Chapter 4, Page 27

Worms: if you say so *shrug*

If you will draw your attention to the worm in panel 3, that is my favorite

I’m doing a tutorial stream!! Tomorrow/ today depending on where you are! I’ll be open to any tutorial questions/ general questions and will be doodling, so feel free to stop by tomorrow morning PST if you’re around (more info here).

In that linked post we also have a preview of the small MI-related Kickstarter I’ve been hinting about, which will launch in tandem with the next page. Aiming for Tues but might be Weds, will do my best to do Tues. Now that I’ve ironed out some details I can definitively say there will be limited tiers, so if you’d like access to the soft launch and ability to get first dibs on those tiers, feel free to sub to the email mailing list! You will have at least a few hours to check things out before I start blasting the biz. This will probably be the only MI merch I do outside of the book KS, so it’s kinda fun.

Last but not least, my other comic’s first book is up on Comixology, which remains kinda neat imo.

Anyway, see you Tues, hopefully~



  • rimmeh


    That means she floats, yes?

    She’ll be fine.

    • chyro

      Like very small rocks?

      • Jaibyrd

        This isn’t my real nose, it’s a false one!

        • Squarish_Emu


          • “He got better.”

  • Fawkes Rinzler

    Oh my god, the worm in panel three!! XD The little “aaa”! Heheh! That’s so cute!

    I also love how subtle the drop is. There is no sound effect, no comment from Threvi. Just one minute she’s there, the next, she’s gone. XDD I love this comic so much. I feel like I have not shared enough how much this comic brings me happiness and inspiration! Thank you, Der-shing, for such an amazing, beautiful, wonderful piece of story and art! :D

  • AGV

    Mama mia, mama mia!
    Mama mia, let me go!

    Also, the strangled worm is strugling or is it into BDSM?

    • shingworks

      It scream

    • David

      One never asks the ropes if they are into bdsm

  • ObservantWolf

    Panel-3 worm is great! XD Don’t stretch the worms Rebekah!

  • Solanuma

    worm: aaa

  • Ben

    Be careful what you wish for, in case you get it!

  • Becky

    I have been wondering.. what the heck is that big lumpy thing on her back? it looks like a fuzzy rock or one heck of a fur coat lol…

    • shingworks

      It’s a!!! thing!! haha. We’ll be talking about it soon, don’t worry

    • We’ve seen her use it as a kind of camouflage thing before, back when she killed Khala.

    • stephen

      reminds me of a wolf spider’s egg sac XD

      • Linebyline

        Let’s hope that’s only a coincidence.

  • HyruleSymbol

    You didn’t say the Magic Word Bex, that’s why they dropped you insted of putting you back on your rock pedestal thing

    • David

      Just like working with a computer- you gotta be real specific

  • Mouse

    To the tune of everyone’s least favorite Disney earworm:

    Let me go, let me gooo…
    Don’t strangle me any moooore

  • Becca : “… I didn’t think that through”

    • TorgueRND

      Threvi: “I’M HELPING.”

  • I’m just picturing the helping hands in Labyrinth.
    Worms-Well which way do you want to go?
    Threvi- Yes, which way?
    Bex- Well, I guess down since I’m already pointing that way?
    Worms- She chose down?
    Threvi- She chose down!!!
    Bex- Was that the wrong choice?!
    Worms- Too late now sister!

    • Sloane

      I thought the exact same thing, hahaha!

      I hope Bex doesn’t land anywhere too unfortunate.

  • nomohakon

    “Very poor choice of words! Ha Ha Ha Ha!”

    • JJ

      To be precise, Threvi’s choice of words. He’s the worst.

  • Bonnie


    • Ithildyn


      • Tickledog

        a a a

  • Ceceoh

    Panel 3 Worm is singing the HBO jingle!

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