Chapter 4, Page 12

No slice of lemon? no decorative umbrella??

A lovely fanart!! Check out this great Mike painting by BeverlyMantle :]

Been a busy week, I’ve been hosting my friend and book-instigator Neeka (who has a hand in several comics at the moment, including the webcomic Love Circuts) for the past few days. She is the one who helped me create the Meek V1 book, and will be the one helping make the Mare book next year :] We’ve been having some really good conversations about editing and comics, can’t wait to make those ideas a reality. She also brought me my comp copies of Elements, the book she edited and in which I have a sci-fi/ Jove themed comic… I’ll have a few copies for sale this weekend, as well as The Meek and my other works at SVCC, so maybe I’ll see some of you there!

I’m simultaneously working on about four or five things right now but will endeavor towards as many updates as I can, hopefully see you soon.



  • That’s one way to get a pet.

    Probably healthier than getting it attached to one’s fractured leg.

    • Squarish_Emu

      I’m expecting it to be poisoned somehow and to have the “Oh…” immediately followed by a flopping over dead a la one particular Sicilian when death was on the line…

      • Texlith


        • rertyert

          You fell victim to one of the classic blunders

  • assent! i always assent when Mare Internum clicks forward. =)

  • Android 21 3/7

    …Anyone else suspects that is actually urine? They were asking for some form of bodily fluid earlier…

    • vin

      I feel like Bex is not the sort of person to do that without telling them.

      • shingworks

        Next panel: “hey buddy, that’s urine”

        • ObservantWolf

          Electrolytes are good when you’ve been maimed, right?

    • Thornbrier

      That was my first thought, yes.

  • James

    Just gonna say that I’m so glad Bex is still in this, because now, when this becomes a Netflix Original Series, you can get Uzo Aduba to play her, because she’s utterly fantastic. Just saying.

    • Mad


    • Kent

      I WISH Netflix made webcomic adaptations.

  • Underdawg

    They might be some kind of parasite or virus in this ‘supercomputer’. Her actions could be viewed as hostile in such a situation…

    • Thornbrier

      That is a very good point. This could be originally part of the system, but broke away and is now ‘rogue,’ which might explain why it can’t get water (or whatever that liquid is she is providing) from normal sources.

      • RacingTurtle

        I think it can’t get water from normal sources due to a recent setback: an unfortunate case of smashed-by- rock.

  • Roo

    Call me a cynic but I don’t feel like water will fix all that…

  • Miserelysia

    I don’t understand how exactly spiderworm monstrosities become adorable just because they speak in simple robot-y language but… man, you’ve done it perfectly. The little “persisting?” on the previous page about killed me.

    • Reign of Crows

      Entreaty? Entreaty, kind foreigner.

  • HyruleSymbol

    I dunno Bex, he’s a martian sea creature, i’d suspect he needs saltwater

  • DukeBG

    Current Mars inhibitants census (courtesy of my brother and me)

    wollaria, a.k.a. ominous faucets: 1 0
    thrips: many
    thripfriends: one and only
    stab-fishes: too damn many
    thighfriends: 1 (at least)
    angry angle gas pipes: 2 (at least, possibly 1?)
    giant tentacled garbabe underwater bags: 1 (at least)
    itty-bitty-fluffy-spidery things: uncountable
    aliexpress-translators (okay, i have no idea if this joke works in english) wormy spidery angle-limb syphons: 2 1, okay, still 2

    • DukeBG

      bipedal humanoid jerks foreigners: 2

      (also, i guess, it was only Mare Internum census, not full Mars census).

      • shingworks

        I think you’re right XD There was actually one more guy but he’s a bit cropped here in the 2nd panel of the montage row.

    • Rocky

      The “aliexpress translators” thing made me laugh the most I’d laughed in weeks so thanks xD

  • TorgueRND

    I’m glad to see you finally putting in some effort, Bex, but frankly you are really crap at this pacifist run thing.

  • DrSpleen

    Wait, did Bex give water to the worm thing that had been crushed, or the one that is behind the rock? Its a bit unclear to me.

    • TorgueRND

      I’m pretty sure that’s the one that was crushed under her trap.
      The impression I’m getting is she’s not cruel, she’s just defending herself against what she sees as threats.
      Such as sharkmom. Dammit, Bex.

  • Chiasako

    I kinda thought for the twitter painting it said that comic with the good ass lighting. As in like your posterior lumination was superb. It made me laugh a bit.

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