Chapter 3, Page 53

Kalla you absolute madman

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  • DeltaBratwurst

    “It is silly”

    Yes that’s the point of laughing, Kalla.

  • Echo

    Mike looks so happy.

    It must be short-lived

  • It’s especially great to hear (eh, read?) those words coming from none other than Mike. This page made me giggle. Look at that smile! I can go to bed happy now.

    (Those sneaky subtle light rays again… I can totally imagine the “ta-da!” sound effect playing every time they appear. :D)

  • LosytYooper

    My what large teeth you have!

  • Arbatel

    Mike’s smiling. Something horrible must be around the corner. In any case, I hope Mike starts being more interested in Kallakore’s people. I need to know what’s with the wonderful martian hairdo.

    • SotiCoto

      Pfffft… I get my depress on regularly too, but it doesn’t mean I won’t grin or laugh like a maniac at other times. This universe is an absurd place… Very funny when you forget you’re a part of it.

  • Ira

    Kalla is so cute in the third panel.

  • Emperial

    This page brings me such joy! Ahahahaa!

  • Solanuma

    :o do i see two rows of teeth?

    • shingworks

      Only the finest!

  • Shakespizza

    “Howling Wolfvarria”, lol

    But damn, her learning skills is freaking amazing! She spent just few months with Mike’s metal buddy, but seems, she knows now almost EVERYTHING about human language, culture, behavior…Well, yes, knowledge isn’t brings understanding, but holly molly, it’s something beyond.

    • shingworks

      Kalla is the best honorary human

  • Vert

    Kalla totally evolved from fishivores; look at those backward-pointing teeth!

    And like everyone else, Mike’s manic swing is making me paranoid.

    • shingworks

      XD Fishivores. But yeah, recurved is best for eating slippery things!

      • Edmund

        Starting to see where sharks got the idea from.
        Haha, and here we were, thinking sharks were silly for not changing much since they evolved. Turns out they just stayed closer to off-world templates.

  • spottedspeck

    Aahahahahathat’s slightly terrifying

    But honestly it’s really cute and refreshing to see these two goofing off for a change!

  • dream-piper

    *wipes away a single shed tear*
    He’s officially made first contact!

  • Ronald Blevins


    • AGV

      Tidus also needs some laughing lessons from Mike

    • squidlifecrisis

      oh dear, do we need to animate this part and set it to that

      …I’ll tween if you do the keys

    • arteopteryx

      Since both Mike and Kalla can “breathe” underwater, perhaps there is also a certain sport they should take up… The imagery is so incongruous though, omg! XD

  • zagoon

    do their children do the baby bird thing where they gape at adults when they’re hungry? i can see that turning into a social faux pas once they’ve grown a bit older!

    • TorgueRND

      That would make her remark, “it is childish,” make perfect sense. I like the idea!

  • AW, it’s actually really nice to see Mike laughing! ;O;
    I just want good things for the sad man

  • Sharshak

    I see progress is being made) But I’m not sure, that for Mike this progress will stay for long.

  • Spav

    Kalla in the last two panels reminds me of the faces a husky makes when they’re doing husky-brand Husky Noises™, as showcased in an endless parade of internet videos.

    Gotta love those dogs. Big, floofy, noisy mischief-machines.

  • TorgueRND

    “Michael, you may also find it liberating to do something considered inproprietous on Earth.”
    “I’ve been scratching my junk pretty much 24/7 since I fell down here.”

    • Jac

      No wonder he’s finally smiling.

  • RichWalk9891

    Those victorious rays of light around Kallakore as she opens her mouth to laugh for the first time sold it for me.

  • DatComment

    This is great.

  • AGV

    Hahahahaha this made me genuinely laugh!

    The fourth pannel must become a meme
    How about this? Sarcastic armshark

  • Phi

    I wonder what Kallokore’s language is like o_o

  • JJ

    Some horrible tragedy to round off the chapter must be imminent

    • Dreadogastus

      NO! Not more tragedy! How about a cutaway to the long lost Dr. Egunsola? What has she been doing?

  • Fal

    Oww, I think it’s the first time we’ve seen him laugh.

    (also: reading O Human Star; thanks for letting me know about it, it’s great!)

  • questioner

    Quick question here-is Kalakore female, or do martians have gender/sexuality the same way humans do?

