Chapter 4, Page 28


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  • Starry

    sorry I don’t have more intelligent commentary but: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  • Ambs!

    Whaaaaaat is happening?!

  • Lo



  • Phoebe


    • coffeecult

      I think it’s closing the time loop to what happened to her to where we saw her kill the friend a saurus.

      • lou

        If you’re right and in a few pages Kalla gets butchered _again_, we’re bringing our pitchforks for Der-shing >:|

        • shingworks

          oh shiii

  • Omer

    I.. am… BAHCK! /terminatorstyle

    (Someone add shades on Kalla!)

    Also, beautiful panels!

  • Emily

    I laid on my back and kicked my feet in the air and went, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! KALLA KALLA KALLA KALLA!”

    Thank you for a bright spot in a shit week.

  • Toast

    She lives! Again!
    And again!
    And again
    and agin
    an ag n ..

  • Hima

    :D :D :D :D

  • Emily

    I just had to comment again. Oh my god. I mean, yes, I know a major theme of this comic has been the creepy reincarnation of beings, but honestly, I thought she was dead forever. Did not see this coming. :D

  • Fawkes Rinzler

    WAIT WAIT WAIT WIAT OH MY GOD OH MY GODH SHE’S BACK?! OH MY GOD YESSSS!!! *starts uncontrollably sobbing*

  • Raphael Bloch

    Awww Kalla can’t tell the humans apart <3

    • shingworks


      • PositronicGirl

        But then… maybe this isn’t Kalla? Because we can’t tell Martians apart??

  • Leon

    Wait a minute… I know you! You taste like chicken!!

    • Spark

      And you murdered me!

      • Vert

        “It’s been a long time. How have you been? I’ve been really busy being dead. You know, after you MURDERED ME.”

  • shingworks

    Not to derail my own comments section, but panel 4

    • Kalla heard a can-opener, *just* as Bex was falling? Tch. Back to plot development!
      (Grins, ducks, runs like heck)

      • shingworks

        XD Well, Bex is headed towards the Processor, makes sense that Kalla would might be headed back from it.

        • Minutiae

          While flying cat loaf Kalla is great…

          “I believe I can fly” Levi had me dying. DYING.

    • Rev


  • Teej

    So last time she was in the water (and thus apparently syncing) was when she saved Mike from the needle fish… does this mean she won’t remember their heartfelt conversation where they decided to keep going and Mike flipped off the ocean? That would be sad.

    • Teej

      Replying to my own comment because I re-read and Kalla’s blood did get to the water after she died… so maybe she will remember…. :,)



  • Lynne

    Our buddy is back!! I didn’t expect her to return so soon. <3 Look at that majestic superhero leap! And so stylish, too. I like that she always fixes her hair between activities. Even constant death, depression, and rude humans can't stop this trendy shark.

  • Wood

    She thinks it’s Michael because ALL HUMANS LOOK ALIKE TO HER!

    • Leon

      They probably all smell the same. And for all Kala knows, there is only one human around, so it’s a fair guess.

    • Grahamf

      She’s only seen one human. Two legged? Maybe it’s mikky be he’s all stout and bushy and squishy.

  • Jess

    :( As happy as I am to see Kalla I bet this is what happens just before Bex kills her

    • Asterai

      Nah. Bex understands Martian. She won’t be killing Kalla this time.

    • okno

      what? this is not a flashback… so bex already killed her. or you mean she’s going to kill her again? i hope thripp will stop that if she tries

  • Spottedspeck

    WHAT?! YAY!!!

  • Spottedspeck

    Sorry for double posting but this is the highlight of my birthday!

  • Bex: “Threvi? Where’s Threvi? Oh. Ew.”

    • shingworks

      Turned into shrimp paste, the poor lad

      • Leon

        Kalla: “Canapé?”

        • shingworks


        • AGV

          Plot twist: Kalla was aiming fror Threvi to get a snack (being reborne makes you really hungry) and caught Bex by accident

  • Kyle

    That processor works fast, huh?

    I’m glad she remembers Michael!

