Chapter 2, Page 10

Frothy pink sputum is the body’s way of saying that this scene is almost over


  • brumagem

    Goodnight, sweet dork.

    • storiesintheend

      And flights of LEVis fly thee to thy rest! — “Hamlet Internum”

      • Blayzeing

        I get the impression that flights of LEVis would only cause him to turn and run screaming. I mean, if anything’s going to shock him into consciousness, I think it’d be that.

  • SpiralofDragon

    What with the paranoia and all, I’m surprised he actually sent that. Figured he’d just leave it as a sort of surprise time capsule with his body

    • Vert

      Mania is a hell of a drug.

  • Karyl

    Mike, if you didn’t manage it yet this time with all this trauma, I bet you’re not done for yet! Too bad, so sad! (NOT)

    • shingworks

      The dude is tenacious!

      • Elraine

        Entirely in spite of himself, though!

  • Android 21 3/7

    I wonder if the message will get through, what with him being so far underground and all.

    • Vert

      No, but the broadcast *will* alert the huge underground network of ancient Martian computers that someone is there, and they will send swarms of nanobots to reconstruct Mike’s body into one more suited for their environment, thus completing his transformation into SUPERMIKE: DEFENDER OF THE SENTIENT GARBAGE BAGS (which of course is the real name of the comic!)

      Unfortunately, they aren’t going to knock him out before the reconstruction begins (the Martians didn’t know about pain) and the process makes that scene from Hellraiser (you know the one) look like Baby’s First Torture Chamber. As a result, SUPERMIKE will be batshit insane and will use his powers to collapse all of reality into a black hole, because it’s the only way he can finally die.

      The only real choice remaining is whether he’ll transform into a glowing catboy first.

      • shingworks


        • Ten Twenty

          You just made my day. c(=

      • Seamstress

        I love you.

  • skellagirl

    If he dies how are we going to have five chapters of this comic? Was Mike just a distraction and Bex is actually the main character?

    • He comes back as a ghoooooooost.

    • Arianwen

      The remaining two chapters are a dissertation on decomposition in a martian biome. What roles do exobacteria play when compared to their counterparts on Earth? Will macroorganisms have a part? Stay and find out!

      • Vert

        We find out that Martian flora reanimate human biology. This is actually a zombie story.

        • Kittenears

          I’m…. I’m actually kind of hoping for this. I’m a sucker for a good reanimation.

        • Ceceoh

          Major Stoneheart!

      • skellagirl

        I mean if it’s told in this same style with Shing’s beautiful work, I’d still totally read it.

        • Aidan903

          Agreed. That would actually be something worthwhile.

    • The comic jumps 200 million years into the future, where Mike’s decomposition has birthed all of Martian life. He is revered as the All Mother, a benevolent, if moody and somewhat annoying to be around, deity.

  • Jake L.

    Yeah, I’ll be surprised if he lives. Unless Bex happens to have both survived, and carried a super-trauma-kit with her, then he’s naught more than a corpse.
    Unless LEVi-Ex-Machina.
    Yup. Calling it.

  • Emblin

    “Frothy pink sputum is the body’s way of saying that this scene is almost over”

    Over in what way? IN WHAT WAY?!

    • Meww

      he dead

      • DarkMyste

        And wirthn that tranasmit he set his name on the face of the discovery of finding life on mars and finding water mike has gone to the greatest discovery and absolute killer of mothers i.e the girl that fell with him {what ever happened to her after wards i betting its deathy}

    • D.Fox

      he hella dead

    • Captain-Delirium

      so ded

    • Kittenears

      much dead. very corpse. wow.

    • Jordan

      In case the others spoiled it for you, he’s probably going to die.

  • Infinity1201

    Please do the it was all a dream troop ;{]

    • shingworks


    • It’s like a dream, except he never wakes up :)

      • StClair

        ‘To sleep, perchance to dream’; aye, there’s the rub, for in that sleep of death, what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil must give us pause. There’s the respect that makes calamity of such long life…

  • Lar

    That first panel is terrifying.

  • I wonder what would have happened if he didn’t stop the recording.

    Would it have kept recording until the battery died and never recorded ? would have there been a lenght limit with autosave ?

    …yeah, weird questions, sorry. (not sorry)

    • shingworks

      Haha, yeah, it would just keep recording until the power source gave out (depending on the damage it could be a while).

      • Vert

        Really? Shoddy design. It should record until it detects the voltage from the power cells only allows for a preset amount of transmission time, and then revert into emergency blackbox mode (since power loss is automatically an emergency), auto-transmitting telemetry data and the last recordings until complete power failure.

        Safety first!

        • shingworks

          You’ve been promoted to lead comic engineer

          • Vert

            Woohoo! Finally made it! Best part about being chief of anything is it means I get to do none of the work and take all of the credit! :D

  • Spav

    Four hours later…

    “Why aren’t I dead yet?”

    And then Mike found out he was immortal

    • Madeleine

      This comic already immortalized him.

  • Jojo

    Shocking first frame. I love that manic expression.

  • charles81

    I wonder if part of that transmit is still the emergency signal… I wonder how either of the LEVi machines would react to an emergency signal. Do they have the smarts to respond automatically and locate?… Not that it’d likely help him at this point.

  • msouth

    Anyone looking for the top web comics vote link, here it is:

    • izzy

      Oh god that is hilarious.
      I doubt we will see Bex again, but I feel like 99% certain he’s going to have a visit from the LEVi that was lost.

      • Aidan903

        Or at least a dream visit. Maybe from both.

  • Tindi

    Aww, that last bit though. “Ramble ramble pathos ramble… oh shit sorry Bex my bad.” That’s actually pretty adorable.

  • fox-orian

    Calling it: Bex gets his transmission.

    • Aidan903

      Then it turns out that Bex was recording something of her own, and Mike gets her recording, and then they find each other, and Mike digs his own eventual grave…

  • Lilian

    “Frothy pink sputum is the body’s way of saying that this scene is almost over.”

    And a sucking chest wound is nature’s way of telling you to slow down.

    I’m thinking LEVi is going to show up. Come on, LEVi!

  • Anton

    This is where we he is found by Angora and Pinter and the Meek actually takes place INSIDE OF MARS. Everybody gets together in their favorite pub and much joy and fun is had.

    • Matías

      Because there’s a flipped California inside Mars, even with an internal sun and all…

      • Anton


  • so, is there no comic this monday?

    • shingworks

      Sorry about that! It’s a three day weekend in the US and I foolishly thought I could take a day off without it affecting the schedule. NEVER AGAIN

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