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Unhand me immediately

WELL I went to Canada and survived! That was a cool thing. I did a write-up about my first international convention at the Patreon, complete with a financials cost/ gain breakdown and info about crossing the border, and future ways to avoid scenarios like: 110 lbs of human dragging 70 lbs of luggage.

Additionally! If you’d be so inclined, you can nominate Mare Internum as a webcomic you enjoy reading at the NPR comics survey. I know updates have been sporadic, but that’s because I run pretty much everything myself (including marketing) and lately I’ve been running low on hours in the day… Getting a few more eyes on my work through surveys like this helps a great deal!

Oh yeah I keep forgetting to mention, but I did a deck for the Legendary Showdown Kickstarter thats currently funding, check it out if card games are your kind of thing :]

Anyways I’ll post more in the next update coming this weekend, but as a reminder I’m really really pushing myself to finish MI this year… VanCAF was my last convention for a few months so I’m really excited to have a clear runway to just do nothing but comics for a while! See you again really soon~


  • On her back, that’s… ?

    • shingworks

      Hot Summer Looks for Characters Who are Actually Planning for Survival

      • Nice

      • Glew

        I bet she wouldn’t even look into a pulsating flesh egg if a self-admittedly genocidal android told her to.

      • Jones

        Oh yes, the fuzz boulder look is quite dashing and an efficient camouflage.

    • Loxmyth

      Gotta admit I’m confused by that too. There have been frames in which she appeared to have a symbiote, and frames in which she didn’t, and I’ve never been 100% sure whether this is a bag she made out of a skin, or just my misunderstanding the surroudings after seeing Michael’s residents changing size so much. Might be worth clarifying.

      • shingworks

        It’ll be clearer in a few pages, but feel free to form your own opinions until then :]

    • Jac


    • *fartsounds*

      Probably a homemade gilly suit for camouflage in order the sneak up on the locals and brain them. Kinda wonder how a scientist gets so metal af.

      • Sheridan

        “Civilise the mind, but make savage the body.”
        Maybe in her spare time back on Earth she was a hard-core survivalist slash explorer.

  • Saryn

    Super glad you came to Van, sad I didn’t get to go and meet you! I hope you’ll come back next year!

  • And here I was expecting her to just ask Levi what’s going on…

    Also, I’m curious about the makeup of that string. Kallakore hair?

    • Also, recommended the comic to NPR!

      This is my favorite comic.

  • ObservantWolf

    Ha, Threvi makes the best indignant pet! XD

  • Pirate Tom

    I think Jennie Breeden of “The Devils Panties” crosses into Canada on the semi-regular for conventions. She may have tips!

  • typing....

    is kallakore male or female?, or is that species just asexual?

    • She’s female.

  • Cathleen

    Voted! Although this is your final con of the year, any chance you will make an appearance to a con in Ontario?

    • shingworks

      Not quite for the year, just the next few months :] I’m going to a Library con in Idaho of all places XD Then possibly a local one and Rose City Comicon in the fall. Not sure about Ontario, but I’m hoping to go to TCAF next year!

      • Cathleen

        Ohh I’ll put TCAF on my to-do list then! Also what’s the library con? ALA?

        • shingworks

          It’s a small 2-day con in Boise (Boise Library Comic Con). Also the very first time I’ve been invited to attend as a guest? Like, they’re flying me there, haha… otherwise I would probably not think to go to Idaho for anything. It should be interesting though!

  • Darcy

    *squints* Is the leash tied between his body and eyestalks? I really love Bex’s face in the 2nd panel. Her expression comes across as somewhat resigned to the madness surrounding her. Like tying a string on a talking thrip doesn’t even blip on her radar anymore.

  • Ceceoh

    Did anyone else, at first, read the last line as “Fine. Any other thrips, then?”

  • DukeBG

    A leash? Seriously? The lady has no appreciation of our best friend, whatsoever.

    I’m quite cross!

  • james

    “Violent, paranoid, stabby person wants to put you on a leash! What is YOUR response?”
    Thrip-LEVI is so tolerant of human behaviour

    • james

      aargh… grammar error!!!

      • shingworks

        or is there B]

        • james

          Now all of reality is unravelling for me…

  • androshalforc

    so she wants the user registration creature to carry her but wont carry thrip-levi?

    • DukeBG

      Right? So preposterous!

  • typing....

    I’m starting to wonder where Mikey is…….

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