Chapter 5, Page 40

Would be quite a shame if I used this premium comment space to wheedle

I won’t be at SPX, alas, but if you are going, just remember how cool you are, and how cool you could make me by association, by voting for this book in the Outstanding Anthology category.

TBH I don’t feel as embarrassed as I used to about pushing this kind of thing in front of your eyes. I know how much work that went into this and I’m very proud of it. If I don’t scream about it from the rooftops every 3 seconds, who will? (other than my trained army of screaming cicadas)

Thanks to you who signed up to check out our sampler, that went out Weds! If you didn’t sign up and would still like to read the sampler, I’ve hidden* the link somewhere on this page as an easter egg. Again, the book is available in physical and digital format, and I’m including a free bookplate with the book up until the end of SPX just to like… pretend I’m actually there selling books, lol. Anyways: back to our regularly scheduled program–

Honestly I don’t have much to say about this page except I like it. Mike is a fake person that I made up completely of course, but this page made me think of the first scene where he escapes from the meeting to go hide in his room as soon as he can even though people were being very friendly and nice to him. And all those other scenes, which some of you might relate to, where you feel isolated even when others are reaching out to you the best that they know how. It’s nice to be able to walk through that open door eventually, even if it takes a while.

Anyways new page up ?? whenever I feel like it. Now that I have so many pages stored up I could really update on Sunday, Saturday, literally whenever I want. THE POWER. Oh yeah, Patreon is updated to MI page 43, 3 pages ahead of this one, well into The Cool Scene That I Like a Lot.



  • ikabubu

    Now playing in your local theaters:

    “The Thinner” On The Roof

    *(Der-Shing MIGHT want to fix that)

    • shingworks

      Oh lol yeah it’s been fixed, forgot to update this file. I’ll have to get to a reupload later so just use your imagination for now lol

  • Tim F

    Thanks for centering the story around someone as real and not normally protagonist material as Mike. That personality is, um, familiar to me. I’m sorry if you’re modeling it after someone who put through a trial at some point.

    • shingworks

      Not modeled after anyone, haha, but glad you can relate.

  • Fawnet

    I’ve watched so much anime, I can’t look at Bex’s helmet without seeing light-up cat ears :D

    • HKMaly

      Maybe the creator of that helmet design watched lot of anime too.

      • shingworks

        lol, last anime I watched was in college, unfortunately (ie a longass time ago)

      • Corneel

        It reminded me a bit of the catmobile of “Stand Still, Stay Silent”

  • Hilen

    They’re still gonna try to pick up Kalla… right? At least say good bye or tell her not to wait next to the hole for the next thousand years?

    • Alan

      Will they ghost Kalla? I suspect that there will be a traffic jam of all concerned parties at the exit.

  • Fik of the borg

    It’s just me, or Mike dissappeared / vanished?

    At first I thought “He is backing away, he’s staying”, but then I re-read the strip and there seems to be no Mike receding in the shadows, he is just there in one panel and gone on the next.
    I don’t think Bex was imagining him, but … can he be some sort of telepathic projection from the backed-up Mike, to guide and motivate and make company to the still material Bex?

    • shingworks

      Ah, nothing that complicated XD the light is just attached to her helmet, he follows her, the light recedes cuz they’ve walked away together

      • Fik of the borg

        He he … I was smelling a Shyamalanesque twist already.

  • JJ

    ā€œIā€™m the best!ā€ Levi is the cutest!

  • Y.LOBS

    Smiling Mike is best Mike.

    Also, agree with JJ, organic Levi is the cutest!

  • HousePet

    Lol “hidden”.
    That was more subtle than I expected.

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