Chapter 3, Page 42

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Return of the angry flapflap

Coming up soon on Patreon: the new Tutorial of the month B] Been working hard on that. A reminder to $10 Patrons to pick up the previous month’s tutorial worksheet for the comic research tutorial, since it will be removed with the new month’s uploads! But before that, also working on another update or two for the weekend so let’s see XD I’m determined!!! See you hopefully very soon with the next page.


  • Mouse

    :<<<<<<< neeeeedles :<<<<<<<


  • Pokii

    Save him, Martian Sea Flap Flap!

  • Karyl


  • zeb

    oh god D:

  • Jenny

    SO RUDE!!!!

  • Lilian

    Now that’s an intramuscular injection of the right deltoid if I ever saw one.

  • Lo

    Mosquito fish?! Damn


    • Aidan903

      Whilst typing, I found that you already expressed that which I was going to say.

      So, yes, AAAAAAAH! and all that

  • The ground plants just sucked on him, these things are stabbing and taking! What about him is so attractive to martian computers?!

    • WK

      …Kalla said that the Martians used to send their trash to earth. It all makes sense, now.

      They’re trying to RECYCLE him.

      • Underdawg

        Maybe they are try to plug into him, determine his programming/purpose.

  • Hima

    Maybe, since his biology is different from Martian life, whatever poison they may have is innefective?

  • Back-stabfish :
    Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame !
    You give Mars a bad name.

  • Anvill


  • Underdawg

    I would suggest moving back up, but now he has to save his buddy thrips

    • shingworks

      Thrip is the real victim here

  • Uggala

    Eyurgh. Looks very painful. Just as i feared when looking at the last page. The poor guy just can’t catch a break, can he? And i’m betting the damn things are also very hard to pull out, since the “head” or “socket” looks a lot like a suction cap to me…. Yergh.

  • Spottedspeck

    My guess is that the Processor sent them to collect Mike’s “data”

  • Ash

    I wish my toe fungus was that useful

    • Ceceoh

      I was feeling a little sick when I saw this page. All better now! Except for the coffee up my nose.

  • Spark

    Good god that looks painful. Those needles like long enough to go through his arm, not to mention puncture a lung

    • JJ

      who needs lungs

    • shingworks

      not to further mention, piss off your external lung

  • squidlifecrisis

    oh… my first thought was that they’re trying to impregnate him

    I’m sure it’s all just a big misunderstanding

  • Mallow

    You can see them going pink in the middle as they lance into him D:


    Honestly though if it’s going like this right now for Mike I’m really terrified for Bex.

    • JJ

      I hope till their reunion Mike is going to be a total trainwreck, and Bex is doing just fine, astrobiologising her way through this place.

  • Angelina

    under water moshkitos!

  • Roo

    Get ’em, Thighfriend!!!

  • Sillydraco

    oh noes, leg-friend! :<

  • Lar

    It’s like the doctor visit from hell. Needles, needles everywhere!

  • Grace


  • Fawkes Rinzler

    I have so many feelings about this page!
    First and foremost being: NOPE! OH NOPE NOPE NOPE! NEEDLES! NOPE!!!!!

    Second being: Awwwww, Mike trying to offer a gentle smile of greeting to the tiny needlenose fishy-monster~!

    Last and most important of all: THRRRRIPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • shingworks

      Thrip ;___;

  • DrunkenNordmann

    So wait, are these guys going to merge with him as well? Wonder how much of himself will still be visible if he ever manages to get back to the surface.

    Now I’m just imagining him to become a big ball of alien creatures. :/

  • LameFox

    But are they there to remove him I wonder, or to fix another deficiency of some sort…

    Maybe if enough of them plug in he’ll be able to swim better.

  • Saberbeam

    I hate to say it, but if Mike had asked any of the locals, he would of known that this was likely result for anyone taking a thighfish into a predominantly needlenose area. And walking along with a thrip too, like you all just own the place… Tragic, but bound to happen. I mean, there’s been a lot of push for tolerance and equality within the needlenose community as a whole, but there’s still so much resentment over… Ok, I can’t make up anything beyond this point :D

  • Dennis

    Ahh, the dreaded martian Syringefish…

  • It’s been a while since we last saw fully-unfurled Thighfriend. Destroy the stabfish! Destroy them all!

  • Victor

    It took awhile, but the Processors are finally knocking out the work orders and acting on that bug report. The anti-virus protocol is now in effect.

  • SotiCoto

    Hopefully the stab-friends are trying to remove the other infections from him.

    I mean they don’t have any barbs… so they’re probably just trying to help clean him up a little… get rid of his thighfungus and toasterhead infections…. right?

  • foducool

    vaccination time

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