Chapter 5, Page 51

*casually leans on stalactite over lava lake* sup

Patrons? on Page 54? Yes it’s true.

Patrons are also enjoying the preliminary work on Meek Ch6, updating 5x a week until December! The first 5 pages, posted last week, remain free to read. And more… yes, more, the original full 44 sketch pages of Meek Ch1 is also up to read. I seem to be getting back to full posting strength, but since TM’s site is not back up running with updates yet I’m just sharing them here, haha.

After a VERY long time getting our book printer in order (evidently it is a very busy time of year), this week I’m getting the first proofs from the printed books, which I’m super excited about :] Looking forward to finally seeing them and giving yalls a preview. As usual, books and other MI-related things can be ordered or preordered at the Support link~

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  • That has to be the one use of “manscaping” I will consider to be valid in the foreseeable future.

  • chiz

    Mike USED to be a fungi

    • shingworks


  • Ow, the eye.
    And the lava really doesn’t like what he’s throwing in it orr ?

    • shingworks

      lava: not a fan of [anything]

  • evileeyore

    Duuuuuude. Mike hardcore, just ripping the old eyeball fungus out like that? Duuuuude.

  • Myk Streja

    I noticed you have an entry at Top Web Comics but you don’t display the banner. Is that just an oversight?

    • Myk Streja

      Hmm, but you have a voting incentive.

    • shingworks

      Oh, it’s just super old, from a few years ago. I never updated it after TWC changed their layout a few years back.

  • BDLC

    Oh damn. I *really* don’t like the vibe I’m getting from “manscaping.” It’s so nonchalantly snotty. I hope they’re able to part on good terms.

    Assuming Michael isn’t successful in dropping himself into Lava Lake.

    • Manabi

      I don’t get a “I’m going to jump in the lava lake” vibe from Mike, but more of a “the eruption is definitely going to kill me, but at least Bex and LEVi escaped.” This feels like a stoic facing death on his own terms thing, plus maybe keeping Kalla company until the eruption kills them both.

      I’m not sure that will be the end, though. The processor can (and has) recreated Kalla after her deaths, and it’s learned Mike’s genetic code, so it _might_ be able to recreate him as well.

      • BDLC

        Michael is sitting on a skinny little spit of nothing, a suicide seat, that’s gotta crack and drop him in with very little prompting from explosion.

        It’s his nasty tone to Kalla that disturbs me. Sad face.
        I imagine that if/when the Processor restores Kalla and Michael, it will erase any antagonism between them.

      • Mork

        Are we not concerned this explosion could damage or destroy the Processor itself?

        • shingworks

          The Processor is probably slightly concerned

          • weezact7

            Then it shouldn’t have assimilated a suicidally depressed paranoiac and added that to itself.

  • Diana

    Hope the fungus is enough to get the job done.

    (I had to look up the effect of organic material in volcanoes to understand what Mike hoped to achieve by his manscaping. Learn something new every day. LOL)

  • improbablybasil

    Just as Thighfriend had helped mend his femur with its holdfast and help him breathe – was his Crown not another Processor gift designed for a purpose too? I’d presumed that the fungus must be providing him neurotransmitters or inhibitors of some ilk to help with his depression/psychoses – he had seemed somewhat better in the MI I thought.

    I guess whether that’s true or not Mike’s manscaping does tell us that he’s now comfortable with not accepting the Processor’s gift, nor having whatever it may have been providing. Or doesn’t think he’ll need it for much longer :(

    • HKMaly

      Even if it wouldn’t have any useful purpose, toring out something which grows from you is likely to be painful …

    • Meran

      You win the internet today because you used one of my favorite “archaic” vocabulary words: “ilk”.

  • RichWalk9891

    I didn’t even realize that Mike tore out the fungal growths from his eye. I just assume he was crying bloody tears, as if his condition was getting worse.

    Actually, I’ve always been wondering if his left eye was gone or rendered unusable due to the growth, but never figured to ask about it.

  • Yago Lanza

    Oh, got rid of the crown…

    • Meran

      It’s not ALL gone, just yet….

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