Chapter 5, Page 46

Thrip!! the smallest lawyer

Some comments about why Kalla is mad about this situation and taking it out on Bex instead of being mad at the processor… It is obvious to me (because I wrote it) but was wondering if it made sense to you guys too.

I’m married now~ pretty cool. I appreciate how efficient it was… I think it was 30 mins from walking in to walking out, my kinda deal.

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  • vin

    Congratulations! Efficient weddings are so great. :-D

  • RichWalk9891

    I had a hunch that LEVi would step in to defend Bex, and I did a little fist pump as soon as I saw it.

    My hunches aren’t telling me that Kalla will concede just yet though.

  • Spark

    Is the fact that Kalla can now understand Levi’s thrips even though she couldn’t previously further proof that she’s been hacked?

    • shingworks

      I didn’t write it to be 100% clear if Kalla can understand him or not in crabform, but presumably the Processor has always been able to.

  • Jamato

    Oh thank goodness

  • Mr. Casual

    Congrats on the weddingness! :D May it be blissful.

    I can’t quite make out what that is in front of Kalla in the first panel.

    It definitely does seem like the thrips are giving way to the words. Like Kalla’s being upgraded on the fly to understand. Interesting.

    • HousePet

      I’m also confused by the first panel.
      Where did “Yikes” come from, and what is in the foreground?

      • Omymel

        I’m also confused by these two things :\

      • Ben

        “Yikes” is a callback to this page:

        And I think the foreground is a closeup of Kalla’s toes, coming down to grab Bex and complete the Lion King/Lord of the Rings/Star Wars moment.

        • shingworks

          Ben’s 2 for 2

          • Ben (the original and genuine)

            2 for 2 in more than one sense, someone else is using the same name to post..

          • Second Ben

            Haha whoops. This happens to me everywhere I go. Sorry about that, First Ben.

            Kalla’s “yikes” callback probably feels a little weird to folks who are just reading the webcomic as it’s published. The reference is much better timed if you read the whole story in one sitting.

          • shingworks

            lol, thank you for self-Ben-assorting you guys, great work

  • Dave J

    I notice that Kalla’s eyes are glowing blue, processor blue, since Chap 5 page 41. Never seen her look like that before…I went back and checked. ????

  • Stephanie

    Congrats on getting married! :D We kinda thought about a courthouse/quick wedding, too, but both sets of parents had more or less eloped and had previously expressed a desire for a proper wedding to attend, so… :/ It does seem like SO much less hassle!!!

  • Lilian


  • Kay

    Nice throwback to yikes = not good, haha. I’m glad Kalla is here to tell us what the situation is.

  • Charlesw81

    Not sure I’m understanding what is happening in that first panel. Are those Kalla’s feet/toes/claws in the foreground?

    I guess I’m just figuring that Kallangur is somewhat brainwashed by the processor with her blue eyes, much like Mike was with his blue eye until he broke down to Bex’s honesty and then lost the glowing eye after a few glowing tears.

  • Ben2

    I see someone has taken over my posting name, and my comment querying this has been moderated out?

    • Ben2

      My mistake, my comment is still awaiting moderation

      • shingworks

        Oh yeah that’s odd, did you change your email address? I only have to manually approve comments from new emails.

        • Ben 1

          ..I don’t believe so. Anyway it seems to be sorted as above.

  • Hilen

    Oh no she’s gonna crush him she’s gonna crush him nooo

  • ChadS.

    This has been an interesting story so far. Im happy to be reading!

  • Hima

    Congratulations!!! I wish you the best happiness!!

    I have to say, Kalla saying “Yikes. Very yikes” like that is one of the creepiest things I’ve seen in a GOOD WHILE. It’s like she wanted not only for Bex to get out of the picture, but for Bex to know how screwed she is.
    Well done!!

    On another note… If Kalla could, in fact, always understand Levi, wouldn’t she know it was Levi? I thought they were friendly with each other? Why would she pretend not to understand him? Or did she only start to understand Levi recently?

    • shingworks

      She definitely couldn’t understand Levi before, but as other readers have pointed out, Kalla isn’t acting quite like her normal self at the moment.

  • Perry “Thrip Levi” Mason to the rescue!

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