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9 updates left after this page! I had planned to post 2x a week the next 2 weeks, then 5x a week the last week, but then this week I thought about how much I don’t like the 2x a week pacing, so we’ll do 3x a week the next 3 weeks until the end. Almost there.

Having a busy week and got behind on Meek updates, but there should be 3 pages up for tonight on Patreon~ And, thanks to everyone who participated in my new $2+ Patron seed giveaway too :] If you still want to jump on some Joshua tree seeds, you can click on that link, I have like 2-3 packets of seeds left to give… It’s been very fun so far and I think I already know what seeds I’m going to give away next!

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Thank you very much for reading!


  • Fik of the borg

    Backup in progress …?

    • improbablybasil

      He does look a bit Processor-blue, and nekkid, and without thighfriend, nor the wood-ears bracket fungus.
      Did Processor’s tsunami rushing to ‘catch’ him just wish to record his final state instead?

      • Solanuma

        He totally fell through did he

      • Mustachio

        Great point. The water had to touch him (and then avoid the lava itself) in order to record him and make him anew. Not to safe his current self from the lava.

        • JJ

          I guess the wave didn’t have to make it across the lava lake or something – the information was probably transmitted through the water back to the internal sea in the short moment before the wave hit the lava.

  • awhorl

    Stunning page–again.

  • Brian Unibrau

    Fish resembles the Hanged Man from the Ryder tarot deck – a holy martyr who self-sacrifices for the benefit of sentient-beingkind (‘mankind’ doesn’t make sense in this case).

    • shingworks

      Oed’ und leer das Meer.

      • Adam

        Thanks for obliquely introducing me to “The Waste Land” by T.S. Eliot, Der-shing.

        • Solanuma

          Oh! i thought this was a reference to tristan und isolde itself

        • shingworks

          Lots of Eliot floating around in here, haha.

        • improbablybasil

          My word was Eliot well-read, and The Waste Land positively overflowing with wide-ranging references, most of which I would struggle to see let alone yet understand.
          But as well as presaging Mare Internum (‘Come in under the shadow of this red rock And I will show you something different..’)!, he also liked Iain M Banks’ Culture novels!

      • Solanuma

        What did you just make me read :'( i mean i know how the story goes but anyway

      • awhorl

        “Mon semblable, mon frere” . . . Uh sort of out of context, but I couldn’t resist

  • Alan

    ….we came in?
    Isn’t this where….

  • Indedipal

    The Hanged Ma–?

    Oh. Somebody said it already.

    But, Is that Mike or the Processor…?

  • Jamato

    This is what Dropbox looks like from the inside.

    • shingworks


  • Charlesw81

    Hmmm, initially I thought the wave just saved him by plucking him out of the air, but now I’m thinking it took a quick backup and is rebuilding a new Mike from that.

  • Tim F

    Double meaning alert! Presumably the rest is the subjective experience of Mike’s last backup, as his body gollums the cave roof into low Mars orbit. He and processor core are experiencing what you might call a sea of emotions. Check in every Thursday for Things Unnecessarily Explained by Tim F.

  • awhorl

    . . . and another reason why I shall miss this site is the company one keeps here. These comments! Whoah

    • shingworks

      For reals. With every page I’m really blown away by the depth and sensitivity of these commments… even when I disagree, it’s really incredible to read people’s interpretations and arguments. One of the many reasons I’ll never quit webcomics!

  • Jonas

    Ah, nuts. It got him.

    I wonder how much time will elapse before he’s fabricated, or if he’ll ever find out how Bex fared.

  • Diana

    Just realized there is no thigh friend now.

    Got sort of a 2001: A Space Odyssey vibe going with this installment. Or it’s just how I see it.

  • Leon

    … and so Mike became Silver Surfer, herald of Galactus. Making Mare Internum totally canon with the MCU.

  • RubyRedd

    I lost track of the plot months ago but this art is so nice!

  • JohnLaramie

    Will there be a print version of the bonus materials PDF?

    • shingworks

      Maybe! I’m formatting it so it could be printed, but not sure if I will do so at the moment.

  • Shweta

    All these amazing comments meanwhile I’m over here going AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa *breath* AAAAaaaaaa

  • brokenidealist

    Reincarnation in process… Kalla will never be alone again.

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