future it will mean exactly the meaning I’ve mangled it to be.

      • lou

        Sorry, I was addressing Kallakore:D I suspected that something like the mirror/pond confusion is going on again, but then it’s not the case.
        Irony and sarcasm are so close to humour that I don’t think there can be any reasonable explicit definition, and readers’ mileages will surely vary (so just blame it on the readers;).

        • shingworks

          Never XD Not when I have such a breadth and depth of confusion inside myself.

      • Leon

        To be ironic, there needs to be some sort of contradiction which causes the humor.

        For example, it would be (morbidly) ironic if giving Mike cooked water to save him would kill him.

        Another example, it would be ironic if Mike really wanted to find a Martian, and KK turned out to be the only non-Martian alien on the planet.

  • JakeyBakey

    That last panel is pure gold, I adore that alien’s design.

  • Spongegirl Circleskirt

    Soon Mike will be a beautiful butterfly!

  • Haha, is Mike throwing up on Kallakore in the second panel? Good job, Mike.

  • Smith

    How is Kallakore pronounced? ‘käl•ä•’kōr•ĕ, or ‘kăl•ə•kôr, or ‘käl•ə•kōr, or other things? I’ve been going with ‘kăl•ə•’kôr•ā but I have no idea how I arrived there tbh

    • David

      You gots funny squiggles over your vowels…

      Actually, I was also wondering about how to pronounce it

    • shingworks

      Kalla (like the lily) and Kore (rhymes with moray)

      • DukeBG

        So there is a vowel sound in the end after the R?
        (That’s not how it sounds in the translation right now. Should I fix it?)

        • DukeBG

          (Actually, adding that sound will define her gender as feminine in russian and I decided not to fix it. It’s more ambigious right now)

          • shingworks

            That’s fine XD I don’t worry too much about pronunciations tbh

  • David

    Now, all of a sudden, Mike is curious! I wonder what flipped the switch for him- simply the fact that he found his robot.

    Also, I wish Thrip would pick off some of that head fungus. Mike is not looking too healthy.

  • Leon

    Plot twist:

    KK was Bex all along. Also: Mike is her father.

  • Nieno

    Is Thighfriend a kind of worm? Like a Christmas Tree worm, and the flappy things are gills? Sooo similar!

    • youhappynow

      Looks like you found the inspiration.

    • shingworks

      Haha, yep, worm+ chantarelle, you can’t go wrong.

  • Intile

    Kalla is so impossibly adorable with that little cooking tool, I love it!

  • Hima


    • Vert


  • Ceceoh

    Seeing Mike in his current state made me suddenly wonder; in the last panel, was Thripfriend trying to feed Mike, or just looking for a place to stick the next piece?

  • zpsabre

    can your next series just be a “Cooking With Kalla” spinoff of this please omg I would be all over that and I know I’m not alone XD

  • Luces

    Fungi or not, Mike keeps his charming personality. It would certainly hurt him to death giving thanks to his once-again saviour

  • SotiCoto

    Why has he not broken that nasty growth off his face / head yet?

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