Chapter 3, Page 52

Takin’ Kalla to the gunshow

Poor Kalla actually has a hard time climbing; their bodies aren’t really suited for leaning forwards, so it requires almost a crawl to keep the center of gravity low to the ground.

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  • Luces

    Well, since you’ve declared that it take at least 2 years untill we meeet Angora again, what do you expect ? ;-)
    No, they are both fantastic, but MI simply strikes a nerve!

  • Kalla’s sass is a weapon of mass destruction. She’s havin’ none of that, Mike.

    • Kat

      Ha! I initially misread that as “Kalla’s ass.” It almost made sense…

      …and I’m still giggling like a third-grader. Heh. Ass! :P

    • Aidan903

      You mean, a weapon of sass destruction?

  • Luces

    I was a first commenter! I was a first commenter! I was… (spitting bubbles, has to be contained)

    • Claije

      Luces used bubblebeam! It’s not very effective…

  • Hima

    Now I really really really really really really really want to see Mike lifting Kallakore.

  • The Chap

    Wollaria? Did I miss something or is this the first mention of her race/species/tribe?

    • Asterai

      It is indeed the first mention.

    • Pumpkin_Cake

      She did say it earlier, but Mike interrupted her, so we only saw a few letters.

      • Sheridan

        So now the question is what did the Wollaria call Mars. And since there is an extant civilisation, should we call it that too?

  • Sharshak

    Kalla is so cute now. It was funny… Ha.

  • LameFox

    I suppose LEVi’s face may have left some things to the imagination.

    • DukeBG

      Are you trying to shittalk mah best bud?!!!!


      • shingworks

        aw X]

  • Karyl

    I find myself agreeing with LameFox–and trying hard to imagine HOW would LEVI make faces?? would it just project images? rearrange its optics? Curiouser and Curioser, to quote Lewis Carroll.

    • Vert

      If you look at the page where LEVi finds Kalla, you can see he has a little smiley light that seems to have several variable settings. So he at least has “smile” and “not smile”.

  • Andrew

    I’m so mad at myself that the first word that popped into my mind when I saw Mike flexing was “Daddy” -__-

    • Jac

      Mike’s taking us ALL to the gun show, even if Kalla is unimpressed.

    • vin

      For real, though. Unf.

  • David

    Wasn’t Kalla originally a lot bigger than Mike? In panel 3, they look to be about the same size.

    • shingworks

      Actually yeah, good catch! I don’t know why I missed that.

      • shingworks


  • Khadyah

    Damn. Teach me how to draw arms like that

    • David

      Lol, I want to *have* arms like that!

      • shingworks

        haha, much easier to draw than to obtain XD

      • spottedspeck

        Arms like Kalla’s or Mike’s?

        • Vert

          You know, either one would be awesome. In completely different ways.

          • spottedspeck

            Just have the best of both worlds with one human and one martian; become the ultimate ultimate human/wollaria fiddler crab…. thing!

  • Windwalker

    Im hoping to win one of your thrip stickers. Im a novice woodworker and am trying to design a thrip model, so any and all angles you can provide me would be gelpful.

    Plus…I’d really like a thrip sticker. ;)

  • Deltabratwurst

    Kalla is the sass master

  • Mike to Kalla “Bro do you even lift?”

  • Sabrina

    Lol @ swole smug Mike dang

  • Ren

    Even when one eye is basically a toaster, Mike can still give the best deadpan. XD

  • Muscle mass degrades FAST if you don’t use it – meaning Mike has presumably been hitting the gym CONTINUOUSLY since planetfall. He’s a great looking guy, but it wouldn’t surprise me if along with everything else there were some body image issues there, maybe even dismorphia.

    • shingworks

      You’re not wrong! He was somewhat expensive to send to Mars because he negotiated for a higher daily protein intake % than usual. And like a lot of other folk on Mars, he’s also a volunteer for some clinical trials (in his case specifically for muscle/ bone mass retention).

      • I love that you have all this stuff thought out in advance

        • shingworks

          This is what shut-ins do with their free time, lol

  • Kristi Gulick

    I wanna Thrip!!!!!

    • Cheesus Crust

      THRIP! *electroguitar sounds”

  • Shakespizza

    Ha, you’re into sexy muscular body shapes, don’t you :3

    First frame, whats is on Kalla’s right shoulder? Mike’s pants?

    • shingworks

      Haha, I don’t design people based on my personal preferences*, I find it creepy. He’s muscular cuz it makes sense for his character, but it is definitely amusing to draw! And yes, Kalla is helpfully hauling those pants around, since Mike has to wrangle that thighfriend.

      *i made an exception for thrip, who is perfect

  • Lar

    So this means that, at some point, we’re going to see Mike needing to drag/carry Kalla around right? Right??

    • dbepcsyx

      Chekhov’s gun.

      • squidlifecrisis

        Chekhov’s gunS

  • not sorry

    these muscles have been passed down the fisher line for generations

  • Solanuma

    Finally we get confirmation that Kalla considers their arms as arms they walk on and not legs

    • shingworks

      lol, I was wondering if anyone would point that out XD XD you guys always notice all this weird shit, I love it

  • TorgueRND

    Thighfriend you big goofball, quit playing with the speech balloon, they need that to talk.

    • shingworks

      Anything to get away from that crappy sand!!

  • dream-piper

    Is it bad that I sorta ship these two goofballs?

    • TorgueRND

      It would be worse if you didn’t.

      • dream-piper

        Okay. Just making sure.

  • Luna

    Goodness…now that the uber serious existential crisis moment has passed (temporarily at least), I am back to being reminded of the fact that I’ve thought Mike was pretty hot pretty much from page 1 of the intro. Even with thighfriend and eye-processor attached. Am I bad for wanting to see a better shot of his legs without the spacesuit pants? (And yes, I’m a guy.)

  • charlesw81

    I wonder who would actually be stronger… I presume Kalla, but growing up in Low G would cause humans to grow taller and possibly bigger but not stronger. Its possible that although Kalla is very large, his bones are quite brittle or that he’s a little overweight and maybe Wollaria store fat mainly in their legs/forearms.

  • AGV

    I imagine Kalla’s laug as some sort of short and high pitched “caw”

  • Roo

    Your arms *ARE* fucking fantastic, Michael *v* Thank you VERY much <3

  • Adeo

    Kalla hasn’t been enlightened to the words of the Allspotter, may Mike teach Kalla about Brodin and the gloriou gainz.

    • shingworks

      We’re all gonna make it brah

  • squidlifecrisis

    singular, Wollarium?

  • Michael W Haneline

    Wait, gravity pulls much LESS on Mars…

    • Michael W Haneline

      Or, more accurately, the mass of mars is much less and therefore the pull of Mars’s gravity is less than the pull of Earth’s gravity.

      • shingworks

        Right, we’re about 2.67x Mars gravity here on Earth

        • Michael W Haneline

          OH, I get what he’s saying now.

  • Willinwoods
  • Glavos

    Been having ads in your sites redirecting me when clicking to the next page again. This is from a phone btw if that helps

    • shingworks

      :[ Thanks for letting me know, I’ll pass that along to the Hiveworks guys

  • SotiCoto

    Seriously… when is he going to get rid of the asymmetric parasites infesting his body? =(

    Nothing personal against the thighfungus but… it disgusts… Ew.

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