Chapter 3, Page 8

Can’t tell if sarcasm

And, in case if you’re wondering if a large animals with claws can climb effectively, check out these guys.

Today’s bonus art: Closeup again :B




  • The sass is real,

  • DukeBG

    Classic Armshark

  • Get hype for Armshark’s crib
    I don’t know what to expect from the home of an intelligent Martian, but it can’t fail to be awesome

  • Underdawg

    Also let you rest because stressed out animals tend to have stringy meat. You may rest in this room that looks suspiciously like a larder.

  • Whachamacallit

    Heh, I love armshark’s body language. I wonder what that upturned head look she/he/they/it’s doing in the last panel supposed to indicate.

  • squidlifecrisis

    will you draw for us one day the skeleton of armshark please

    • shingworks


      • Armshark has bones? Interesting. What are they made of?

        • Linebyline

          Sarcasm, mostly.

        • SotiCoto


  • Lar

    That last panel is amazing.

  • Max

    The only kind alien better than the generic friendly kind of alien is the one with a sense of sarcasm… :)

  • Ceceoh

    You can tell she’s being sarcastic, because she’s wiggling her head crests at Mike – and farting in his general direction.

  • JakeyBakey

    Our alien friend here is one of the best alien designs I’ve seen in a long time. Like a goddamn gorilla lizard shark love it.

  • Hansontoons

    I would have so many questions, were I in Mike’s place.

  • Tindi

    Man, even the thrippy shrimp looks unimpressed with that question, Armshark.

  • Ash

    Mike’s face. Omfg.
    Also I didn’t know bears could rock climb!!! My eyes have been opened.

  • new shoulder friend~ careful Michael, soon he’ll reach the brain.

  • Nyan

    hahahaha caused by you trying to remove my apparently friendly leg infestation you mean.

  • Horrybull

    I’m loving the unidentified living thing he is talking to

  • I know I’ve been out of pocket for a long time, but a lot of this isn’t too familiar to what I remember reading before. Did you redo large parts of the story?
    After checking at a couple of points in the archive, I decided to just re-read it from the beginning. The basic plot seems the same, but things just seem to be happening a little differently than before. Or else my memory is just shot! ;-)

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