Chapter 5, Page 41

HI *lurks confusingly in a cliff*

I have nothing to shill this week, isn’t that amazing, lol. We lost the Ignatz but a) I did my best and regret nothing and b) I love all the nominated comics and the winner so I’m feeling good.

Oh yeah, I’ve also started enjoying a new (to me) webcomic called Nasty Red Dogs, I haven’t done a recc here in a while (because I don’t like anything) but I like this so yeah, interesting read so far!

As usual the Patreon is updating 3 pages ahead for $5 patrons, we’re at page 544 now, out there in the future! The real new stuff (non-MI comics) will be starting up in October. Anyway see you in a day or two and thank you for reading~


  • ScottishNottish

    Sometimes you get to walk away from the dark. Sometimes you get to crawl out of the hole. Sometimes you have to leave some things behind to do it. Even if you could take them with you in time, you can’t slow down for them. It’s all part of the process.

    (Kalla is a person, not a thing. But for the purpose of the metaphor, “some things” worked better than “some people.” I apologize to big armshark friend for mislabeling you.)

    We certainly haven’t seen the last of Kalla. She’s too important, and I wonder if Mike is too close to her to truly leave so easily. As much as I love her as a character, I also wonder what would be best for Mike. To leave without saying goodbye, without closure, or to see her again and risk the desire to stay?

    Bex didn’t leave Mike in the dark. But for Kalla, it may not even be possible to crawl out of the hole. Can we blame him if he didn’t try once more? Could we have blamed Bex if she’d done the same?

    The answer is that’s a big question and I don’t know. No right answers, just hard choices I suppose.

  • Indedipal

    [singsong voice] She’s in the waaa-terrr…

    Is she spying for the supercomputer, now?

  • Ben

    Dun dun dun dun dun dun DUN DUN …

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