Chapter 5, Page 38

How embarrassing

As for the curiosity thing… I thought a lot about the things that have kept me going in bad times. To be honest, for me, it is not the trust that things will get better. There is a senseless part of me that simply wants to know things, even bad things, and understands that if I’m not here, I won’t be capable of having knowledge. Anyway…

Elements: Earth is still wrapping up on Monday, last weekend to back a truly fabulous book.

Speaking of truly fabulous, my other book project last year was nominated for an Ignatz this year! That’s an SPX award, SPX being my favorite comics convention in the US. Unfortunately I only seem to be able to go to SPX when I’m not nominated for things, lol. So I won’t be there myself, but if you’re going you could consider voting for the project! If you not sure what the heck comic this is I’m going to be disseminating a free sampler via our Ascend email list next week, so please feel free to sign up if you’d like to read a free story or three, my team worked super hard and the stories are really fantastic. No bias. Any future news about Mare books and such will be posted through that Ascend list as well, as well as future book projects I’m doing.

Thinking about keeping up with this 3x a week posting thing, it’s kinda nice…

Okie dokie have a great weekend.


  • Mike T

    Oooooh – no comments – I can be first! Don’t know what to say except welcome back!

  • Margaret Hogg

    I love this comic so much. All of that fan discussion about who’s wrong and who’s right, but they’re both just messy humans. I love that you’ve presented us with characters who are compelling and likable, at the same time that they’re hard to “like.” Thank you for this story.

  • Ben

    Yay update!

  • Kempson Bellington

    Eloquent depiction of the scientific drive.

  • derivative

    If I’m being quite honest, that whole “biggest/easiest reason to keep going some days is the pursuit of knowledge” really strikes a chord with me. Not quite the same phrasing, but most of the time when the Depression really is getting to be too much, the only reason I keep going is because I turn on Netflix or pull out a book or webcomic and think “If I die now, I’ll never find out the ending of all these stories, both ones waiting for me and waiting to be made” and… yeah. I feel that a lot.

    • shingworks

      Thanks so much for sharing… honestly I wasn’t sure anyone else felt that way. I am curious about news and politics and stuff, just want to know if someone will discover a cure to something, or aliens will contact us, or Yellowstone explodes, etc. Like those have nothing to do with me but I have to be around to find out more, haha, so that by itself seems maybe kinda worth it… anyways I’m glad that struck true.

  • Hilen

    Whatever keeps you going, right? …Right.

  • Another Bird

    I just binged this entire webcomic, clicking the page frantically before realizing this was the latest update. Thank you for this incredible, beautiful, fascinating ride. I love all the characters, the world, the atmosphere, the art… the sense of wonder that permeates every line and color, the deep humanity in every word and expression. Incredible! Thank you for sharing this with us!

    • shingworks

      No problem, and thank you so much for reading :]

  • Edmund

    I really feel for Bex too here, because while Mike feels there is nothing for him back home to return to, Bex has all SORTS of shit she feels she’s left behind.

    Returning anywhere near that (or Earth, even) must be a painful prospect to consider, too. Different situations, and we dodge in different directions, but we all just wanna stay as far away from our baggage as possible, don’t we?

  • ahh, I can certainly relate to the curiosity sentiment.

  • paranomasian

    come on, Bex isn’t a scientist! She’s a bug farmer. Mike himself said exactly that early in the story when they were still on the surface, on their way to the cavern.

    Mike however, is a renowned and revered scientific expert. Even Bex’s kids knew about him and his accomplishments.

    Let’s not confuse scirntists with high grade technicians.

    • Alex

      Something gives me the impression you’ve never worked in a lab before.

  • Nice of the them to finally remember this, after the way they’ve been acting for most of the story. ;-)

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