Chapter 4, Page 29

translation: “UNHAND HER”

In today’s news, I posted a composition breakdown of vertical scenes for interested Patrons.

And, thanks for making the Mare Internum pin Kickstarter a success! Running low/ ran out of some tiers, but a new tier unlocked with the option of a personalized encouragement to you from a character, that should be fun to draw for a few backers XD You can check out the campaign below if you haven’t already.

The next few scenes are going to be fun… After 2 years I’m excited to finally pass the Bechdel test, haha


  • AGV

    Kalla is leaving or she’s updating herself?

    Also, is she purposely blocked from understanding martian?
    I’ve been considering the last for a while now, and it doesn’t make perfect sense, since Mike haven’t been cloned by the sea and he have been even breathing MI’s water and he couldn’t understand Threvi

    • George Watson

      If she’s updating, she’ll get that Becca is not recognised, but how much of the events around that will she get?

      (And now I’m thinking: “Hello, My name is Kallakore. You killed my previous self. Prepare to clone.”)

    • HyruleSymbol

      Pretty sure it was Kella that learned English through LEVI before she met Mike, so Bex should be able to understand her, just that some other change to her enabled her to understand Threvi

    • David

      Maybe Kalla just wants to take a shower- reincarnation can leave you with a bad case of B.O.

    • Biev

      Why would she be updating though? She’s not part of the system. The system would have done what it could to keep her alive, but from what we’ve been told so far the system is playing host, and Kalla, Mike, Bec and Levi are the guests. It doesn’t look like the processor wants to assimilate its guests into the system, seeing as Levi doesn’t sync despite the new body, Kalla seems intact, and Mike’s enhancements only seem to improve his chances of survival…

  • Zeb

    Aww <3

  • lou

    No pitchforks today ;)

  • ObservantWolf

    Oh dear, wrong human, and what is this strange feeling of dread? I’m out!
    How curious that Kalla can’t understand Threvi, guess Rebekah will have to play translator!

  • Kat Serapha

    I love Kalla beautiful face so much. Also, I really hope that Kalla hasn’t killed Levi or something. WILL THIS CIRCLE OF CLUELESS MURDER NEVER STOP?

    • Kent

      It will never end: Bex kills Kalla, regenerated Kalla kills thrip-LEVi, regenerated thrip-LEVi kills Mike, regenerated Mike kills Bex, regenerated Bex kills Ka-

      • shingworks

        I guess Thrip could tail-attack Mike off a cliff in a pinch, lol

  • Spottedspeck

    I think Bex is splashing Kalla with water?

  • pauses

    The artwork and composition of this page is incredible. It’s so beautiful!!

  • Solanuma

    That strange human didnt kill Mikes Thrip… so she cant be this bad?

  • Tickledog

    Could that splashing be… MIKE?? Are we about to be witness to a beautiful reunion?

    Or just more horrible martians come to kill people we like?

  • Octavarium

    The Bechel test… oooh, I got it. Now we now Kalla’s also a girl. And she’s gonna talk to Bex for the first time in the series. Of course, for the comic to pass the test, they have to talk about anything that’s not men (Mike, for instance). Wonder what their first conversation will be about… XD

  • strannik

    Kallakore didn’t see Bex killing her, and anyway Kalla herself guessed she’d died looking for the processor with Levi and doesn’t remember how.

    So the next dialogue would be more like simply “who are you ?”

  • Bottas Heimfe

    something tells me this is a different martian like Kalla…. we need to remember there’s likely multiple creatures of the same species as Kalla and that not all of the creatures in this underground biosphere are products of this “processor” and are thus not organic machines

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