Chapter 3, Page 43

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I just updated like yesterday, so same news XD

Reminder to $10 Patrons to pick up the previous month’s tutorial worksheet for the comic research tutorial, since it will be removed with the new month’s uploads~

Also, like the banner that’s been there for a few weeks says, we’re closing in on the end of the Kickstarter for my first book! If you haven’t taken a look yet, why not check it out? Lots of good stuff in there, and one of the few times I’ll be offering these items :]

Thanks for reading and I’m actually going to aim for one more update this weekend so let’s see


  • Parasite’s got parasites… paraception!

  • squidlifecrisis

    leave it to shing to be the one who finally depicts vision-blacking-out the way it happens in real life, instead of cheesy “eyelid” shapes closing

    • shingworks

      One time I got hiccups and held my breath so long trying to get rid of them that I passed out. So yeah, research central over here XD

      • Corbie

        Wow, that sure took some time.
        And doesn’t sound like something to try intentionally. Kudos to your research central anyways, this page is intense!

        • Edmund

          When I passed out, it was more purple-grey and shaped like television static of old. Plus or minus a few geometric artifacts from me trying to think about how I couldn’t see actual shapes.

          It must be a little different for everyone, but the peripheral vision seems to go first. Huh.

          • squidlifecrisis

            those are the Particles of the Universe. or that’s what I named them, the purple field with RGB pixels zipping along a grid? they’re always there, you just see them better right before you pass out

            what it looks like on this page is your run-of-the-mill anoxic vision loss, complete with holding eyes wide open to make sure they are indeed open. and yeah good observation, the peripheral vision goes first and creeps to the center

            I get migraines so, I’m familiar with visions

      • WeirderThanWeird

        I get really bad tunnel vision when I stand sometimes. I have yet to pass out but a few times I’ve completely lost my vision. It’s when my hearing goes too or when my knees feel like they can’t support me anymore that I sit myself back down but that’s only happened a handful of times. Vision gets eaten away in weird shapes sometimes.

      • Techhead

        Did it work or did you still have the hiccups when you woke up?

        • shingworks

          I still had them XD Also I passed out while getting ready to brush my teeth in the bathroom, so I cut my lip open on the side of the mirror too, haha.
          Life hack: if you take ~20 tiny sips of water in a row, without stopping to breathe, it will always get rid of the hiccups.

    • The Wing

      When my vision goes (and it goes OFTEN because I frequently experience orthostatic hypotension) it looks a little bit different, so I do think there are individual differences in perception. I see everything go dark with static, but there are also coloured stars in specific patterns overlaying it.

  • Fraaaaank...?

    You’ve been very productive lately, good stuff!

    I hope Mike’s gonna be alright, but also kinda that he’ll turn into an alien fish mutant.

    • DrunkenNordmann

      As I said under the last page, I’ll half-expect him to just look like a big ball of alien creatures before he gets back to the surface.

      • squidlifecrisis

        i saw that comment and it took all my strength not to make a katamari reference

  • AGV

    “Michael, if your future escape plans involve swimming, I would appreciate if you avoided those so I don’t have to rescue your hindquarters over and over. Water spoils my hairstyles.”

  • On one hand, I hope it’s medical stuff sent to detach his parasites from him, on the other… without tightthing he’s gonna die. Especially if he doesn’t surface.

  • JuaSaysHi

    “And then he died. The End.”
    “Shut up backbrain! That’s not funny!”

  • widdershins

    o dang, is Mike getting hibernated? Is that where Kallakore went just now? Is he gonna wake up 100,000 years from now ._.

  • Nomi

    This is soooooo confusingggg…..

  • David

    I don’t understand what I’m seeing in the last few panels. Speckly things and blue smudges o.O

    • Nessus

      That’s Mike’s POV as he blacks out due to the needlefish injuring (or killing) Thighfreind.

      Thighfreind has been acting as a gill, allowing Mike to survive underwater. With Thighfreind out of commission, he’s starting to drown.

      Think about what happens to your vision when you, say, get a bad head rush from standing up too fast after sitting down for too long. Looks pretty similar to that, right?

  • Uggala

    Looks like Mike gets a break after all. …me and my big mouth last page ;b

    Poor guy. I wonder if he is ever gonna to get out of there? There was already some major adaption of his body to the local ecosystem by Tightfriend and the fungi brothers, and im pretty sure he’ll wake up in a much more “advanced” state with even more martian mates attached to him – Which in turn raises the question: Will he even be able to survive in Earth atmosphere anymore? The symbiotes probably wont, and if they’re intertwined enough with his cardiovascular system, Mike will croak with them… :(

  • Hilen

    kallakore: the best baywatch.

  • spottedspeck

    Are… those streams of blood in panels 3 and 5…?

  • Retterhardt

    Good depiction of blacking out! I’m intrigued by the dark-light-dark-light pattern in panels 6-9–is Mike starting to go unconscious, then drifting back closer to consciousness again, then drifting toward unconsciousness again, etc? Or are panels 6 & 8 what he sees out of his left eye (and darker because it’s the one basically covered by fungi) and panels 7 & 9 what he sees out of his right eye?

    • shingworks

      Haha, I was trying to have a heartbeat thing going, pupil dialating and contracting. Probably didn’t come across but I think people can tell he’s blacking out so it’s not super important.

      • David

        Ive often wondered: if I turn the lights out, let my pupils dilate, turn lights on and let pupils shrink, turn on & dilate, turn off & shrink… If I did that repeatedly, could I develop the burliest, most manly iris muscles in the world?

        • shingworks

          ssssame haha. I looked it up a while ago; you can’t correct everything, but you actually can slightly strengthen your eyes by doing exercises like those. Focus on something at a long distance, then mid distance, then short, etc. I’ve had to start doing these again recently myself because of the potentially negative effects of staring at a cintiq screen for 14+ hours a day~

      • Retterhardt

        Ooh, very interesting, didn’t know that would happen with the heartbeat. I love all the details in this comic, I keep unexpectedly learning new stuff

  • grahamf

    You have died. Continue?

  • Michael W Haneline

    WELP! That’s the comic folks! Hope you enjoyed it!

  • Fawnet

    His face is frozen, and his eyes are open so wide. Is that just shocked realization that he’s not getting oxygen any more, or did those stabfish inject a paralytic poison?

    • StClair

      The latter, I believe. An effective anti-intruder tactic/immune response.

  • ceceoh

    Kallecore looks like a Marvel superhero in panel 7.

  • No One

    Oof! Right in the flap flap!

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