Chapter 3, Page 7

And we’re back! Sorry about the silence; had to get a lot of real life stuff done recently, including a big move from a small apartment to a townhouse… of course this coincided with the biggest rain we’ve had for months so that was… interesting… I also do not do well without constant internet so that was also exhilarating.

To make up for lost time I’m going to try and bust through all the pages I have written and ready to go… gonna aim for 5x updates this week/ before EOD Sunday. Crazy??? maybe, haha. We’ll see how I do XD Check back tomorrow night for a new page. Will also be updating the Patreon soon with something other than meme nonsense.

Today’s bonus art: Closeup panel~

*edit* Hardball taught me to hang a lantern on it, so lets do this
*edit 2* The sad part is that I decided last night that I needed to redraw that panel, but now this. Lol (art by Blue-ten)




  • Sario528

    I think this is where I’m supposed to say first, but I really just want to know what these new arrivals are all about.

    • DukeBG

      Carnivore, i bet.

      • Wood

        Or just curious? You know it is in the country, in those small villages, every time someone new arrives, everybody is out in their front yards, having a peek.

  • Lorenzo

    With the little green eyes and the lines on its face, the monster of the Alien nation looks awfully snarky and sarcastic. Fits well with the Michael’s mood.

  • Dude, how exactly do you intend on getting out of there. Without a suit.

    • shingworks

      The power of prayer~

    • Ar

      His nose is large enough to contain a pocket of air that will last him about 15 minutes, so he’ll have that covered at least.

    • Wood

      I was thinking maybe he would send Levi out for help?

  • Sutr

    The position of the fungus no Mike’s head and the little line for his neck in the last panel makes it look like Mike is pulling a silly face.

    • Edmund

      ˸l now i can’t unsee it

  • Jędrzej

    Wait… Is he speaking with gills?

    • lou

      Probably telepathy, it beats actually learning English.

  • Arianwen


    • Vert

      The water’s full of Quaggan?

  • Vert

    And *there’s* the curiosity Armshark was looking for…

    Just as well SOMEONE got you out of the water then, eh Mike?

  • LostYooper

    How often to people fall down in there? Armshark kind of makes it sounds like this has happened before.

  • Marissa

    I can’t unsee a : | on the back of Mike’s head in the last panel.

    • shingworks

      lol… sigh, now I can’t unsee it either

    • DukeBG


  • cheri


    Are those “stairs” naturally occurring?

  • Ceceoh

    If you look closely, you can just see the shriveled corpse of Thighfriend lying on the beach at the foot of the stairs.

    Nah! Just pulling your leg!

    • shingworks

      wow, rude!!

      • Ceceoh

        I’m sorry! It was just a little “parasitic life form being forcibly removed from an extremity” joke. :(

        • shingworks

          Oh sorry maybe my tone didn’t come through, I thought it was funny :p

    • Religator

      uh… I believe that it is THIGHFRIEND that is doing all the leg-pulling in this comic….

  • Hansontoons

    I’m taking this too seriously. My first thought when seeing the growths in the water and reading the Martian’s remarks was “Gee, the scientists are going to be pissed that Mike has contaminated the ecosystem…”

    • Ceceoh

      Yeah, that’s Mike all over.

  • Jojo

    I thought the back of Mike’s head was a face for a minute.

    • Vert

      It’s Moldemort.

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