Chapter 4, Page 16

Only human, I guess.

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  • Ohh, question time.

  • meep

    I’ve been using the e-mail notifications for quite a while, they’re great! I’m SO excited about your goal of finishing MI this year (and more frequent updates)! I can’t wait to see the completed work and always love every page that is posted. Keep up the incredible work!! n_n

  • Margaret Hogg

    This is a really amazing moment that i feel isn’t usually seen in plots where people go through TRAUMATIC ASS SHIT. Gah. Love this comic. Poor Bex.

    • shingworks

      Aw, thanks. Yeah, IRL I need a cry-break now and then. I rarely see people doing that in movies/ comics/ whatever cuz it’s not great for pacing to have the character run into the bathroom and sob it out and then run back to work, but whatever.

      • J.A Kooistra

        I feel I have seen that in a movie at some point, and if the story allows for it I think it could be a great way to see some character development.

  • ObservantWolf

    Questions are good, knowledge is power! Going to be interesting (or devastating) when she learns about the true identity of arm-shark! (Kalla)

  • CharlieBoi

    Threvi is so cute, I wanna adopt him

  • Android 21 3/7

    I realized only just now… That weapon she’s been using? That’s Kallakore’s hairbone… :,(

    • BigDogLittleCat

      oh gods-i literally feel sick to my stomach…

    • Margaret Hogg

      I was wondering the same thing. She was using it… um, on Kalla though. I wonder if it’s from an older Kalla body.

  • Fawkes Rinzler

    I like questions too! :D

    I love Threvi~! He’s… basically got my internal monologue, only external! XD *giggles*

    • Happy

      “Look, I’m upside-down!”

      -shakes- TELL ME YOUR SECRETS

    • DukeBG

      Yeah, the guy’s basically awesome

  • Samuel

    I just realized (I think). The system can talk to humans now because Kallakor could. It updated with the info she had learned now that she’s dead. =(

    • Margaret Hogg

      Or it updated when she got pulled into the water by the tentacle things. I’m a bit worried that Kalla not getting back to the water means she won’t reboot. :(

  • snide

    So I practically just discover this, it immediately becomes my favorite, and now you say you are going to FINISH it?! This is an unending saga! It should continue until the end of time itself!! Think Game of Thrones getting 5 (count them) spinoffs!

    • shingworks

      Haha, if you want one of my comics that won’t ever end (and is probably a little closer to Game of Thrones content-wise), you can try The Meek! I have been working on it for years and probably have a few more decades of work to go

      • charlesw81

        Personally I’m a fan of comics that have a target end in mind. I mean… without a target in mind you eventually “jump the shark” as you meander around in the same universe with readers/viewers wondering how long this can go on. Now there’s different levels of course. Mare Internum appears to be designed with a relatively short lifespan like Brubaker’s reMind. The Meek on the other hand, appears to be more of an anthology, much longer running like Balder’s Order of the Stick, but still with an end goal in mind.

        The only series I’m aware of that never really jumped the shark is probably Seinfield, and thats because it was literally a show about nothing, so it would go anywhere it liked without a base theme that could get old… I don’t count the numerous comic book series that keep doing reboots and complete universe redesigns… Thats really just refreshing the whole story to start over again or waiting on hold for a new generation to grow up and showing them a modernised version of the same stuff their parents grew up with.

        • shingworks

          Yeah, I call The Meek a project that probably won’t end not because there isn’t an ending (because there is) but because that ending is at Chapter 30. I actually have the plot done but rendering it into pages I’m happy with will likely take 30+ years at my current rate, HAHA. What are the odds I survive that long XD So, probably ongoing, possibly never to end depending on circumstance.

          • MiniMoose

            On the upside, looking forward to spending a good chunk of my natural life enjoying The Meek :D Calling dibs now, if you ever make it to the end my final comment will be the following:

            “And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept…for there were no more worlds to conquer.”

            ~ Hans Gruber

          • charlesw81

            Strewth… Thought about some short stories for some of those chapters? Erfworld is very good (generally) at throwing in some illustrated short stories to get large chunks of story out without spending 10-30 full comic pages on it. Its more of a blend between comic and illustrated story.

