Chapter 5, Page 50

Oh, baby :'[

Patreon updated to glowy Page 53. Also an old MI cover concept (and a huge, horrible comment thread about Mike’s family/ pre-MI life- completely nonessential to the main comic, but maybe interesting to people who like pointless character development). Thanks to Patron Cat P. for dragging this dusty info out of my brain, where it’s been sitting for years.

Patreon is also up to Page 4 in Ch6 Meek sketches (updates are free to read this week). Got a bunch of stuff coming down the Meek pipeline as well~

Since this page is about our boy Thrip:

-a little sketch of Thrip by reader Nemesisgoldhair, so cute.

-as well as a Thrip family portrait? I forgot to link from reader KiaBUGboy. Kia is an incredible alien designer himself, take a look through his gallery for more :]

Last but extremely not least, my buddy Lora‘s comic The Otherknown has started updating again, with a brand new site. The Otherknown is one of my absolutely favorite sci-fi webcomics, and comics in general. I think it’s got a similar vibe to Mare in the sense of some very big concepts presented with a cast of characters who you get to know very intimately, but hers is perhaps closer to the space opera genre than the adventure one. But there’s a lot of action, a lot of emotion, a lot of robot/ alien nonsense and TONS of great art, so if you’re into that you should definitely check it out. Lora herself is one of those people I immediately attempted to force to become my friend because I admired her work so much, after Ch1 I felt I had no choice but to make it extremely awkward for both of us, lol.

I am pretty sure I’ve recommended OTK a few times here before but dang I REALLY love this comic, haha. Also once MI is gone you’ll have to go somewhere else for space shenanigans.


  • Mr. Casual

    He’s totally lying.

    Wait . . . how can Threvi leave? I thought the whole sadness surrounding Kalla was that someone who has been “rebooted” by the Processor can’t leave.

    • evileeyore

      Well… Mike at least believes he’s lying. He may end up surviving despite his best intentions.

  • Family

    How can Mike understand Levi now? When did that change?

    I seriously hope Mike isn’t lying though… It kind of makes sense for his character plot, but oh man…

    • shingworks

      He doesn’t understand the words, just responding to the general vibe (same as Kalla a few pages ago). The translated text is for us and Bex.

      • charlesw81

        I must confess I had the strong impression in this and the page he spoke to Kalla that everyone was understanding him now. He’s spouting dialogue that really feels like stuff those characters need to hear and there’s nothing to indicate he wants Bex to translate or the others saying they don’t need a translation or can guess.

        Not that it’s overly important one way or another in how the audience think it’s playing out anyway as it works both ways.

        • shingworks

          I like this interpretation :]

      • Jynxi

        I think perhaps having ‘thrip’ in the back, and sort of overlapping the speech bubbles might help indicate he is still thripping?

        It was used a lot as a visual indicator in the past but is missing from these pages. I think it may be the reason I also thought he was being understood.

        • shingworks

          That’s used as a visual indicator of that, yeah, but also of his annoying loquaciousness… didn’t fit with the emotional needs of this page.

  • JuaSaysHi

    what makes any of them assume that Thrip, now in the body of a living Mars native, can survive for any length of time away from his native environment? So many objections, from processor intentional booby-traps to simple environmental & nutritional requirements, to stupid human scientists with wrong assumptions &/or disbeliefs, to stupid human politics. Argh! Fear! Noooooo…

  • JJonahJameson

    At first I thought Mike was walking slowly and dramatically backward.

  • BDLC

    I laughed out loud.

    • BDLC

      Oops. That was in response to the back flip.

  • Ceceoh

    Oh, no, no, nope. Mike and Kalla walk away in the fog together. Cue “La Marseillaise”.

    No lava leaps, please.

  • Indedipal

    Is Mike’s Headfungus receding? It doesn’t look as large as it used to…

    • JJ

      Do you mean to say … he has a receding fungusline?

  • Cyndayn

    omygod, I’ve been checking this comic once a month, every month and now there’s suddenly a rush of new pages, so much progress, so delightful. Thanks for coming back <3

    • shingworks

      No problem :] Right now the comic is slated to end on Nov 29, with 2-3x per week updates until the last week (5 updates). It’s a lot of fun to read a story to the end in a group like this so please feel free to check back weekly for the new stuff~

  • Mustachio

    Lessee…the water is used as a tool by the Processor…one wonders what the Processor uses the lava for…. ?


    • esoterika

      Nuke and pave.

    • shingworks

      The boring answer is geothermal energy source, the fun answer is throwing aliens into it

      • Alan

        Millions year old game of Lemmings?

    • Leon

      Most likely: lava lamps

  • msouth


  • charlesw81

    Just noticed that previously Bex’s rebreather was shown as a sort of brown colour… BUT! was that just a cloth or leather sort of covering and protection that she repurposed?

    • shingworks

      She had been carrying it (and her helmet) in a sack to protect them from being damaged by attackers, along with the specimen collections. If you loo back at chapter 1 she’s wearing the same assembly now as then.

  • Jenna
  • Meran

    Reading this, realizing how LONG it’s been since I began reading this comic, I suspect that I’ve forgotten so very much!

    So, I currently have TWO tabs open for this comic. And YES. I had forgotten so very much!

    • shingworks

      Haha, more bang for your buck that way, you get to read and enjoy it twice XD

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