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Chapter 5, Page 35

Whew, big weekend. Thanks to everyone who stopped by at CALA!

I’m in the middle of traveling the whole week, so as I mentioned the updates will be somewhat sporadic. I’ve also got through being sick for the first part of the month so hopefully that bad luck is out of the way and the rest will just be lovely normal health HAHA

okay that’s enough tempting fate, and I can’t think of anything else to write, so see you later


  • Kyle

    I want to see the end!!!
    But I also want you to live!!!
    What’s the current plan for the schedule?

  • That’s one sodded up love triangle, haha.

    • (I know, I know)

      • MA

        There’s many forms of love, you could argue this is in fact a love triangle (though I dislike that term, it’s a love V unless A loves B and B love C but C love A.)

  • Solanuma

    Ah,finally someone said it

  • JJ

    water your thighfriend regularly and you will get along dandy

  • Some_douchebag

    “Eventually we have to. When we escape.”
    Shing, please don’t do this to me. Please don’t make the comic’s best waifu be the one ends up all alone.

    • awhorl

      It took a prod from the dialog for this to occur to me–obviously I have been actively avoiding the possibility: What if Kalla didn’t live for ages and ages, being given a new body regularly by the Processor, but actually died long long ago? And the Kalla we met is a manifestation of the Processor in her shape? Sob. That would free the two humans to leave, but it would bust my heart anyway.

      • Some_Douchebag

        That’s fine. The processor is a super-humanly (super-martianly) intelligent AI. I, for one, happen to think smart is sexy.

      • SomeUnregPunk

        Perhaps they are all just a part of the processor. They just don’t know it because each part has access to restricted information and is further limited by their abilities.

        • John Yut Sang Cheung Groenvold

          That’s not any different from being a real person, just one that lacks much sovereignty.

  • MoonSight

    Gotta love how Mike’s watering Thigh-Friend

    • Flang

      I just noticed that, too – on my third viewing of this installment. I hope it doesn’t foretell Thighfriend’s ability to betray them.

  • Katie Veronin

    “You did, you know. Ax her head off.” – A solid point.

    I don’t have high hopes for Kalla escaping with them. In her talks with Mike earlier it seemed like she had already resigned herself to staying down there forever.

  • David Dahlbacka

    I’m still wondering, will thighfriend allow Mike to stay alive even outside the cavern, where there’s no oxygen?

  • Daviddahlbacka

    Or maybe the denouement is for Mike to die on exit from lack of oxygen, and Bex walks on, past a pile of previous Mikes who got that far and died?

    • Rana


  • Allen

    Hey there!!!! Glad to see more updates and am intensly anticipating the final pages with glee. This has been my number one favorite since i found it. Great job!!!

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