Chapter 3, Page 41

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It’s probably bad news when even thrip shuts up

blah blah blah same as usual, thanks for readin


  • Fridge_Logik

    Don’t pick his nose, don’t pick his nose!

    • Beats me to it XD

      Well. It’s probably better than the alternatives.

      • dream-piper

        I will literally lose my lunch if the alternative is what I think it is.

        • Aristatide

          Maybe they’re just going, “Dude, you’ve got like a crusty bit on your eye, lemme get that…”

  • spottedspeck

    The stabfish wanna play tag!! :D

  • Draug


  • Frost

    I’m sure those guys are just poking around to check out the new guy.

  • David

    Brazen Seductress

    Stabfish were all gorgeous hell-raisers, but they took up a hell of a lot of Thrip’s time

    • shingworks

      This sounds like a line from the noir detective novel about PI Thrip

      • corvideye

        I would read this!

  • Thripfriend’s gone silent…


  • Corbie

    That ain’t a good time to risk an eye, Mike. :o

  • Uggala

    All i see is that nose and that needle – EN GARDE!

    Altough it isn’t really fencing when you duel with a broadsword and a rapier…

  • Vert

    I hope this is when we get to see our favorite Martian with her mouth open.

    I hope she bites the horrible stabfish.

    Horrible, horrible stabfish.

    For some reason those things give me even more willies than the tattoo needle-head ravens from Dr. McNinja.

    • dream-piper

      Eating a stabfish sounds like a utterly terrible idea.

      • Vert


        Horrible, horrible stabfish, they go away now.

      • corvideye

        Maybe they have a creamy center.

  • Victor

    You done pissed of the Processors now, son. They’ve sent the stabfish to give you an attitude adjustment. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!

  • Rafael Cordeiro

    Stabfish doesn’t look friendly :/ And he is not alone, it’s a swarm, seems like a bad moment for Mike!
    But I’m wondering if maybe the Stabfish will react differently to Mike because of his unique biology (well, for a martian ecosystem)… We’ve seen that many things respond differently to him, Kalla has mentioned it herself. Maybe they will form some kind of symbiotic relation to him, like Thighfriend? Probably a painful one, but at least not a fatal one…

  • Alex

    Please please please pretty please, do not ever explode like this:

  • corvideye

    Maybe the face fungus will finally spring into action…

  • Joseph Callaway

    “Clever girl.”

  • NiOg

    * jaws music starts up *

  • Corbie

    These nice little fellows look like anglerfish-spiders: stab themselves into a victim, stay there for the rest of its life, and slurp its (dissolved?) contents up. What they drag along there looks suspiciously like a terribly expandable external stomach.

  • Glargh

    You get so many things right in this comic, I love it. Past a certain threshold people will stop questioning things if it doesn’t look threatening. If I went through as much stuff as this guy and suddenly found myself able to sit in water comfortably without breathing (or maybe he is) I probably would just take it in stride as well.

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