Chapter 4, Page 41

We call that the scenic route.

I went to Hawaii earlier in the year and this one waterfall had a fish that used a sucker on its belly to climb ~400ft (~130m) to the top during breeding migration… what I’m trying to say is that waterfall climbing is very easy and fun for the whole family.

Hey, this is page 201, making MI officially… a 200+ page comic B] kinda cool.

Not much to add, just stuff from last time if you missed it, two MI Patreon posts for an edited creature and bg tech.

Alloy pitch submissions are open for one more week!

And, a nice non-waterfall-climb update for Friday. See you then~



  • AGV

    Next plot twist: Bex finds out that she have grown a sucker friend on her belly!

    • SomeUnregPunk

      Plot Twist: we find that Bex just climbed up The Processor’s urinal.

      The Processor decides Bex must be sentient poo and decides to puke on Bex and then run away.

  • ObservantWolf

    Dry water-fall not so dry anymore, eh? Wonder if the processor tried to flush Bex away both as an early defensive move and a way to back-up her memories in the event she makes it to the processor? Hmm…

    • Solanuma

      This was an autosave right before the endboss

  • Michał

    Looks like her water breaks ! haha get it? i know some of you get it.
    i’m still struggling, is thys all real? Feels so much connected to their previous live and trauma on Earth.

  • Indedipal

    So, The Processor is a Windows system…

    “You’re in the middle of something critically important. HERE’S YOUR UPDATE!”

    • BigDogLittleCati laughed out loud.

      I laughed out loud.

    • MikeLinPA

      Yeah, that sounds about right.

  • Keibra

    …really don’t like the look of that rock, bottom first panel…

    • Sheridan

      I think that’s her backpack, heading for parts unknown.

  • ikabubu

    If I understand the panels correctly, the rushing water tore off Bex’s improvised backpack?

  • Gonfrask

    Level complete, now the next one, harder and “aloner”

  • Toastwpickledherring

    Wish I had a sucker on my belly. Commuting would be a lot more interesting.

    • Linebyline

      Visit a candy store and you can have as many suckers as you want. Except they go in your belly.

      • Toastwpickledherring

        Life is just a long series of compromises, isn’t it?

  • awhorl

    That is a sharp left turn there. It looks intentional.

  • Arthur Frayn

    Related real-world news! Japanese scientists announce their orbiter found a giant lava tube on Earth’s Moon!

    • MikeLinPA

      That’s no cave! (Giant worm tries to eat the millennium Falcon…)

  • LanceDance


  • Vert

    I’ll take “things that wouldn’t work on Earth” for $400, Alex.

    • shingworks

      Well it does, but the parts of Bex and Mike would be portrayed by tiny Hawaiian fish

      • Vert

        Ah, so Mike *has* already come this way…

        • Alan

          Ha! I think Shing gave something away.

      • Harper Jocque

        I thought of those fish and I’m excited that that was actually a valid connection!

      • Linebyline

        Which parts? Just the fleshy parts or the bony parts too?

  • band

    bex is so cool <3

  • tb

    This sequence contrasts with Mike’s big climbing sequence sooooo well.

  • BigDogLittleCat

    Bex is awesome.

  • Morten G

    Thank the processor for Martian gravity.

  • Alan

    It is important to be properly hydrated when meeting the processor.

  • Lord

    Sorry to ask it there but, why is page 39 *not* loading? I can’t help feeling I’m missing something! D8

  • Sheridan

    Bex’s face in panel 2 is one of ‘this place is *really* starting to piss me off!’.

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