Chapter 5, Page 34

Whew. Hope US friends had a good Thanksgiving! Had a busy few weeks myself.

Some cool stuff:

-inSight landed on Mars XD Always nice to see robots and humans achieving things next door

a mention on Tor! How incredibly cool. And…

a mention from David Brin, gives me goosebumps, haha

Hello to any readers who are coming in from either of those mentions, very glad to have you :] The comic is ending soon, so now is a great time to jump in and ride the wave to finish.

Updates will be a randomly paced the next few weeks as I have been pretty focused on finishing book production on Mare, and will be traveling for the next two weeks to boot. I’ll be at CALA, a cool (and free) little comic convention this upcoming weekend if you’re in the area (my first time exhibiting in LA too)~ Then after that… househunting D: A lot of scary life things this year. But mostly I am just fighting to finish MI. Will see you again later this week with another update.


  • GingerQuery

    A mention from David Brin! Holy cow! His Uplift Cycle is what got me into modern sci-fi!

    I’ve been reading Mare Internum for like a year but I still have him to thank, in a way. I wouldn’t have paid this comic any mind if he hadn’t shown me the light, first, over a decade ago.

    • shingworks

      That is so cool :] Haha, gateway sci-fi, that’s some dangerous stuff.

  • Sheridan

    The first cricket is free.

    I received my package of Meek loot from Der-Shing a bit over a week ago (so I think it’s taken me longer to make this comment than it took her to post it). It’s top quality; heavyweight paper, and the printing is crisp, stays within the lines, and has no bleeding of the colours. Worth every cent. Plus a packet of bookmarks and postcards. We just need Kalla and Treevi plushies now. :D
    Since I’m all caught up on Mare, I guess I should go catch up on Meek as well. :)

    • Ash

      Did you also get the digital loot that the kickstarter promised? I’ve received nothing. Not even an email asking about my address and I started panicking when I read your comment. I wanted to ask Der-Shing but she doesn’t seem to have contact info available. ;_; I hope I wasn’t missed…

      • Ash

        Ohmygosh I goofed. I thought that said Mare loot! Please ignore my previous comment. I do hope everything is alright though. I was beginning to think I accidentally deleted an important email or something.

      • shingworks

        Oh! Sorry, I hope I don’t seem inaccessible. Mare Loot is forthcoming, this project is just like 10000x more difficult/ time consumptive, and I had to finish the other book first in order to pay the artists involved and not mess up their schedules.

        Please please don’t hesitate to PM me on KS if you’re a backer; lots of people have understandably had questions and such, and the nature of the delays on Mare has been a bit more sensitive than I like making a huge public post about. But generally things are moving forward as fast as I can manage.

  • I can’t wait to see the story finished! Though I’ll be sad it’s over… But we still have The Meek I take it :) I’ve been reading that one since you were still publishing it in sketch form on LiveJournal.

    I “gave” a copy of MI to my dad for his birthday, I can’t wait to be able to give it to him!

  • Kitty Serapha

    I can’t believe Levi stole Mike’s beard while he was sleeping.

    I sympathize, though. As a child, I hated it when my dad changed his facial hair.

    • Kitty Serapha

      Also, are Mike’s eyes no longer glowing?? It could just be lighting, but they don’t seem to be glowing like they were before.

      • JJ

        Huh, yeah, looks like it. Maybe it wears off without refreshing rain or free diving.

  • JJ

    I might be tempted if panel 4 were on offer as a art print

    • Solanuma

      Yes i love that face

  • Now I’m both kinda horrified and kinda curious about what cricket tastes like.

    • Android 21 3/7

      Can’t speak from experience and I don’t know if it’s even comparable, but I did try silkworm pupae when I was in Korea. It tasted like shrimp, only more shell and less meat, and a sort of mealy quality in the shell. Not all that fond, personally. They were boiled, so I wondered what a broth made out of them would taste like and also if I’d have liked them better if they were fried instead.

    • Margaret Hogg

      I’ve had a freeze dried one with like ranch seasoning on it. It tasted like… Dirt with ranch seasoning on it. :P Not sure if I’m fond of exoskeletons, but I wonder if a different preparation would have helped?

  • Ben

    Priceless expressions, as always.

    I like how Mike’s expression in panel six mirrors him enjoying blueberries way back in chapter one:

  • OpaqueMantis

    Awesome shoutouts from Tor and one of the Killer B’s! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Richard Walker

    Aww, they’re bonding again. I hope.

  • folarx

    Wow, congrats on the mention, by David Brin. I hope it really uplifted your spirits. (WINK!!!1!)
    And I really love the dialogue on this new page, I laughed out loud twice.

  • anvill

    LEVi doesn’t look like he has claws that can cut. Okay.
    Can we all just for a minute process the implication that A SENTIENT ALIEN TRILOBITE SLOWLY AND DELIBERATELY ATE MIKE’S BEARD WHILE HE WAS SLEEPING???? Commence vivid nightmares

    • JJ

      I guess now we know what the kickstarter bonus material is gonna be about

  • awhorl

    LEVi reminds us about the personality that Mike chose for him. Love it–Mike is sobbing that no one (from the surface) will save him while LEVi is reconstructing himself and wants Mike to pipe down–ever the optimist, getting to work.

  • blair

    eatcher crickets, whiteboy

  • Fawnet

    It’s nice to see them both looking normal again. Bex is smiling, Mike is calmer and cracking jokes. And yes, they need to go outside and talk to Kalla!

  • Daniel Nailed

    The David Brin mention was what got me interested in this comic. Go you! Keep following the dream! Advertising works!

  • Margaret Hogg

    Them joking a bit here makes me so happy.

  • Ben

    I’ve had locusts fried in honey and all I can say is, there’s a reason we don’t eat these things when we don’t have to.

  • DavidDahlbacka

    I’ve had cricket power bars. They were made with baked and ground cricket flour and tasted just like, guess what, power bars.

    Didn’t sell well, though. I went back several months later and bought the last couple on sale. I got the runs (probably past their drop-dead date).

  • Lilian

    Crickets aren’t so bad. My lizards have certainly liked them.

  • No One

    Levi says no beard >:0
    I miss the beard, though. It grew on me.

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