Chapter 3, Page 40

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I do some weird lighting in this comic but I think this one was the most confusing to figure out XD

For those who don’t want to google, a chemocline is where two liquids of different chemical compositions meet. Here’s a cool photo of a diver in a halocline, which is a chemocline of saltwaters. As for the one in the comic… who knows. Maybe a thripocline.

And for Patrons, you’ve been getting previews as well as a recent post about Martian crest anatomy, if you haven’t seen it yet!

And speaking of Patrons, the latest batch of VIP Patrons! There’s some good links buried in here, definitely check some out! And as usual, thanks for reading :]


  • Elyssia

    Those needle fish don’t look friendly.

  • Rin

    Naw, they just want hugs. Sharp pointy hugs, but hugs nonetheless!

  • Mouse

    Uhoh, stabfish…

    • shingworks

      lol… I think you win the unofficial name-it game. Stabfish it is

  • Localized

    Ah yes, underwater water. Home of the Needle-Nose Stabfish. I’m quite familiar~

  • Jenny

    thripfriend is great at directions

    • AGV

      It must be the one that cleans KK “tantrum corner”

  • DukeBG

    Colour transition. Scene change!

    • shingworks

      Back to glow water :]

  • So more parasites are attaching… He’s… Gonna catch them all?

    • AGV

      “Gotta breed ’em all! (Oh, yeah!)
      My body is their soil (That’s Mare Internum!)
      Ohh, you’re my best Thrip, in a sea we must escape (That’s Mare Internum!)”

      • ThatGuyOverThere

        I vote this to be the official unofficial theme song for MI

  • AGV

    Hmmm, something tells me that those syringe fish fellas aren’t friendly…

    • StClair

      Whatever they are, it’s important to remember is that they were designed, to serve some function.

      • sjalexander

        at this point I’m not sure what parts of Kallakore’s narrative to believe… but this seems plausible :-P

        • DS

          Well, if those needles are full of hallucinogenics, everything will become plausible. :D

  • Aristatide

    “THRIPFRIEND IS MY CO-PILOT” stickers for everybody!

    • Jac

      Thripfriend take the wheel

      • Ayrie

        I want this. It would be so good for pinpointing people I could be friends with: mare readers and those curious enough to listen to my “have you heard the good webcomics word?” spiel.

  • Cara

    The contrasting color schemes are so great and lovely.

    • Cara

      Oh nooo my emoji got eaten; well, imagine a heart eyes emoji.

  • Eremos

    Oh, wow, the different coloured waters is the chemocline. Interesting!

  • lou

    Attention all Mikes: now entering dangerous liquidy region.

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    Can Thripfriend provide oxygen in any water conditions? What about air conditions?

    • shingworks

      Thrip only provides camaraderie and annoying noises.

    • I think you’re thinking of thighfriend. :-)

      • shingworks

        lol I didn’t consider they meant thighfriend XD Yeah, flappy can pull enough O2 out of the water for Mike to be okay, he’s pretty much a giant backup lung. On land Mike has to revert back to using his own lungs, which is very very painful as he has to get the water out first.

  • Edmund


    Not sure if oil and water is still considered a chemocline or if it gets a special name due to the hydrophobic nature of oils, but the visual effect is one people are more likely familiar with!

    SO COOL.

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