Chapter 5, Page 45

As commenter chnapy commented last page, Bex is close to “getting gollumed” lol

You know the drill, we’re 3 pages ahead on Patreon to page 48 now. A little update there as well about the new Patreon-only Meek content coming up in Oct.

Fun times: I got into C2E2 & ECCC for next year, which is neat-o. Have never done C2E2 before, and am interested in seeing if I will die immediately in Chicago winter weather, or if I’ll just go into a torpor and re-emerge in nicer weather like a hibernating toad. If I don’t die right away, there will be the mythical oft-whispered-of Mare books at both cons, so that’s pretty neat (you can still preorder them here too, to be included in the first group of shipments). Took all of 2019 off to get out of my Bad Brain times but I’m very excited to get back into the swing of things professionally-speaking in 2020.

Oh yeah lol I’m legit getting married on Monday and am not yet sure if I’ll be updating Mon or Tues, but I’m kinda liking the 3 day per week thing so we’ll see, not really sure how that stuff’s gonna go.

Oh yeah and once again, this cool Kickstarter exists, my art, not my writing, still pretty good, and makes a fantastic passive-aggressive gift for a boss who could use a brush up on the old interpersonal skills.

See u next week then~


  • ScottishNottish

    Kalla next page: “Long live the king.”

  • Mr. Casual

    This hurts deep. :( I liked Kalla so much, she’s had such tragedy heaped on her.

    That eyeball makes me think she’s not in her right mind, though.

    • Bieeanshee

      Yeah, that big blue bubble of water-y eye is making me wonder too.

      • Sam

        Yes, compare to ch3pg9 and earlier shots of Mike when he was in deep with the idea of staying, like right before Bex confronted the Processor herself!

  • Unclever title

    First contact just never goes smoothly does it?

    • Ceceoh

      Hawking was never a fan.

  • Jynxi

    Oh no.. is this where we find out if Mike really can lift Kalla with all his earthly gravity strength? :(

    • shingworks

      Or find out if Bex can fly :D (J/K, that’s rude)

      • Leon

        Spider Bex, spider Bex!
        (She has other options than flying, just sayin’)

  • BDLC

    Biting my nails off to the knuckles!
    I can’t blame Kalla for being angry, but this isn’t the way to deal with it!

    I wonder if this really is Kalla? The Processor as her evil twin?

    And that hairdo! #1, am I the only one thinking Princess Leia, and #2, HOW?

    • jasmine

      I think the Processor is possessing her…if so, how nice of him to keep her hair styled for her. Seriously though, I really want to know the story behind Kalla’s hair, how she styles it and the significance of it! (Maybe she has her own Youtube tutorial channel? lol)

  • 0z79

    Holy FUCK, Kalla!

  • Artie O'Dactyl

    Nice of her to bring it up NOW and not at an earlier opportunity! Kalla neglects to note that (1) Bex did not know that Kalla was sapient, and (2) although she herself died and returned to life, when Bex dies it will be permanent. (Or will it?)

    Kalla seems to be millions of years old in experienced time, and literally billions since her origin. That’s plenty of time in which to go insane.

    I hope Mike kicks Kalla over the edge.

  • Artie O'Dactyl

    Oh, and congratulations and best wishes, Der-Shing!

  • brokenidealist

    Ooooohhh, blue glowy eyes… that is definitely not 100% Kalla. Kalla had no memory nor second-hand information of Bex killing her, just before everyone except Kalla went into the Levi-parts chamber. Did she go back to the water to request an upload of the details of her most recent death? If that’s not 100% Processor in Kalla’s body, then some percentage of the Processor is currently running Our Favorite Martian. Even the speech pattern is more like the Processor’s, not Kalla’s.

  • brokenidealist

    Totally forgot in my other comment: congratulations on getting married next week!

    [Goes off to arrange a beautiful and joyous release of blue thrips into the mare for Monday celebrations.]

  • Robin Hayes

    Look, we’ve all murdered Kalla once or twice. It’s not like it sticks.

    Don’t you want to see the sun again? Someone on Earth is going to have a headscratcher designing her a suit though.

    • HousePet

      Yeah even the Processor has done it.
      And it made it so that Levi couldn’t talk to her anymore.

  • jasmine

    Congrats and best wishes for your wedding! (I’m imagining Levi skittering down the isle as a thrip ring bearer hehe)

  • Some_Douchebag

    Ya’ll probably already know how much water is contained in a living body. That shot of Kalla’s blue-glowy eye seems to imply that the processor is up to some fuckery inside of her. I’m not a biologist, but I imagine it wouldn’t be difficult for the processor to manipulate her hormones to imbue with an extreme sense of righteous fury, then tell her where her murderer is predictably heading.

    Two of my favorite webcomics feature unnatural amounts of violent rage today! I’m so happy!

  • Pylgrim

    Congrats on getting hitched Der-Shing!

  • Heart

    And I binged read it in a few hours… Boy it was good and I look foreward to more.

  • Jody

    Congratulations on getting married and getting into both cons! Be sure to bring eskimo clothes for C2E2 – rumor is we’re going to have a bad winter this year. So happy for you that things are looking up and you’re doing better these days!

    • shingworks

      HAHA oh boy I’m already dead aren’t I. Thank you very much for the head’s up, I will probably need to get a better jacket.

  • charlesw81

    I wonder what the significance of Kalla’s eyes glowing blue is.

    Mike’s eye was glowing blue up until he broke down and admitted to Bex that he needed her to be perfect and cried that they were never going to escape. He was very aggressive towards her up until that point.

    Maybe influence of the Processor?

    Can Mike talk Kalla out of this? Connect with her over the moment by the lake that she’s forgotten?

    • Lilian

      Yeah, there’s definitely Processor coursing through Kalla’s neurons. I’d noticed Mike’s eye-glow earlier… good observation.

      Waiting to see if Mike finds himself choosing to kill his Martian friend.

  • Theynamok

    Scotty two to beam up move move move–

  • msouth

    I mean, clearly the murder didn’t *take*, sooooo…friends now?

    • shingworks

      lol, these halfassed murderers

  • JayJonahJameson

    This is what my depression sounds like when it’s trying to defeat my therapy.

  • Saberbeam

    Congratulations on getting married! :D

  • improbablybasil

    Felicidades. Hope you enjoy a much better day than Bex is having.

  • Hima

    I’m very confused. I thought that Kalla at least suspected that Bex had killed her before (what with Bex having her elbow -okay, it might be an ever older elbow, but still- and have collected specimens of various animals). The processor must also have known-I mean, it’s the PROCESSOR. And Bex fell into the water right after killing Kalla. Yet, both of them treated Bex quite civilly before. What the heck?? I mean, I understand both of them seeing her as a threat who wants to ruin stuff, but here it’s implied that Kallakocessor is mad because of Kalla’s death, not the other stuff.

    • shingworks

      Processor definitely knew, Kalla probably didn’t judging by how she was treating Bex earlier. Kalla has been pretty disinterested in being friends with Bex and didn’t seem to trust her character up until recently when she got some new info. There’s some other stuff but I’d rather people form their own opinions about it I guess~

      • Hima

        I see. Thanks for clearing this up!!

  • Alan

    If Kalla liked it, she shoulda put a ring on it.

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