  • K is back !!!!!

  • Grums

    Ah, I see our dear friend Arm “Kallakore” Shark has returned from her extended stay at the Inner Processor Revivification Spa (Trademark).

    • shingworks

      Please! my father is Mr. Shark, just call me Arm

  • Grahamf

    You again? But I ate you! You were delicious!

  • Cheri

    hey i kno that guy ^_^

  • Ceceoh

    She’s back, and is that a new crest doo I’m seeing?

  • Avery


  • Karyl

    SO glad! lovely rescue–now maybe Bec can deal with it better this time.

  • ObservantWolf

    Super-Kalla! Plucking humans from the jaws of gravity with ease! The reunion of Kalla and Threvi should be interesting!

  • Lynne

    Hey, Der-shing, are we going to get a little more Kalla backstory at some point in the comic? Like, how did she get trapped in MI, what was her profession 4 billion years ago, does she have any talents or hobbies apart from existential woe, that sort of thing?

    • shingworks


    • AGV

      “Hi, Immortals Anonimous. My name’s Kallacore. My hobby is to get overly attached to the first thing that establishes contact with me after being trapped for 4 billions of years. Nice to meet you, new best friends.”

  • Mouse

    Yey sharkfriend! I missed yew!

  • brokenidealist

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D
    Kalla!!! Kalla is back! The only one more ecstatic than MI readers will be Threvi, now that two of his best friends are together with him… I can’t wait to see his reaction! (At least I hope he gets a happy moment before Bex and Kalla have to start working through the whole misunderstanding and murder thing.)

  • Kat

    I’m not crying, I swear. There’s just a feelings-dust in my eyes, suddenly.

  • Dennis C.

    Is MI an everlasting reincaration hell? So sad :(

  • Spark

    And here we a classic example of how food is necessary for survival

  • Teej

    Oh dang Kalla probably won’t remember that Bex killed her…. this is gonna be awkward.

  • vin


  • Teej

    Also is it just me or does it seem like Bex has been down there for a LONG time? She’s got a weird cape, she’s been fighting all kinds of things, she set up rockfall traps, her hideout is stocked with food and tools, the leg-worm brothers had already tried to contact her six times before she understood them… Mike’s timeline seems to have only lasted a day or so, but Bex has been surviving down there since who knows when… time is weird in the Mare…

    • JJ

      Commenters have picked up that Mike’s beard grew quickly between scenes. He might have been resurrected at least once.

      • Teej

        Totally. Mike has been down there longer than he remembers, I think….

        • Sheridan

          LEVi thinks he’s only been there for two months when he’d been gone for three as we joined the story, so there’s some missing time thing going on.

  • Teej

    I did a reread because I can’t stop thinking about this comic and realized that Bex started understanding everyone after she ate Kalla… in some mythology if you eat the heart of a dragon you can understand the language of animals O_O

    • Margaret Hogg

      I thought it was her getting dragged into the water when she ran after Mikey. But I guess eating a thing could link you to the system as well?

      • Teej

        Yeah I dunno man!

  • Quix


  • JJ

    Is Bex’ arm broken or dislocated in the last panel? To me at least it looks more like a right arm, but it has the Levi-leash.

    • KD

      Bex is laying on her stomach with her cape/shrub on top of her.

  • ._. wut?
    o_o Wut?
    0_0 WUT?

  • kris

    oh my GODDDDDDDD this page is so gorgeous im crying

  • Arianwen

    Entire comments section:

  • Ponyhome

    Being rescued by the very being you murdered in cold blood… talk about awkward reunion parties!

  • JepMZ

    Oh my god! What she doing outside of her stomach!!!????

  • TorgueRND

    I’m enjoying your Undertale fanfic very much, but you are simply terrible at drawing Toriel.

    • shingworks

      haha, I have no idea what this means story-wise (I don’t play games) but Toriel design is kind of cute

    • MiniMoose

      You got me, I laughed.

  • Sheridan

    Our favourite Armshark is back!

  • Meli Martinez

    YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the emotional response ._.

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