Chapter 5, Page 58

How does the ocean say hello goodbye?


In other news, look at this beautiful portrait of my son by one of my favorite alien creators, Jay Eaton. Jay makes the #1 best alien species ever (Scuds), and also probably #2-#15. I’m contributing to an issue of one of their fun alien projects, Almost Real, coming out next year.

As usual Patreon keeps me alive and also help me make more comics, you can check out daily Meek updates there as always. And of course, you can preorder the Mare book at any time (until you can’t)!

There’s another page right after this one that is the black beat page, but we’ll have another update this week that didn’t mostly involve the floodfill tool.


  • Nik

    Ooh, the mare itself is choosing sides.

  • Rebecca Turner

    well, that might just steam/boil him to death once the water hits the magma.

    • Kelsey Raabe

      I think it’s reaching out to catch him.

      • mimz

        I don’t think it’s trying to catch him, I think it’s trying to get an updated “image” to upload to the processor before he dies.

        • vin

          Would it necessarily want an updated image, though? I feel like it’d want a Mike that doesn’t remember this last sequence of events, not the one that was about to throw himself into the lava.

          • Ceceoh

            Or maybe it will just flip them back to the top of the cliff like a watery blanket toss. Wheee!

          • HKMaly

            Processor can edit the memories. The previous backup is WAY too old.

  • George the Archon

    The (or another?) Processor better hope it has the level of control it thinks it has for that to work.

  • Dat heat shimmer…

  • Davej

    Seems like a very long fall! Lot’s got “said.” Guess it was all at mindspeed? And Martian gravity weaker means slower acceleration, I spoze! :-)

  • awhorl

    That arching carpet of blue is so beautiful . . .

  • Sarah Jumel

    Lots of little Levis, or thrips.

  • Santa

    Uploading him to the network before he dies…?
    Seriously though, this page is so damn pretty!

  • ‘Whelp i guess i’ll drown instead’ (tho i seems to remember he can breathe underwater now ?)

  • “…in other news, look at this beautiful portrait of my son…”

    Wait, D-S even had a kid during the hiatus?! How many life changing events can one fit into-

    *clicks link*


    • shingworks

      lol, that’s the one big thing I didn’t do this year (ideally) (i mean it would be really, really nice to not unexpectedly birth anything in the next 56 days)

  • BDLC

    EEEEEK!! This is not the first time this has happened!
    It’s sampling him to recreate him, and they’re going to end up sitting on the beach talking. But this time will Michael remember that it’s not the first time they sat on the beach and talked?
    It will be at least the third time, see chapter 3, pages 47-48.

  • KromactheRave

    There’s a link to the next page, but the page is blank with no description or comments. Something has clearly gone wrong, I’m not sure what.

    • JJ

      Things go wrong now and again

  • Joy Choe

    processor: “you are NOT Ripley and this is NOT Aliens 3!”

  • Kayldera

    I have been wondering about something. Mars is supposed to be geologically dead. Where is the lava coming from if its internals have cooled back to solid?

    • shingworks

      Mars is only geologically dead on a large scale, in that the core itself is no longer spinning/ creating a planet-wide magnetic field. However there are still localized magnetic fields located in certain areas (with high iron content for example), and localized hotspots. This lava lake under Ascraeus is made up (or should I say, probably not real, since some of the stuff I made up has turned out to exist anyway, haha).

      • Charlesw81

        I’m sure there are also numerous story arguments that could be made to explain it. Like Kalla choosing a site that would have lingering volcanic activity that was calculated to last for the longest time. Processor “machines” constantly working to ensure the flow remains or dig new tunnels to start new magma flows, etc. All of it undetectable to human sensors as the processor noted due to its active masking… I wonder why it did mask it from detention? Did it have sensors above ground that had been monitoring and picked up Human arrivals including satellites that were scanning? Or just and old setup and habit from when it was first created to hide it from other Wallas who might have tried to join Kalla?

        • Nyzer

          It may have only been accidentally shielded or even just dismissed outright as one of those localized areas mentioned above without anyone being curious about it.

          As well, since this environment doesn’t use anything resembling Earth technology, there likely aren’t any signals that can be detected as anything other than such.

  • Hannah

    Something I really like about this work, and with a lot of sci-fi in general, is the creative design of aliens. Like, instead of just being a humanoid with a wrinkly nose a la Start Trek, these are distinct creatures that are almost entirely unlike humans. So I’m always interested in what different artists’ thought processes are for designing aliens. Was Kalla’s design inspired by anything in particular, or to emulate some sort of adaptation to Mars’ environment? Thank you for this wonderful work!

  • Loxmyth

    Ok, that’s a fine epic-scale “oh wow”… I’d love to know how the processor is doing that, given that it clearly isn’t just a directed wave, but I suspect we don’t begin to have the concepts. I also wonder just how many moves ahead it had to be playing to move this much mass that quickly when the time came.

  • Luces

    The next page is certainly the most audacious panel you ever dared… ;-)

  • Tim F

    Aha. So processor-kore does have wifi!

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