            So, to effectively save time it’d involve either telling certain portions of the story (which would take a dozen pages of relatively boring exposition with only a few eye catching panels) with 1-2 text pages that include a few images. Or you pick 1-2 of the 3 main story arcs and tell those in illustrated story/fiction style while the other/s remain full comic.

            … You know… If you’re interested in finishing this rather than just enjoying it as a labour of love over your lifetime…

          • shingworks

            Well I’ve had about 15 years to think about this, so yeah I’m pretty set on my plan. 30 chapters, 45 pages each. If I die before I finish I doubt I’ll care, and everyone can weep and moan over what might have been. Vote for socialized healthcare if you want to read more comics.

          • charlesw81

            I’m Australian, so I’ve already got it *insert smug face*

            Not that the conservatives here aren’t trying their hardest to discretely cripple it and make it look unappealing so they can one day repeal it… But for now at least it’s heavily ingrained into Australian culture that all residents should be afforded a minimum, guaranteed level of health care to save life, restore health to working or assist the permanently disabled to live or work (more recent) that it’ll be a long journey for them to change that culture back to a capitalist/conservative point of view.

            …But yeah… If the ending follows you to your grave then I guess I have fanfic endings to look forward to *LOL*

  • that ‘are you mad at me?’ is so … unbearably … pRECIOUS.

    • shingworks

      He is not very good with emotions yet!

  • Lin

    You can also subscribe to updates on [Piperka](!

    • shingworks

      Oh yeah, good reminder :] I always forget about it but I know a lot of people use Piperka.

  • Arianwen

    Oh hey fluid samples

  • Unky Brain

    Has anyone asked about that membrane that Bex has trapped Threvi in? That’s a peculiar prison.
    I intend to become a sponsor this month because this work is too good to get for free if I have a choice.

    • Loxmyth

      I asked. Not sure if I ever got an answer.

  • I don’t know where the strip’s going. I’m just along for the emotional rollercoaster ride!

  • Rafael Cordeiro

    As someone already mentioned, it’s really good to see characters that have actual emotional responses to all the crazy sh*t going around them! It’s a good reminder of how extreme and overwhelming Bex’s situation is. Thanks for making such a well thought out comic, Der-shing! It’s a bid sad to read that we are coming to an end, but also exciting!
    I’ve made the following comment on the last page (before realizing this one was already up), but it still applies….

    It is very interesting that “Registry recently updated” “data synced” happened, and then the whole system could suddenly speak English! It’s an assimilating and learning biological “computer”, so it makes a lot of sense, and it’s an awesome concept! Loved it!
    What worries me is that this “update” happened right when we stopped seeing Michael… He runs into the Sea after seeing Kalla butchered, Bex tries to call him back, but it doesn’t work… then a minute later comes Thrip, now already speaking… I fear that seeing Bex killing Kalla has been to much for Michael, and with that he finally did what he was trying since the first page of the comic :( And that is when his memories were assimilated and “updated” the hive-mind of the Mare Internum :/
    (reference: this page and the next two

    Since Kalla died in the “dry” land, the Sea could not update from her… and from what the worm-crab said, the upload need to be done right before death… I guess? So I don’t think all the blood the Sea wiped off Bex’s suit would do the trick…

    • Bells

      I hope the blood from her suit will work. I already miss Kalla….

  • Biev

    Levi is precious. I want to adopt him.

    • Loxmyth

      Levi was designed/programmed/taught to be user-friendly, which means he’s got a bit of artificial enthusiasm and helpfulness built into his personality, along with not getting bored and a few other characteristics that make him a good servant. We saw a bit of that even before he was transferred into a biotech body.

  • Bells

    Why did Michael get fungi friends but Bex still has slightly red eyes and NO friends?

    • shingworks

      You’ll find out XD

  • LunarNight

    Just binged your comic today! Love it! Can’t wait to see where the story goes next.

  • Meter

    I’ve been a little behind your work but I just caught up and I can’t believe how amazing this project is…this is a lot more then I expected when you first launched and I feel so absorbed in this universe you created. There are a lot of stuff that I can think about that is in the background of what it is unfolding in front of me.

  • Glew

    LEVi is so adorable :D thirp

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