    • shingworks

      Armsharks have 2 genders, but the females come in two distinct morphs and have different reproductive outputs. There’s a more in-depth Patron post on that stuff here.

  • Caroline

    I think this is the happiest page so far. :D

  • Fawkes Rinzler

    For this page, all I could imagine was a GLaDOS style voice for Kallakore. The somewhat sarcastic, pitch-changing tone of voice… Huh… Now I want to reread the whole comic imagining Kalla’s voice as GLaDOS, just to see if it changes for me…

  • Omer

    I am so glad for the smart commentors, as I learn something new about these characters and even science.

    Love Panel 4 and the background effect. HA? HA.

  • soundofmind

    you need to know that this page made me laugh so hard and it made me so happy


  • LameFox

    When you live for such a long time, you’ve got to conserve your HAs.

  • Icamenal

    I love the dynamics between these two!

  • kate

    This page makes me smile so goshdarn hard.

  • Adriano

    So cute omg

    Also shing, what’s the point of the email updates when we can use RSS feed? Maybe I’m missing out on something?

    • shingworks

      No point, except that some people (like me) don’t use RSS! Some people rely on Twitter/ Tumblr/ having a tab open for months/ etc, so I thought mail would be a good alternative for those guys :] If you use RSS then of course there’s no need to bother~

      • jugdemon

        I feel slightly under surveillance. How did you know that I just keep the tab open and revisit it …

        • shingworks

          Don’t worry about that. Nice shirt you’re wearing btw

          • Elliot Schmidt

            ::Relies on massive banks of bookmarks::

            ::notes the most of his bookmarks are webcomics, as sorted by days when updated::

            ::Has a miscellaneous folder for comics that update sporadically::

  • Metrophor


  • Meter

    Wasn’t expecting Kalakore to open her mouth. I was actually beginning to think it is just a groove that coincidentally placed where a mouth should be. The shock, along with seeing Michael’s genuinely happy looking face made me laugh out of nowhere.

  • avernian

    A post was going around my Facebook circles the other day about how, for people who have anxiety, they often can spontaneously overcome their own anxieties when they find themselves in a position to help a friend. Like, I could never be the first one to get up to attack a buffet, my brain would FREAK OUT if I tried it — unless a friend expressed the same anxiety, and then suddenly I’d be like “I GOTCHU FAM here I’ll go first” so that they would feel better.

    This comic… it has hit hard, and it has targeted some very specific weaknesses of mine, but it has also provided scenes like this, which… give me a great deal of catharsis and hope. I feel like Mike is healing, if only temporarily (for now?), because he has found someone who is also in need of help and guidance. I’ve been there. It can really change things.

    The art and story and characters are wonderful enough on their own, but some of the themes you’re touching on, and the way you’re handling them… well, it really means a lot to me, and I wanted you to know that. <3

  • TuesdayNightCo

    Best page so far. Best Awkward Smile Award goes to the armshark.

  • Avery

    What a couple of cuties, i’m so glad mike and kalla get some fun time~

  • ena

    AAAAAAH omg I love him so much hahaha what an adorable mouth he has! <3

  • Teej

    Kalla: Absolutely not
    Mike: Calls her “buddy”
    Kalla: Ok I will do it!

    This is cute

  • Jack

    My happy boy!!!!!!!!!!

  • Egg


    v: ha? …. :V ha

  • Lar

    We need to see Mike smile more. Well, I don’t know about need. But still.

  • I just noticed the radiating lines from Kalla on panel 4. That makes it possibly my favorite panel of the comic so far.

  • MadameGin

    This is a pretty and insightful comment that’s totally not an excuse to qualify for a Thrip sticker.

  • Emma

    I just get so sad looking at this page now :’C

  • Stefan

    Of all of the beautiful, stark and wild art and storytelling in MI, this page is what springs to mind when I think of Mare. A moment of balance and humor between two beings who have found enough common ground to share a joke. Yes, everything goes horribly wrong a few pages later, but every time I read this one it reminds me of the best parts of this epic.

    If you ever decide to offer this page — or pages 52-54 for complete effect — as a print I’ll be first in line to buy it. :)

  • Deb

    Ahh, this page made me laugh so much, I love them! Please stay happy!!

  • a dude

    Rereading this amazing chapter and I noticed a typo of great impropriety!

  • No One

    I would like to pat her head, she is so pure.

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