Chapter 4, Page 11

This guy asks too many questions

A complete aside: whenever I see long words that end with -shing (like “perishing”) I feel irrationally territorial. I am the only shing around here!!!!

Some awesome news: MI is officially an award-winning webcomic, haha. Mare won Best Webcomic for the DINK comicon I mentioned last week! I’ve never won a comics anything before, so this is cool. Also your taste in comics has become several degrees more refined by association, so good job to all of you as well XD

In Patreon news, sketch comparison and notes page (as well as some news about a new project I’m going to be working on) is up! Gotta think about what’s coming after MI :o In case you missed it there was also a new stupid Legschilla comic up for $2+ folks.

And in Kickstarter news, I was informed that Meek books were shipping out this week (for all Meek V1 backers) so if you were a part of that, our journey is very near an end! And if you weren’t in on the Kickstarter (and live around the CA Bay Area), I’ll be at SVCC the weekend of the 21st with some books and a bit of MI merch :]

I’m working on a tutorial and a side job rn so I’m scrambling with work like usual, but I will try to get the next page out on Friday well, that didn’t happen! This weekend, then~


  • Congrats on your win! I’m so glad to see all your hard work has been noticed. Here’s to many more awards in the future!

  • ObservantWolf

    Mr worm-horse needs a drink! Poor Thrievi, so many unanswered questions! XD Congrats on the Award, great to hear!

  • birdy

    The poor worm friend is perishing!

    Also, gotta give Rebeka props for trying to scare them off. It would have worked in a normal animal kingdom scenario… But unfortunately these seen to be biological robots. ;)

  • Pumpkin_Cake

    I know what you mean. Sometimes I overhear people talking about pumpkin pie and I think, “Did someone say my name?”
    It happens even though I’ve only used this username for a few years. It can get annoying if they talk about it for an extended period of time.

    • Linebyline

      People can’t help it if your name is delicious.

  • Hey, I keep nominating you for a Hugo Award, but I still haven’t managed to drag enough friends along with me to outnumber the fans of, say, “Saga” or “Ms. Marvel” (both of which are quite excellent as well, of course).

  • Kuggur

    Congratulations on the award, a well deserved recognition.

  • Ponyhome

    You can tell LEVI was designed for data collection!

  • Go you!!!! :D

  • David

    Shing has leveled up. Congrats!

    This is a dumb question, but what is your first name? Der, Shing, or Der-Shing?

    Also, I’m not sure it’s supposed to be funny, but “perishing” made me laugh.

    • shingworks

      My first name is Der-shing (no capitalization on the S) :] Nobody really calls me “Shing,” but I’ve been using the word “Shingworks” since I was in middle school, drawing daily comics and periodicals about the previous night’s Frasier episode for my best friend, haha.

      • David

        Okie doke- then I will call you Der-shing

      • MiniMoose

        I am unreasonably delighted by the Frasier based fun fact.

      • Sheridan

        I had always thought that ‘Der-shing Helmer’ was a pen name, to keep you semi-anonymous on the internet from all the shitlords populating swamps like 4chan and Twitter. But some pages back (post 2016 election) you talked about your families history, and in this post you say that it’s an actual name. Some quick googling and it’s a case of Today I Learned.

  • Chad

    As an aside, there is also Denver Comic Con ( ) which is separate from Dink.

    That is awesome that you won that though!

    • shingworks

      Oh! My bad! I don’t know enough about Denver or it’s comicons apparently. Thank you for the correction~

  • skellagirl

    I love the little wobbly bubble for “perishing”. It reminds me of the little background word bubbles in the Paper Mario games. And poor Bex can’t get a break! It’s like the annoying guy at the club who won’t leave you alone except in this case the annoying guy is a terrifying alien.

    And congrats on the award!! it’s well deserved!

    • David

      I think, in this case, Bex is the terrifying alien. All the worm-camel wants is some somatic fluid samples, or an expendable digit :-P

  • RedDwarfIV

    Yay! New page! And on the same day I get to watch the new episode of The Expanse, too!

  • TuesdayNightCo

    Oh, Leg Worms. I find kinship in you. I too would ask something like, “Persisting?” to a friend being crushed by a rock.
    Congratulations on your award! These things tend to snowball so I expect you’ll be getting more recognition in the near future.

  • Lilian

    Bex, friend, you can insist otherwise. But you’re kind of proving that you are merciful.

  • DukeBG

    LEVi reminds me of my cat when she wants something. Totally keeps meowing and meowing like that.

  • BowenTheKotoc

    “Am I thirsty?” made me laugh.

  • Lo

    Congratulations!! A well deserved win, here’s to a dozen more awards!

  • Vert

    My more cynical side suspects these guys are either testing her for compassion or are faking it to lure her out.

    • Roo

      I am not entirely sure Squiggles here is complex enough for that kind of deception. These two seem kind of…simple.

      • Vert

        They’re being operated by remote control! My paranoia knows no limits!

  • Darcy

    That Leg Worm is possibly putting on a performance worthy of Judy Hopps. All in the name of SCIENCE! That somatic fluid sample isn’t going to collect itself…

  • Samuel

    Maybe just don’t get territorial with Annie Wersching, she always ends up playing scary people who will definitely kill you for what she wants.

    • shingworks

      You could probably say the same of General John Pershing, but I’ll take my chances

  • StClair

    Yaaay, congratulations!

  • David

    Levi: What’s that pot?
    Bex: The pot I am going to cook you in. I love lobster, and you look like a lobster.

  • AGV

    Wow, congrats, Der! An award might not be everything in a work of art, but it’s no small feat either! Props to you!

    Back to the story, I want to believe that those MI Witness brothers are harmless, but again, they’re the ones that were somehow smashing the entrance

    “Am I thirsty?” Yes, LEVi, I’m afraid that you’re thirsty for being stuck under that net forever if you keep your excruciating interrogatory

    Will anything ever get a break in this comic?

  • Roo

    In the best world, Bex provides water that instantly restores the injured Squiggles to full HP, befriends them both and unlocks them as a special kind of Mars Mount, and spends her days riding them about the craggy plains of the catacombs of the planet searching for the exit with little other fuel than pure DETERMINATION.

    • Happy

      Ahahahahah I love this immensely

  • Adriano

    Am I thirsty?

    The question I always ask myself.

  • Adriano

    On all levels except physical, I am Levi.

    • Some_Douchebag

      [Gathers geological data]

  • And that’s one “schwing”, for Shing! ;-)

  • squidlifecrisis

    is Mike’s middle name a journey to the center of the earth reference?

    • shingworks


  • KigV2

    How the alien robot daddy long legs talk is kind of…horrifying, to me, in a way I can’t place.

  • Sheridan

    Congrats on the win!

    And that’s totally a chamberpot, isn’t it. :)

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